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Welcome to my portfolio, thankyou for taking the time to view. I hope you find something you like.
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  • It seems when connected if you could view the laptop and the monitor at the same time the output on the monitor was awful. I needed to set the monitor as the main screen then the resolution looked miles better. Solved with some playing around with settings
  • Thanks people
  • I have connected my laptop to a 24 inch monitor and my LED TV via a HDMI cable.

    The quality of the output on both is considerably worse than when just using the laptop screen. I changed the resolution to suit both the monitor and the tv but it made no difference, is this normal or am i doing something wrong?

    I haven't calibrated as its not the colour that is the problem its like going back 10 years to VGA. Frayed edges around icons that sort of thing.
  • agree, shame as the sites they supply look great
  • Google bludomain, reviews are not good I'm afraid:
  • i have done it once before what seems like a long time ago, like to have another go so put me down.

  • SmileSure will vince, looking foward to it
  • 16th please vince for me, ive joined the group
  • after a nudge from Angi Smile I would like to have another go at some point..just let me know when..cheers
  • Doesnt compare to many on here but peoples response when you show them a photo that means something to them eg. wedding, pet etc. Makes it worth while...
  • congrats andrew, your work is one i always enjoy viewing.
  • wicked thanks for that. was wondering about the sharpening as when enlarged it seemed to need more sharpening than usual


  • I finally going to get round to printing some of my photos. When resizing to say 16 x 12 is the best way to just go into image-resize in cs2 and change the image size from 14 x 9(default size of raw) to the 16 x 12 print size? will i lose quality doing this as the image is being scaled up.

    The dpi is set at 300, is this too high?

    Also when taking the image to the printers is it best to save as a tiff or jpeg?

    Many thanks, very new to printing game.
  • yep sounds good pete, thanks.
  • i wouldnt mind a go, just give me a shout. Thanks. Dan.
  • thanks.
  • i solved the sizing now, using aspect ratio when cropping...any tips on getting a decent quality print at 16" x 12"?
  • I have an image 2547x3275 pixels and want to resize it to print at 16 x 12. At the moment I am doing image resize in CS2 and not getting the size 16 x 12 its coming out 16 x 12.443
    The dpi is 300, when resizing up to 16 x 12 will I lose quality on the final print? I have never printed anything at this sort of size.
  • friday 21st may sounds good to me
  • thanks fran, vince is aware of this thread.
  • nice one jonah, im more than happy to organise if we get some interest.
  • I have a voucher burning a whole in my pocket for the Barn Owl centre in Glos. Thought maybe a meet with some fellow members would be a great way to use it. Not sure how to do this, so if anyone is interested perhaps they could help get the ball rolling. Vince seems up for it, and said he can sort some dates.


  • thanks, 1/60 was fine for what i was doing. Just trying to get to grips with it atm. Thanks again guys
  • i have just bought a sb600 to go with my d90. what mode shall i use it in. I have always shot in aperture priority. When i used the flash in this mode the shutter speed was a constant 1/60 whatever the aperture. Im guessing im doing something wrong?
  • thats the one, thanks alot!
  • whenever i use a command such as dodge or burn in cs2 rather than get the circle which changes size when you alter the brush size it just shows me a hand..any ideas?

  • convert to profile works a treat, thanks guys
  • cheers glen im thinking this could be the issue
  • thanks for link, i follow that process. its just odd that viewers other than cs2 show the image different. Image looks great in cs2 other viewers it looks flat. weird
  • i use cs2 for all my image editing. When i save in jpeg for web the images never look quite the same on the web or in other viewers(paint, nero etc) on my pc. Im puzzled. Im i saving it wrong?