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  • Tips on selling pics

    Giving some images away sounds good on the promise that you may get work from it but it very rarely happens that way, they take the images and then don't come back. Ta...
    by ihana | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 4
  • Photographing Models

    If anyone would like a model realease please feel free to contact me and i will be happy to email one over. Cheers Darren
    by ginz04 | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 19
  • Giz a job!

    Hi Flossie I have just started working for my self again, having acquired an on going business that I have worked for nine year, now I am the boss, I have also decided t...
    by flossie | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 40
  • Canon 1D-II has arrived

    Unless there's a substantial saving to be made I would not bother to import from the US. I did buy my ID from the States, but that was when the price over here was almos...
    by User_Removed | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 104
  • When is an amateur NOT an amateur

    Is there a regulated professional institution of photographers?
    by csurry | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 239
  • Caption Competition - Camel

    Arghhhh Anne thanks.... Pity you were not judging.
    by Will | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 88