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Thanks for looking at my portfolio. I hope you find some images you like.
I read all your comments and look through the gallery, but because of time I may only vote rather than comment.
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  • Poor Light?

    What do we mean by 'poor light'? I guess most people, even some photographers, would take that to mean low levels of illumination. At best misguided, at worst woefully inaccurate. Light is the lifeblood of photography, as without light there would b...0


    20 Apr 2021 10:00PM  |  Read


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  • Batteries, Batteries, Batteries

    They're everywhere, and with modern photography we can't do without them. The electrochemical cell. The technical term for what we commonly refer to as a battery. Invented by Alessandro Volta in 1800, predating photography by almost three decades. B...0


    9 Apr 2021 4:52PM  |  Read


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  • Puffin Photography

    Photographing these popular subjects has been difficult this past year with Lockdown preventing travel. That's no reason to not plan for the time when we can return. It's that time of year when our little brothers of the Arctic begin to return to ...0


    30 Mar 2021 3:35PM  |  Read


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  • Why Do You Want To Upgrade?

    There are many reasons to upgrade your gear. And many reasons not to. It's always nice to get flashy new gear, and the marketing people know that too. Before we go any further, if it's new gear you want and you're happy to part with your cash go a...0


    23 Mar 2021 9:23PM  |  Read


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  • Approaching Photography from the Technical Side

    Photography is a creative activity but there are technical aspects that are important too. Does getting inolved from a technical angle put the creative side at a disadvantage? I got interested in photography through admiring pictures. I was also int...0


    19 Mar 2021 3:34PM  |  Read


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  • A Vauxhall Monaro in Pink

    Colour popping is one of those techniques that had a brief period of popularity at the beginning of the century. Colour popping became a widely used technique when digital imaging took off in a big way. I'm talking software rather than cameras becau...0


    16 Mar 2021 3:23PM  |  Read


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  • What a Difference Three Decades Makes

    The Audi Quattro was a revolution in rallying in the 1980s. Do high resolution low noise images taken today evoke the same response as the grainy mono images from the time? Progress Through Technology, that certainly applied to a make of rally car f...0


    26 Feb 2021 4:35PM  |  Read


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  • Scene Modes

    Program Mode is useful for beginners and technophobes, but what if your creativity is kindled but you're not au fait with the finer points of apertures, shutter speeds and other camera settings? If the thought that Program Mode removes decision maki...0


    20 Feb 2021 9:48PM  |  Read


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  • Program Mode

    Aperture and Shutter priority modes require some thought from the photographer, so why not take the easy route and let the camera make both of those decisions for you? When I first came across the Program mode I didn't understand how the camera co...0


    16 Feb 2021 8:56PM  |  Read


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  • Shutter Priority Mode

    Aperture settings allow great control over depth of field but shutter speed is sometimes more important and can make or break an image. My first camera was Manual exposure only. The layout of controls led me to use it in the spirit of Shutter Priori...0


    12 Feb 2021 10:15PM  |  Read


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  • Multiple Lighting With Only One Light

    One light is all you need for most photography, but sometimes two or more are needed for practical reasons or creativity. The majority of photography makes do with one light. The one that's been burning continuously for four and a half billion years...0


    10 Feb 2021 10:23PM  |  Read


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  • Aperture Priority Mode

    This was the first automatic exposure mode I encountered and is my preferred way of working by far. It's generally accepted that aperture has the largest influence on the resulting look of an image. By and large it's true because it has a huge impac...0


    5 Feb 2021 10:56PM  |  Read


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  • Manual Exposure Mode

    With today's sophisticated metering systems and automation, Manual exposure may be seen as arcane but it still has its advantages. Long ago, before The Beatles entered the Charts, Manual exposure was the only exposure mode avilable. Many view it as ...0


    19 Jan 2021 9:12PM  |  Read


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  • Aspect Ratios

    Some cameras have a fixed aspect ratio and others have ones that can be changed at will, so what should you choose? I had better just explain what an aspect ratio is for anyone who's unsure. Simply, it's the shape, or format, of the image and more s...0


    29 Dec 2020 5:06PM  |  Read


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  • It's All At Your Coop Now!

    It's an advertising slogan from almost 50 years ago so what's it got to do with 21st Century photography? I remember this from television advertisements from, as far as I recall, around the end of the 1960s or very early 1970s. If anyone knows more ...0


    21 Dec 2020 2:24PM  |  Read


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