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Thanks for looking at my portfolio. I hope you find some images you like.
I read all your comments and look through the gallery, but because of time I may only vote rather than comment.
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  • My Unconventional Macro Setup

    Proper macro lenses give a reproduction ratio of 1:1 which is fine for many subjects but sometimes I want to get closer and this is my approach. First, I'll expand on what I mean by proper macro lenses. Some of you will know this, so I apologise for...


    24 May 2020 10:27PM | Read


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  • Gloster Meteor

    My monochrome image of this aircraft, taken nearly 30 years ago, started as a colour original which, while it was a fair record, wasn't eyecatching so I felt it needed something extra. I often try mono versions of colour images, some work and some d...


    19 May 2020 5:48PM | Read


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  • Winter Photography (Part III)

    The final part of photography in winter time, well this side of autumn at least. Something to look forward to when we can hopefully get out and about more easily. What about people in winter? Even with social distancing human activity continues. Peo...


    10 May 2020 8:21PM | Read


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  • Winter Photography (Part II)

    I'm discussing more aspects of photography in winter time. It certainly isn't a time to avoid. This should have appeared at the end of January/beginning of February. I had this written but other things took priority I'm afraid. I'd rather add it now...


    30 Apr 2020 9:33PM | Read


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  • Winter Photography (Part I)

    The first thing many think about when this subject is mentioned is snow, but there's much more to winter than the white stuff. Snow is synonymous with the winter months but take a step back (watch the ice!) and consider how much snow most of us re...


    16 Jan 2020 3:27PM | Read


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  • Black and White Photography (Part IV)

    In this final part I'll look at producing a black and white image from a colour original. You've identified a subject that will look effective in black and white. You've carefully composed the image and considered line, from, pattern and so on. But ...


    31 Dec 2019 9:57PM | Read


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  • Black and White Photography (Part III)

    Last time I looked at some of the reasons for choosing monochrome. Now I'll look at some aspects to consider when creating your image. As colour became more popular and cheaper, due in part to the growth in package holidays with tourists wishing to ...


    14 Oct 2019 8:02PM | Read


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  • Black and White Photography (Part II)

    Some images are 'better' in monochrome than in colour for a multitude of reasons. Last time I looked at why black and white was historically a practical choice. Now I look at why you'd choose black and white over colour, i.e. as a creative choice. F...


    21 Aug 2019 7:42PM | Read


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  • Black and White Photography (Part I)

    Monochrome images can be appealing and they have a small but dedicated following. But why should black and white images exist at all? Prior to photography all images were in colour, apart from pencil or charcoal sketches for example. People were use...


    9 Aug 2019 3:41PM | Read


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  • Skokholm Work Party 2019

    Itís that time of year again as the puffins return and maintenance work needs to be done on the buildings on Skokholm. I provide a major part of the photographic record of the work carried out which gets archived with the National Library of Wales. ...


    16 Apr 2019 9:14PM | Read


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  • Magical Trees

    A couple of characterful trees in a small piece of woodland lend themselves very well to enhanced lighting. There is a small area of local woodland that I go to from time to time that has a number of old trees. A couple of old beech trees have intere...


    28 Feb 2019 4:31PM | Read


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  • In-Camera Movement

    For the vast majority of photographs the camera needs to be still at the moment of exposure. There are situations, such as sports photography, where the camera has to move to follow the subject (think panning the camera as a racing car goes past). In...


    16 Nov 2018 11:24AM | Read


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  • Skokholm Work Party April 2018

    It's that time of year again, the island having suffered the ravages of the autumn and winter storms needing to be brought up to standard for visitors. Considering how much of the country suffered, the buildings rode out the winter very well indeed. ...

    15 Apr 2018 9:27PM | Read


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  • Royal International Air Tattoo 2017

    I've always wanted to go to RIAT and this year I bit the bullet and went. It was an early start as the gates open at 7.30 am. There wasn't much delay in getting in (and I have to say not too much trouble in exiting later in the day which is nearly al...

    20 Jul 2017 1:37PM | Read


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  • Macro Experiments

    Macro photography is specifically when the image formed on the camera's sensor is life size or larger. Anything else is just close-up. Don't fall for marketing hype (no zoom is a macro lens). That said, most photography, even with a 'proper' macro l...


    5 Jul 2017 4:23PM | Read


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