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  • canon 50mm 1.4 or 1.8Mk1

    Thanks for all your help on this.I have decided on the 50mm 1.4 after gpoing to the warehouse express and trying out I tried the canon and the sigma/.Both F1.4 but the ...
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  • Hasselblad 50mm F/4 Distagon Fle T* CFI Wide Angle Lens

    Sounds like a reasonable price. Not a snap-his-hand-off major bargain. There are some mint ones on ebay For 900 from U.S. dealers. The market for used 6x6 Hassleblad st...
    by Dave_D78 | Last Post | Unread
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  • Got the DSLR, now I need a snappy thing..

    "One has just been listed and sold BUYITNOW brand new unwanted pressie on ebay 100" LOL I'm guessing Sarah won't want to know that Sidaorb!! ;.) Anthony
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  • Ball head for 055XPRO

    Hi, I reviewed the 055 proB and the 804 RC2 head. Take a look at how they work together here.
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  • Which tripod?

    I have the 055 from manfrotto, very sturdy, but heavier than the 190. I bought a 60 velbon last year, and as previoudly said you'll end up getting a better one, so wait ...
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  • Lee filter adaptors

    I use the foundation kit & wide angle adapter on my 10-22, and 24-105 as both have 77mm front ends. I would say unless you can test a standard adapter then go for the wid...
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  • Portable memory

    " Use the lens with the sleeve in place and it helps minimise dust going into the innards of the lens when extended and compressed. The lens sucks in air when zoomin...
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  • Centre column for Manfrotto 055XPROB

    OK it looks like the column is there to stay. I have now achieved a more useable position with the head on the end of the horizontal column, albeit not as user friendly a...
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  • L lens loses its red stripe.

    "Personally I'd feel a wally " How would Wally feel about that?
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  • Lenses on e-bay from Hong Kong

    One-Stop Digital. All the usual VAT-back stuff, their prices INCLUDE delivery - and delivery is typically four days. Excellent communications. Very highly recommended.
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  • Good macro lens

    Cambirder. Have you ever done any direct comparisons/controlled testing between the Canon 100mm macro and the Sigma 150mm? If so I'd be interested to hear how the S...
    by Phil_Morgan | Last Post | Unread
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  • Vignetting with Canon 10-22 and Z-Pro filters

    Is it posssible to use cokin z-pro round polarizer in LEE holders? or not? adam
    by Stewy | Last Post | Unread
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  • Macro lens virgin

    My husband has the Sigma 70mm DG Macro (on a Nikon D80) and gets superb results. Cori
    by Dave_D78 | Last Post | Unread
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  • PS Elements 5 problem saving edited work

    Thanks Trudy, I'll check preferences however I never had this problem before (I had a copy of elements 4 from a friend for a few months), it seems to have just appeared. ...
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  • Wide angle filter dilemma

    If you upgraded form p to z pro or x-pro (or lee) then drop in polarizers are pretty expensive. I use the z-pro filters on my sigma 10-20 and it works fine at 10mm. I use...
    by Dave_D78 | Last Post | Unread
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  • Walkabout lens

    "You occasionally find that defects which may show up on screen are not apparent in prints - even enlargements. Just wondered whether that was the case here."...
    by TrevorPlumbe | Last Post | Unread
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  • Telezoom for Safari next year.

    Dan, thanks you do make a lot of sense. I will read the reviews. But if I can acquire an armoured tank I'll cearly be swapping it's canon for a sigmonster!!!
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  • upgrade Canon EF-S 18-55

    Dave, Have to fully agree with Simon on this. Have just bought a 17-40mm L lens after 2 years of "playing" with the kit lens. As he said, it is all down to the phot...
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