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Welcome friends and lovers of beauty
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A quick view of daringdaphne's recent activity.

  • **Catching the Sun 2**

    Colour and detail amazing.

    • 26 May 2008 8:40AM
  • My Day lol

    Version 1 for me. Liked it on sight. Intersting set of pictures.

    • 26 May 2008 8:37AM
  • Azelea

    Beautiful: very clever. well-done. Version 1 for me.

    • 26 May 2008 8:33AM
  • **Sunlight**

    Beautifully refreshing, wonderful capture and use of light

    • 23 May 2008 9:32PM
  • the bridge

    For colour/composition this is superb. Just shows that a small camera can do the job.

    • 23 May 2008 9:28PM
  • Pink Hydrangea

    Well done: once again capturing that light. I like the dof rigt too.

    • 23 May 2008 9:25PM
  • Bluebell Woods

    Good use of light. wonderfully focused. Truly enhancing scene.

    • 23 May 2008 9:22PM
  • You have come a long way: and congratulations are in order
    best wishes

  • Very pleasing landscapes fill the eye on opening this page

    Good Luck

  • Dazzling port-folio, so amazing to explore.

    • Posted on MalcolmS's profile
    • 26 Jul 2007 10:31PM
  • Some nice work here. Absolutely love your headline picture and the heading that follows the lines of the bridge.

    • Posted on Herge88's profile
    • 28 May 2007 10:31AM
  • Puffins and owls and seals and swans, all beautifully taken and add to the song that your beautiful portfolio sings out. Well done in loud voices: this is what it's all about.

  • My goodness: well worth a visit. I shall enjoy looking here. Good luck Phil.

  • I like your heading photograph. London by night wow: that's a good start.

    • Posted on Ig2509's profile
    • 7 May 2007 8:33PM
  • What a good PF. I feel spoilt for choice as to where to look first. Also the work appears to be high quality.

    Take care

  • A very strong personality showing through your work. You add only ocassionally and are meticulous when you do.

    All good wishes
    • Posted on gajewski's profile
    • 29 Apr 2007 12:06AM
  • Love your bluebell wood. And your kindness. I shall come again