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Thanks for looking at my portfolio. I hope you find some images you like.
I read all your comments and look through the gsallery, but because of time I may only vote rather than comment.
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A quick view of dark_lord's recent activity.

  • Climbing the walls

    Good work from all concerned.
    I like the way we can't see the 'floor', it could be a hundred feet up. Maybe too many movies...
    • 4 Sep 2016 2:47PM
  • Let Me See

    There is a tendency to oversharpen when the image is not crisply captured in the first place. This only exacerbates the problem.

    You were pushing the limits, mostly in terms of shutter speed, though there's nothing wrong with that as some situations do require you to do that. The situation and the moment deem you need to get a shot, so don't say 'I won't try as I may mess it up' as then you won't get a shot and won't know if it would have worked.
    Take several shots though, just to improve your chances of a good capture.

    Technical issues aside you have framed this very nicely and your timing is spot on. Those are two aspects that are often harder to get right than the technical aspects.
    • 4 Sep 2016 2:22PM
  • Disturbed whilst feeding 2

    Just elaborating on John's softbox suggestion.
    By turning the softbox away from facing directly at the model rather than the square light source you'll get a narrower and narrower (the more you turn it away) rectangular source, as seen by the model.
    That will provide the characteristics of a small directional light source, ideal for mood and shadows.
    You're effectively using the light spilling out of the sides,so you may need to increase power output or open up the lens a little in order to compensate.
    • 4 Sep 2016 2:01PM
  • my little lad

    It's worth spending time to get the right angle that you're happy with - it means a shot you'll be proud of rather than thinking 'but if'.

    I agree about the hand, though it's fine for the family record, indeed better than many a family album shot.
    • 4 Sep 2016 1:42PM
  • mooooovin inovation

    A late welcome from me too.

    The others have covered it.

    But I must say it's good to have a reply and that you appreciate the comments. Not everyone has a dialog so it's nice to see we've been of some help.
    Let's see some more of your work Smile
    • 4 Sep 2016 11:55AM
  • Summer Light

    Can't agree more Smile
    • 4 Sep 2016 11:15AM
  • Bird shadows...

    V7 for me Isabel Smile
    • 4 Sep 2016 11:11AM
  • You do have some amazing images in your portfolio.
    • Posted on maures53's profile
    • 10 Mar 2006 12:57PM
  • Just had a scan through your portfolio, some really nice images there. I see there are some big gaps between posting, but hey, quality rather than quantity eh!
  • You've a really stunning landscape portfolio here. I thought I'd comment here rather than individual images. I really enjoyed looking.
  • Yo've got a great portfolio here, some lovely bird images. I can even forgive the fact that the squirrels are grey ones as the images are good lol!
    • Posted on SueWB's profile
    • 15 Mar 2007 6:20PM