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dark_lord's Gallery Comments

dark_lord > dark_lord Recent Activity > dark_lord's Gallery Comments
Fatal attraction in Tilarán by annettep38

Fatal attraction in Tilarán

You need a simpler, bolder image without a fussy background. A business card is quite small - what maylook like an 'in yer face' image on screen would be fine for a small card.
As for old vehicles, if you're dealing with them or their restoration then fine, otherwise newer models need to be the subject.

Either way you need to spend some time setting up a shot rather than relying on a chance encounter.

By: annettep38

Set me free by billmyl

Set me free

It looks like you were shooting from something like waist height.

Try even lower for more drama - if necessary, set the camera to manual focus at an approximate distance, set to a wide focal length (so depth of field should cover enough distance to ensure a decent sharpness), hold the camear near the ground and wait till he comes near, then fire off some shots. If you have Live view that'll help a lot as you can see what you'll be getting.

I agree ahout the crowd shots and closing in on the performer. Lots of options!


By: billmyl

Flower Berries(2) by sparsh845

Flower Berries(2)

Excellent advice from Willie, and the extra detail in your comment above is just what we need to help you. You may not have thought about including those details in your description. Exif data is great but it doesn't include wind speed!

Moving away from that, the composition here is siubdly based, with a nice unobtrusive background.
However, there are a couple of things to not. The grey band at the top is a distraction as is the purple blob of out of focus flower at the very bottom. You can't always avoid these at the time of taking if they get in the frame from your chosen viewpoint. You can try and avoid them but if you can't you can always crop later - the final image doesn't have to be the same aspect ratio of the original frame. For example, a single flower as you have here would work very well as a square image.


By: sparsh845

Trumpeter Swan by Relic01

Trumpeter Swan

A strong silhouette though i agree about the need for a better backdrop. A pity about that clipped wing,

Just for something different, I took your image as a starting point, Went to Image > Adjustments > Threshold in Photoshop adn adjusted the slider to get pure balck and white. Cloned a little out that was left at the bottom corner. Then added another Layer, filled with a colour and set the blending mode to Multiply.


By: Relic01

The joy of yesterday, memories of Tomorrow.. by Aman19291

The joy of yesterday, memories of Tomorrow..

A well timed moment and one the family will like even if it is unsharp.

Portrait format is the obvious more matural choice.
A landscape format is worth a try as an alternative. However it needs more space at the bottom of the frame. as it is it lookds cramped and awkward.


By: Aman19291

Anne having a laugh by TimothyDMorton

Anne having a laugh

Not sharp. Given that the exif says flash is used I suspect focussing error in low light. Built in flash or a separate on-camera gun? You should have the facility for AF assist in these conditions. Check the menus to see if it's turned off.


By: TimothyDMorton

OF WHICH AND WHY by youmightlikethis


The colour is stronger here. The mono one isn't so attractive. Adding grain can help but the effect here is akin to reticulation on film and spoils an image. However, I've done a mod from the colour original and boosted contrast which is what is needed to make the image have some 'bite'.

that low contrast is a function of your camera settings. I have no issue with aperture and shutter speed, prety decent for the subject. But an odd ISO (was it Automatic?), and why oh why -5/3 EV? You would have had to lighten this considerbly in post processing, compromising quality in terms of tonal range, colour and noise.
Setting ISO to between 400 and 800 would have yeilded a better original to work with.


By: youmightlikethis

After the Storm by pnkpnthr5231

After the Storm

Going the other way, you could make something of a bold silhouette against a dramatic sky.

By: pnkpnthr5231

Lamp Light......2 by Mollycat

Lamp Light......2

I really like this. Probably prefer it to the colour.

By: Mollycat

Building Castles in the Air by IGreenGables

Building Castles in the Air

Very nicely done, and effective.
All the harder to do it in camera than later on in the darkroom or on the computer.

By: IGreenGables

Brimstone Moth by DicksPics

Brimstone Moth

Nice one Richard.
Natural backgrounds are good but can be messy, and the moths can't be choreographed. I had one of these on a plastic shower door a number of years ago. Not a natural background but very effective. I don't think I ever uploaded it, so I'll have to see if I can dig it out Smile

By: DicksPics

June Walk 1 (19 of 23) by LynneJoyce

June Walk 1 (19 of 23)

A lovely series.
I meant to get out and do some wild flower photography this year but it didn't really happen Sad

By: LynneJoyce

Hoverfly by gwynn56


Certainly an unusual colouration whatever the reason.

