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dave knowles

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A quick view of dave knowles's recent activity.

  • riley

    Great effects, like the eyes and pose.

    • 20 Nov 2006 8:11AM
  • I'm boss around here!

    Wonderful shot, could it be improved slightly by a vertical crop?

    • 20 Nov 2006 8:22AM
  • European Eagle Owl

    Thanks for your comments, I have been a bit lazy on the upload side of late will have to improve
    • 18 Nov 2006 7:44PM
  • Reynard

    Thanks David, Mark; Have modified by enlarging canvas and cloned the appropriate area your comments please when I upload tomorrow

    • 20 Sep 2006 8:19PM
  • King of the Jungle

    Thanks Ade and 5
    • 12 Mar 2006 2:46AM
  • What part of NO don't you understand?

    If any of you want to clean his teeth, you would make his day! but I think yours might be cut short and some more flossing be required afterwards!
    LOL Dave
    • 10 Mar 2006 10:41PM
  • Ziggy

    Hi Kim, GSPs are one of the best breeds of dogs about, we had an identical GSP even down to the collar called Kim (No pun intended) she lived at an impressive level of activity for 16 years and is sadly missed.She was my best friend and came with me everywhere.

    • 6 Mar 2006 10:39PM
  • Great collection of some wonderful images of Mother Natures critters