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Activity : Photo Comments


Thanks for looking at my portfolio. I hope you find some images you like.
I read all your comments and look through the gsallery, but because of time I may only vote rather than comment.
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  • Storm Doris

    A lovely collection Ivor, looking forward to Spring Smile
    • 23 Feb 2017 8:48PM
  • Iberian Wolf

    Lovely one Lilian.
    • 23 Feb 2017 8:39PM
  • shed a bitter tear

    This would benefit from a Levels adjustment to get a full range of tones. Often a small adjustment in post processing is needed to make the most of an image, and it deserves it here, a very good capture.
    • 23 Feb 2017 8:35PM
  • Through the seasons with Wildlife Photography World Magazine.

    Well done Grin
    • 23 Feb 2017 8:31PM
  • You Talking To Me Pal !!!!!!!!

    I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that Grin
    • 23 Feb 2017 8:21PM
  • I eat cottage cheese for dinner.........

    I hope you mean Tabasco, Jennifer Grin

    Cottage cheese is in need of some flavour addition, I'm also thinking garlic and herb, smoked salmon, red and yellow peppers, beetroot, ad so on.

    This guy looks very determined to add seasoning!
    • 23 Feb 2017 8:18PM
  • Robin Redbreast

    Very nice.
    • 23 Feb 2017 8:11PM
  • Cozy Pint

    And welcome from me too.

    I saw this last night and liked it very much though being short on time didn't get round to critiquing it so I'm revisiting it now. Sometimes it helps to wait and take a second look.

    I like the width of this, though Pamela's square crop is a nice alternative.

    The deep colours are attractive and really enhance the winter feel (even though they include lots of orange, it's a quintessential winter look). However I do prefer to see little more detail rather than such heavy shadows. Sometimes you need heavy shadows but I think the viewer's missing out if they can't appreciate some of the foreground detail as extracted in the mods.
    • 23 Feb 2017 7:44PM
  • Frosty Morning

    A beautiful shot.
    • 23 Feb 2017 6:51PM
  • Agia Kiriaki church, Kourtaliotis gorge

    V4 was quite a surprise for me.
    Quite remote and inhospitable terrain.
    • 23 Feb 2017 4:14PM
  • Oh! not you again!

    Lovely mono studies Lilian.
    • 22 Feb 2017 7:37PM
  • The Abbey

    Lovely light on this Trev.
    • 22 Feb 2017 4:54PM
  • All Mine!

    Superb capture Lilian.
    • 21 Feb 2017 10:14PM
  • Dipper

    Super capture.
    • 21 Feb 2017 10:09PM
  • Do you really want to join me?

    Quite a shaggy haired beast Smile
    • 21 Feb 2017 9:54PM
  • Nothing's new

    Nice one Peter.

    Or, they ran out of camouflage Smile
    • 21 Feb 2017 9:53PM
  • Flamingo

    Nice one Mike. There are some species of flamingoes (I forget which) that are rather vibrant, they make the others look rather washed out Smile
    • 21 Feb 2017 9:44PM
  • Hepaticas

    Gorgeous one Tony Smile
    • 21 Feb 2017 9:41PM
  • Winter trees

    A really beautiful piece of work.
    • 21 Feb 2017 9:40PM
  • Robin Red Breast

    It's nice to see the beak open, and i suspect it was singing, which means that 1/80 shutter speed was too slow to top subject movement.
    Upping the ISO to 800 would have given more chance of a sharper result, and wouldn't adversely affect image quality, in fact you probably wouldn't notice.

    The feet are rather too close to theframe edge - it looks better if there's some room between the subject and frame to avoid a claustrophobic feel. Sometimes you don't get chance, you have to take a shot, but I guess this bird was in the same place for at leat a few seconds which would give you tine to adjust composition.
    • 21 Feb 2017 8:27PM
  • Stoat in Ambush!

    The grasses are part of the environment, and importantly as John points out don't obscure or interfere with the subject.

    Not every setting can have the 'ideal' arrangement of vegetation. In fact very representative of a 'real life' encounter - yes I know it was, I'm making the contrast that some very dedicated photographers with time and patience arrange an area like a set.
    Many would be more than pleased with this.
    • 21 Feb 2017 8:09PM
  • lunch time

    The squirrel is very attractively lit with what is effectively spot lighing.

    The area on the log is burnt out with no detail so you could have shot at a lower ISO and then increased brightness in software.
    Tricky (very contrasty) lighting often needs some post procesing help as Paul says.

    Although nicely lit and composed, this falls down on sharpness.
    I wouldn't think it was camera or subject movement at that shutter speed, so it must be focusing error. Some of the foliag does look a tad sharper than the animal.

    It's a good lens, and appropriate use of an extension tube, but it does mean focusing is critical.
    There is a learning curve when you get new gear. The key is to practice and gain familiarity with your equipment, the effort will be worth it.
    • 21 Feb 2017 7:54PM
  • Fishermen with sun & sea.

    As this was taken a few minutes apart from your last upload you haven't had the chance to put into practice the suggestions at the taking stage.

    However, you should have taken on board the processing suggestions prior to upload.

    Water should be level (unless going for dramatic effect) so that must be addressed first.
    Even though this is underexposed, the mods show that it is possible to lighten it in processin for a much more appealing image, while still retaining the attractive sihouettes.
    • 21 Feb 2017 7:41PM
  • Beauty in the Mist

    Misty and murky can m,ake fro good images, and this shows it just as it should be (and often is in the Lakes).
    I certainly wouln't put the camera away.

    In my mod I've tweaked Levels, Curves, Colour Balance and Saturation of the yelows. Sometimes you need to help the colour along.

    I like the framing using the bank of the beck, but there are two things you could do differently.
    Firstly, get lower down so the rocks fill the foreground. A different emphasis I admit.
    Secondly, as you were but remove the twig stnding up from the bank and which falls in front of the rocks. Don't moveit if it is actually growing there rather than a twig that's blown there! Move your position to one side, it shouldn't affect the overall image very much.
    • 21 Feb 2017 7:34PM
  • more Regent's Park wildlife

    Having a good natter in V1, spreading all the gossip!
    • 21 Feb 2017 6:59PM
  • Arlington Row

    Mono for me Richard.
    I was half expecting to see the yellow car...
    • 21 Feb 2017 6:55PM
  • The special relationship

    Exellent Grin
    • 21 Feb 2017 6:52PM
  • Male & Female Stonechats

    Beautifully done, especially the lead image.
    • 21 Feb 2017 6:47PM
  • Comfort zone? What's a comfort zone?

    Done a couple of mods.
    The second mod is just Photoshop, though I'd have tried Nik's Viveza if I'd got it loaded on the laptop which would get you in the same zone.
    • 20 Feb 2017 2:05PM
  • Little Owl

    Cracking series Neil, really like V30 with that bit of meat hanging out of the beak Smile
    • 20 Feb 2017 1:53PM