By: gwynn56

The Big Hoot by dven

The Big Hoot

A great set. I saw a few of these a few days ago. I must go back and get some pictures.

By: dven

the magnificent seven by whatriveristhis

the magnificent seven

Time to get out the rosemary and garlic...

By: whatriveristhis

Bedtime Friends by NikonEllie

Bedtime Friends

Nice and simple set-up and the lighting is appropriately soft and even.

By: NikonEllie

Mask No.4 by xwang

Mask No.4

There's not much you can do with a spotlit subject where you have no control over the light source.
'Loss' of detail I wouldn't say is a problem deep shadows enhance mood and mystery.

to that end i've cloned out that animal head at the top right so we just have the mask to look at. I also cropped a bit to give more of that sense of being shut in and 'release me'.

It looks as though the focus is on his lips rather than the eye. It is a little hard to determine critically at the size on here but you'll be able to tell better by looking at your original. Wide apertures are very nice to use but you do have to be extra careful with focusing.


By: xwang

Brigde too heven by Hdlarsen

Brigde too heven

I too was thinking of a square crop before I read Tanya's post.
Because of the strong graphic nature of the lines and shapes. It becomes a stronger image with more impact, no redundant or negative space. Sometimes that extra space works well, for example a person looking into the darkness.

Either way, you've processed it well to get that moody look though the boost in contrast as seen in the mods is the finishing touch.


By: Hdlarsen

Sunbird feeding by Yolandie

Sunbird feeding

You have some exciting and exotic species there in South Africa (at least to northern European eyes!) so it's good to see them.

According to the exif data your lens was not at the fullest extent of the zoom. For many wildlife shots, especially small birds, you need all the focal length you can get. Yes you can crop an image but you'll lose quality if you crop too much. Best to get the largest image you can to start with.

You also don't need to use f/9 here. OK, the lens performs better when stopped down, but the subject is around the centre of the frame so you won't really notice much difference and only the background is at the edges which is out of focus anyway. Opening up to say f/6.3 would allow you an extra stop of shutter speed. The difference in depth of field is minimal, as there's very little at long focal lenghts anyway. Faster shutter speeds help to reduce the effect of camera movement and subject movement, something you'll be aware of from just observing how quick birds do move.


By: Yolandie

Fox by Hdlarsen


Welcome from me too.

This is really good. Very appealing. Pin sharp where it needs to be and strong eye contact.

The composition is very central but maybe you only had this one chance before the animal moved so you couldn't recompose and take another shot. Better to get one decent shot and then think about alternatives than miss the opportunity.

This does have quite a cold look due to the blue/cyan cast. John's mod is closer to the colour I'd expect. Easy enough to adjust in Lightroom.


By: Hdlarsen

River Lunan sunset by billmyl

River Lunan sunset

Attractive scene.

I've tried an alternative crop, removing most of the sandy bank, thus concentrating on the vegetation and the reflection.

I also added a graduated filter - a Gradient layer on the sky set to Soft Light blending mode to boost the tones and contrast of the sky.


By: billmyl

Osteospermum by dark_lord


This was taken horizontally but pointing down so the camera decided it should be vertical. I thought it more interesting so I left it that way Smile

By: dark_lord

Whisky Galore by PhilT2

Whisky Galore

I'm thirsty now Grin

By: PhilT2

Vulcanising The Solent by Trev_B

Vulcanising The Solent

Just shows you don't need a frame-filling shot to get a good image.

By: Trev_B

Postmortem Beauty by tw3

Postmortem Beauty

But superb work.

By: tw3

Flying at Half Mast by NDODS

Flying at Half Mast

Very sad business.
But you've processed this image brilliantly.


City of Amasya, Turkey by nonur

City of Amasya, Turkey

A very good set, interesting to look at and a great location.
I'm sure you could get some wonderful shots at dusk from that viewpoint.

By: nonur

Andy Hill by david j. green

Andy Hill

It's a fair shot. I'm sure quite a few of us on the sit who've taken shots of the RV8tors at airshows have got one of Andy flying.
Let's remember him for what he enjoyed doing well and entertaining the crowds.

By: david j. green