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Thank you for looking at my portfolio. I hope you find some images you like.
I read all your comments and look through the gallery, but I may only vote rather than comment.
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A quick view of dark_lord's recent activity.

  • An orchard, in the making by mrswoolybill

    That vegetation is overgrown but it shows it's a good gowing location.
    I've heard of plans locally (the general West Midlands area) for urban community orchards along canals for example. It was mentioned that apricots and figs could be planted, such is the change in climate and the extra warmth in the urban environment.
    • 15 Aug 2022 11:41AM
  • The art of waiting III by saltireblue

    I had to google what 'newspaper' was...
    • 15 Aug 2022 11:31AM
  • Someone's Gotta Do It. by david deveson

    Just a lot of hogwash Smile
    • 15 Aug 2022 11:29AM
  • The Human Fruit Machine... by cats_123

    Lookslike a fun way of raising cash.
    And someone gets to eat the fruit later, I guess. Smile
    • 15 Aug 2022 11:26AM
  • A Minor Accident by woolybill1

    Quote:Cross-ply tyres were never good on wet surfaces!

    Those of us over a certain age will recall that public information film...
    • 14 Aug 2022 8:40PM
  • Is he with you? by mrswoolybill

    Looks like a relative to Zippy. Oh how I hated that programme...
    • 14 Aug 2022 8:37PM
  • Pink panties? by dudler

    That's one way to remove a green cast that doesn't involve Photoshop.
    • 14 Aug 2022 8:34PM
  • Posted on: Improve Your Black & White Landscapes Instantly By Following 1 Simple Rule

    It's not so much 'rules' as good practice for an effective result.
    Let's see some of your images Steve.
    • 5 Jan 2020 11:21AM
  • Posted on: AFP Chief Photographer Among Those Killed In Double Afghanistan Blasts

    Photography at the sharp end.
    People like this put their lives on the line to document conflict and let the world know what's happening.
    Sad day.
    • 30 Apr 2018 7:51PM
  • Posted on: Free ePHOTOzine Plus Membership For 1 Month!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all on epz Smile
    • 25 Dec 2017 11:32AM
  • Posted on: How To Choose The Right Lens For Creating Blurry Backgrounds

    Bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the out of focus areas, not out of focus areas per se.
    Not an easy concept for those in the West or those without an insight into the Japanese.
    • 20 Nov 2017 3:48PM
  • Posted on: Canon EOS 500D

    Quote:the price is hardly competitive

    My thoughts entirely. Checking out the prices of others in the range in the epz shop, the 500D will have to be between 500-600 body only.
    • 25 Mar 2009 12:35PM
  • Posted on: Nikon ramps up DSLR production

    Sandal manufacturers will be upping production too then, but Gillette may suffer a loss of sale Smile
    • 5 Jul 2007 6:24PM
  • Posted on: Guide to Great Photography gains award

    Excellent stuff.
    • 25 Jan 2007 5:21PM
  • Posted on: Nikon speakers announced

    The headline makes it look as if Nikon are branching out into hifi Smile
    • 23 Jan 2007 7:50AM
  • Posted on: digiCover screen protectors

    Of course, you have to rip them off the camera back when you need to replace them Smile
    • 12 Oct 2006 9:01AM
  • Posted on: Jessops buy out 20 new stores in Scotland and Northern Ireland

    This is a sad day for photographers in Scotland. Either PhotFactory were finding it hard and so were glad of the chance to sell, or, more likely, they were doing well so looked a 'good buy' to Jessops who will then ruin it all.
    • 5 Oct 2006 6:53AM
  • Posted on: EOS Discovery demonstrations

    Perhaps londoners are more in need of help to get their Canon's to work properly Smile
    • 13 Jul 2006 6:46AM
  • Posted on: Batteries that recharge in seconds

    Oh, the responses really made me smile!
    The use of carbon nanotubes in a vast array of different technologies is already well underway. There are some really interesting applications. there is a lot of Japanese research too, not to mention other countries, and quite a bit by the battery manufacturers themselves.
    Really, seeing what developments there are in the manufacture of these molecules, they aren't going to go away. Having access to the largest database of scientific and technical information and intellectual property, I can assure you of that!
    • 9 Jun 2006 9:01AM
  • Posted on: Annabel Williams Pure Photography event

    Pretty standard corporate training rates.
    • 18 May 2006 9:54PM
  • Posted on: OpenRAW survey aims to establish a standardised Raw image format for photographers

    An excellent idea, it's really annoying having a multitude of different formats. It would have to be designed so that it can be easily 'upgradable' to take account of any future enhancements yet always be backwards compatible, rather like you can open a text only file in the latest word processing programmes.
    • 3 Feb 2006 12:40PM
  • Posted on: Pentax announces *istDL2

    Competent spec for an introductory camera, but nothing special. This is symptomatic of Pentax and has been for the last 20 years or so, they haven't really come up with anything to challenge the likes of Canon and Nikon.
    • 29 Jan 2006 11:05AM

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  • Posted on maures53's profile

    You do have some amazing images in your portfolio.
    • 10 Mar 2006 12:57PM
  • Posted on Gary_Williams's profile

    Just had a scan through your portfolio, some really nice images there. I see there are some big gaps between posting, but hey, quality rather than quantity eh!
    • 8 Aug 2006 12:10PM
  • Posted on edrhodes's profile

    You've a really stunning landscape portfolio here. I thought I'd comment here rather than individual images. I really enjoyed looking.
    • 9 Jan 2007 12:56PM
  • Posted on SueWB's profile

    Yo've got a great portfolio here, some lovely bird images. I can even forgive the fact that the squirrels are grey ones as the images are good lol!
    • 15 Mar 2007 6:20PM

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