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Thanks for looking at my portfolio. I hope you find some images you like.
I read all your comments and look through the gsallery, but because of time I may only vote rather than comment.
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A quick view of dark_lord's recent activity.

  • Todays pecker

    Another great capture Steve. Looks a bit worn, must have a good brood to feed.
    • 23 May 2017 8:51PM
  • phoenix

    I see what you've done, but it lacks impact.
    Not everyone goes for abstract images, and making them have something bold or strong may help.

    I find the top half qute messy and bland, and given the rich green below the top pale brown area draws and confuses the eye.
    So I'd go in closer and make more of the contrast of the fresh green growth and the blackened trunks. Stronger image, stronger message. Like larger print, harder to ignore, if you like.

    In my mod I cropped the image, warmed and sharpened it. Your original was a little soft.
    I also tried to make more of the shapes of the trunks. It's worth exploring your subject to find a viewpoint that gives you attractive shapes and often that means excluding some parts. Simplicity is effective.

    But this is quite an old image and you may approach the image differently today.
    How many times have we looked at one of our old images and thought 'if only I'd moved a few paces left/right/forward' for example.
    • 23 May 2017 8:50PM

    A nice capture Ian, and Robert's mod brings it alive.
    • 23 May 2017 7:21PM
  • Protester

    Quote:Vote for whoever you like

    Well I'll start with this one Smile, a good capture and comment on the times, the low viewpoint works well too.
    • 23 May 2017 7:13PM
  • Sunset at Wast Water

    Very nice, very peaceful.
    • 23 May 2017 7:04PM
  • Beakful

    Thanks Chris.
    • 23 May 2017 6:58PM
  • Dove

    This isn't particularly sharp, though the exif settings suggest it should be so I wonder if the camera achieved focus and you waited slightly before releasing the shutter so the bird had moved away from the sharp zone. That's the issue withone shot focus.
    Much better with a bird in flight to use Servo focus. However, that mode will allow you to capture an image even if accurate focus hasn't been achieved, which is another possibility here.
    Was this the complete frame, or a significant crop? that's a third possibility.
    • 23 May 2017 4:53PM
  • You do have some amazing images in your portfolio.
    • Posted on maures53's profile
    • 10 Mar 2006 12:57PM
  • Just had a scan through your portfolio, some really nice images there. I see there are some big gaps between posting, but hey, quality rather than quantity eh!
  • You've a really stunning landscape portfolio here. I thought I'd comment here rather than individual images. I really enjoyed looking.
  • Yo've got a great portfolio here, some lovely bird images. I can even forgive the fact that the squirrels are grey ones as the images are good lol!
    • Posted on SueWB's profile
    • 15 Mar 2007 6:20PM