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  • Slight Light

    Cool processing on this one Ade.

    • 3 Sep 2013 3:31PM
  • Staithes

    Dull day, maybe, but a brilliant photo. You must have caught it just as the street lamps came on.
    Up to your usual high standard.

    • 5 Feb 2013 2:41PM
  • Hosta

    Lovely natural looking image.
    • 15 Jul 2011 9:34AM
  • Headingley, Leeds

    Nice one Ade, you've made Headingley look like some giant shopping mall in the states. I like the processing, it does give 70's look. Come around at end of term time for some street photography and you will get a completely different feel. There will be hordes of super heroes, ceasers, ninja turtes, smurfs and various walking, stumbling, weaving about drunk vegetables to photograph - if you dare.

    • 12 Jul 2011 11:44PM
  • Dodgy Dealings Down Granary Wharf

    Great idea Ade, and well executed. I like the uplighting into the models faces as they look into/exchange the bag in the middle pic.

    • 31 Oct 2010 8:05AM
  • Aston Martin DBS

    Another great image of the car Ade. I would have cropped this one nearer to the puddle at the bottom. That's just personal prefernce though.

    • 15 Sep 2010 4:27PM
  • Aston Martin DBS

    Superb image Ade. Like the sky too. If you've usd flash then you've managed to control the glare off the body really well.

    • 13 Sep 2010 2:45PM
  • Big Stopper

    This is a superb shot. The thumbnail doesn't do it justice so may not get as many clicks as it deserves. The great detail of the rocks at the bottom really comes through the bigger you see it and just adds that extra dimension that lifts it into a great bit photography. I love big stopper shots like this. Well done.

    • 9 Sep 2010 1:44PM
  • Bradford Shops

    Hi Ade, as usual its a good photo, technically A* and all that. But why? It's Bradford - sorry, even you can't make it look nice. Smile

    • 9 Sep 2010 1:12PM
  • Headingly Media Centre

    Nice one Ade.
    This thing is awful to look at, but you've made it look pretty good.

    • 11 Aug 2010 12:56PM
  • Leon

    Ok Ok you've beaten me down, I'll buy the car.
    Does it have air con?
    Nice set of images.
    • 2 Jul 2010 3:59PM
  • Liverpool Cathedral

    Beautiful photography Ade. Can't find anything anything to crit this time, except.... Smile

    • 26 Jan 2010 1:08PM
  • Trish

    Wow Ade, judging from this and previous shots in the series, you really do know how to treat a girl.

    Nice photography. The model is great, just two things a bit offputting for me (just my own opinion here); that boxy thing at the base of the nearest wind thingy, and the blades of the the other ones. Those elements seem to take the attention away from the model, but I suppose without the turbine blades in the pic it could have been anywhere and maybe icluding them gives a sense of place.

    Having said all that, its just nit picking, which is a pretty rare thing to be able to do with your pics Smile.

    • 24 Jan 2010 8:57PM
  • Tulips

    Really nice colours and tones. I like the composition with the main flowerhead. I would have removed the two leaves sticking into the bottom part of the image, they distract the eye away from the flower head and its gorgeous colours. Without the leaves it would have been a serene and beautiful composition (well.. for me anyway).

    Still a really nice shot.

    • 15 Jan 2010 4:11PM
  • Dance

    What a brilliant shot. You've caught the dancer in a great pose.
    The lighting on the subject is just about perfect. The bright spot behind her perhaps a tad too bright and a bit distracting, but thats just nit picking or just personal taste.

    • 14 Dec 2009 10:56PM
  • Construction

    Spectacular photo Ade, and the blue is gorgeous.

    • 14 Dec 2009 10:50PM
  • Granary Wharf

    Another great shot of Leeds Ade. Wanted to do this shot myself, but the last time I went there bloody great blue haording right in front. Now that's gone I'll take another wander along there.

    • 28 Nov 2009 1:09PM
  • Chimp

    Great shot Ade. You've captured the fun of being a kid and thats about 90% of the art of the image. The other 10% is the technical bits which I can't comment on, see' in as I'm still learnin them, but I would hazard a guess that tweeking the technical stuff to perfection would add just about nothing to the shot and what it conveys.

    • 28 Nov 2009 1:05PM
  • Granary Wharf Flats

    Another good one Ade. The still water with colourful leaves does it.

    • 27 Nov 2009 3:43PM
  • Carvings

    Stunning HDR.

    • 25 Nov 2009 8:48PM
  • Bridgewater Dalek

    Another beauty Ade. When did you get such a calm day for that great reflection?

    Its got the lot, leading lines, reflection, contrast of old and new. Nice one.

    • 25 Nov 2009 8:47PM
  • Dalek

    Yet another superb shot with your trademark road markings, Ade.

    • 24 Nov 2009 10:25PM
  • Buggles

    Hey Ade. I like the high key portrait. Your becoming a damn good strobist. The only thing that might have been worth trying is using a white reflector for the hair and back - less harsh than using a strobe.

    I think its a dead good image. As for bombing, nah not really, its just that your used getting into the high thirties and forties. Portraits even good ones like this never do really well unless they come a pair boobs. Hmm.. maybe its the specs?

    • 20 Nov 2009 1:30PM
  • Delightful

    Typical Ade Mcfade, Low down, road markings, excellent as usual.
    • 3 Nov 2009 10:06AM
  • .

    Wonderful portrait. Her face is magnetic. Hard to look away.

    • 21 Oct 2009 9:17PM
  • Tin Bath

    Lovely set of images. I like the first one best. The smoke really makes it 3 dimensional.

    • 21 Oct 2009 9:12PM
  • vix ex fuzbox portrait

    Great high key shot.

    • 21 Oct 2009 9:09PM
  • City Boardwalk

    Thanks for the advice Ade. I did the S curve as you suggested and its certainly given the image more punch. I'll post it in few days and see how it does.

    • 7 Oct 2009 5:23PM
  • Nadia

    Superb Ade. this series just gets better. I like the mouse's eye view looking up through the wheat.

    • 3 Oct 2009 9:43PM
  • Nadia

    Another beautiful image Ade. The sunset complements her red outfit perfectly.

    • 3 Oct 2009 12:53PM