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Hi there and many thanks for taking the time to browse my portfolio. It's a little muddled but that's because I'm trying to take shots of multiple genres so I can decide what it is I actually like Smile

Anyhow, feel free to drop me a line.
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  • Discarded by Dave_G

    Thanks for the comments. The new project is proving very interesting and a little challenging, clearly I'm too used to looking for the polished and not what's behind Wink
    • 13 Aug 2015 7:10PM
  • Resolute by Dave_G

    It was taken in Moab during a fly drive a couple of years ago.

    It's not shot IR but has been converted in Photoshop from its original colour capture.

    Thanks for commenting Grin
    • 4 Jan 2014 4:31PM
  • The long, hot walk by Dave_G

    Now I look at it again, possibly a bit of the foreground cropped out?
    • 3 Jan 2014 6:48PM
  • Sacrifice by Dave_G

    Because they're nameless to the masses, living in the memory of loved ones but symbalising the sacrifice they have made collectively
    • 26 Oct 2011 5:40PM
  • Whisp by Dave_G

    I can see now you mention it, even if a little Alien Smile
    • 13 Dec 2010 9:53AM
  • Goldcrest by Gaz800

    Lovely pose. The background is a little distracting though, maybe lower the saturation and crop in a little closer to the bird?
    Nice non-the-less Smile
    • 22 Nov 2010 9:28PM
  • Lest we forget by Rubys_mum

    The other shot was mine but don't make any apologies, this is a strong and powerful image Smile

    • 7 Jul 2006 8:22PM
  • One Hour Challenge

    I forgot all about it. :'( Having read the title, within about 20 seconds I'd sussed the image I wanted to take. Oh well, there is always next week.
    by Dave_G | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 38
  • First Competition

    A PR orientated image of a piece of Military equipment.
    by Dave_G | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 2
  • Studio Work - How Much Pressure?

    Some good advise here, that goes with any shoot. I've only had a few shoots with friends and even those had a nervous start, but as time went on and changes to wardr...
    by Dave_G | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 4
  • Am I really that bad?

    Dave No, so stop fishing. If you want to impress provide what f=gets the clicks. That way lies prostitution but what the hell if it encourages you to work harder.
    by Dave_G | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 19
  • D70 Firmware v2.0

    Many thanks for clearing that up :-) Although I would suggest that employing that system decreases the accuracy of the image counter even more. At least before you kn...
    by Dave_G | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 3

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  • Posted on Gary_Williams's profile

    Lovely and inspiring work.

    Regards - Dave
    • 5 Jul 2006 8:45PM
  • Posted on chase's profile

    I'm not so sure "Still Learning" is as accurate as simply "Refining". If I'd amassed the knowledge and skill that you have I'd be a happy man! Cracking PF Smile

    • 7 Jul 2006 7:18AM
  • Posted on uggyy's profile

    There are a multitude of clicks in your portfolio and I can honestly say they're there for good reason Smile Great work that's building on a natural ability and eye.

    Well done and keep it up

    • 6 Jul 2006 12:48PM
  • Posted on A_Harrison's profile

    Outstanding PF. And many thanks for the comments on my Bleached Smile

    • 5 Jul 2006 1:18AM
  • Posted on TopsyTopping's profile

    Nice PF will a lot of variatin and ability. And naturally many thanks for the Nice Bum comment Wink

    • 28 Jun 2006 8:44PM
  • Posted on lloydee's profile

    First camera in Jan 06! Blimey, I wish I had your learning curve as this PF is outstanding Smile

    • 6 Jul 2006 3:19PM
  • Posted on AngelaD's profile

    Stunning PF. You certainly have a great eye and technical ability for photography Smile

    • 28 Jun 2006 8:57AM
  • Posted on U4eA's profile

    I only got to the Showcase before adding your PF to my favourites list. A simply stunning collection of images and I only hope I can learn to produce this kind of quality.

    Well done - Dave
    • 6 Jul 2006 3:25PM
  • Posted on hayleyk's profile

    Added your PF to my favourite list as I'll definately be coming back for inspiration and technical, compositional and presentation skills.

    A truely outstanding collection of images.

    • 6 Jul 2006 3:13PM
  • Posted on Imagine23's profile

    Some very creative and well taken shots in this PF. For 6 months they're looking great and I'll keep an interested eye on where you go from here.

    Well done, some lovely work

    • 24 Jul 2006 8:55PM

Limited to latest 30 results.