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A quick view of DarkAngel's recent activity.

  • Grave Yard by DarkAngel

    Thanks for the clicks and comments. that addiction is well and truely back Grin

    It was taken in a little pit village not far from Durham. Bill... yeah, i like grave yards, they're so atmospheric.

    Mum, a little snow is nice, this much is too much lol

    • 28 Nov 2010 10:43PM
  • "So Pretty" by fotobugg

    Lovely shot, I love the sharpness in his/her eyes. How many treats did it take to get that one? Wink
    • 6 Sep 2008 8:17PM
  • Fear by DarkAngel

    Thanks for your comments, I'm still playing and having fun with the make-up Smile
    • 2 Sep 2008 8:02PM
  • Someone's Thirsty! by MissPea

    And of course a springer cant have a drink without sticking their ears in too Wink Excellent shot, nice to see something different Smile
    • 19 Jul 2008 1:52PM
  • BLOWING IN THE WIND by angej

    It really draws you in, almost hypnotic. Excellent
    • 8 Jul 2008 7:44PM
  • ... by DarkAngel

    Quote:This is extremely delicate and well controlled work for a graphics tablet Carley, you really got a spark of life into that eye. Were you using PhotoShop or some more specialised software?


    Just PhotoShop, it took some getting used to though, kept wanting to look at the end of the pen lol
    • 7 Jul 2008 1:29PM
  • " Lost in her thoughts " by imander

    Gorgeous eyes! and as you know... I like eyes lol
    Thanks for all your comments. You have some really good photos, I wish I had the time to comment on them all Smile

    • 6 Jul 2008 12:20PM

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  • Posted on McKenzie's profile

    I love your black and whites, they're very powerful
    • 30 Sep 2006 1:12PM

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