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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • Hopkins by Dave1709


    Know what you mean about the duke, they were even louder than this at Donnington!
    • 9 Oct 2006 8:16PM
  • ~jangala~ by Uppercut

    Super shot, super ligting!

    • 8 Oct 2006 12:56PM
  • Outgoing by albi

    Blowing smoke, Standing on Heads, fish in ponds, spinning discs or not, where will it all end????

    Don't know how much more can be or needs to be said here? I've only seen a few bike mags and have seen both kinds of shots, think people are missing the point here, as the type of photo surely depends upon from where you shoot it and what you're trying to achieve. Wheels seem to be spinning etc on the shot of Muggers at Silverstone in Tony's portfolio probably due to him not shooting through a fence etc. (Million and one times now!)

    Unfortunately we're not all lucky enough to be in a position where we can stand where we like. Blimey I'd lay a few quid that I could get much better shots if I could get the other side of the fence. Most of mine are taken trying to time it right so I don't get a post, advertising board or someones head in the frame. Some of the ones I took at Brands were on one leg leaning over the fence in the rain! (yeah yeah I know you can tell!!)

    I would like to see them cut a hole in the fence at Druids and have a "Shoot through" area as they do on the final corner, maybe we should all campaign for that, or is it wire cutters time??

    • 7 Oct 2006 8:22PM
  • Karl Muggeridge.....Sacked by albi

    Great shot Tony,

    Think you're gonna be uploading quite a few in your "Sacked" file this year mate!

    • 5 Oct 2006 6:41PM
  • hawk by rf

    Nice shot, think it's a Harris Hawk?

    • 23 Sep 2006 7:07PM
  • The Kestrel Kid by klewis

    Fantastic image Kevin!!

    • 23 Sep 2006 7:13PM
  • Thirst by johntisbury

    Speechless!! Fantastic shot
    • 20 Sep 2006 8:40PM
  • Testing... by Soom


    Good shot! It's the new colours of Midland Racing, they've just been taken over by Spyker, (who make sports cars) so I think the team is now known as Sypker MF1.

    • 20 Sep 2006 8:35PM
  • From the back by proberts

    Another great shot Andrew, pleased to be number 30, congrats on the RC!

    • 20 Sep 2006 8:53PM
  • Kestrel Kourtesy by klewis

    Fantastic pose and detail!

    • 13 Sep 2006 6:30PM
  • After by nenadk

    Perfect tones!

    • 13 Sep 2006 5:06AM
  • RELAXED by leesearle

    Superb image, I like this a lot,

    • 12 Sep 2006 9:15PM
  • Red Kite 2 by barneyj

    Super image!!

    • 12 Sep 2006 7:32PM
  • Eyeing up Lunch by albi

    Another nice one Tony, glad to be number 30, think you'll get lots m ore though!

    Thanks for your comment on mine today, really need to take them in normal mode rather than high speed crop to get some more quality.

    Hey you said that you haven't taken a Kingfisher in flight, but I've seen your tits, (if you pardon the expression!) They are fantastic!!

    See you at Brands later this month?

    • 11 Sep 2006 9:10PM
  • Kingfisher by jimbo75

    Great shot Jimbo, maybe I should be YOUR location manager??

    • 12 Sep 2006 5:27AM
  • FAST! by Dave1709

    Thanks Jimbo!

    Good to meet you today, tell you what, when I get a really good one, we'll talk about royalties, OK?

    (Maybe a bottle of beer in our hands will encourage him to come even closer, or maybe slow down a bit at least?)

    See you soon,
    • 10 Sep 2006 7:24PM
  • Cricceith II by sneazy

    Great in large view, I love the water over the rocks.


    • 5 Sep 2006 8:10PM
  • Walker by jcannon

    Glad he finally got his first win at Assen this weekend!!

    Good shot!

    • 5 Sep 2006 8:16PM
  • Tiger by tigs

    • 4 Sep 2006 9:11PM
  • Vapourer by pcjackso

    I love this, background colour is great too!

    • 4 Sep 2006 8:21PM
  • Refresh by Ninette

    Like this one a lot,

    • 3 Sep 2006 7:45PM
  • Winner by tim g

    Nice one Tim!

    • 28 Aug 2006 8:27PM
  • 6R4 by jsper

    Very good shot, v sharp!

    • 28 Aug 2006 8:29PM
  • Jay by StevenPrice

    Yeah, great shot!!

    • 28 Aug 2006 8:30PM
  • % by Se7enUK

    • 28 Aug 2006 4:56PM
  • Shane Byrne by Dave1709

    Yeah Pete, you're right!! He just missed me in his shot, I got him but cloned him out, Oops!! lol.
    • 28 Aug 2006 3:36PM
  • Crowd Pleaser by Se7enUK

    Great shot Paul, Think I've just cloned you out of the one I've just posted from the spectator stand, sorry LOL!


    PS, Don't have a spare media jacket do you?? I wish!
    • 28 Aug 2006 3:06PM
  • Rocketman by StevenPrice

    Great shot, really sharp, surely worth a few more clicks??

    • 28 Aug 2006 8:35PM
  • I spy food!!! by Dave1709

    Thanks to all for comments and clicks, first RC!!

    • 24 Aug 2006 8:16AM
  • Brands by Dave1709

    Yeah, thought Sunday would be a bit busy. IThis was on the inside of Surtees, quite pleased with the shot but wanted to get all of YK sharp but still blurr the second bike, almost worked!
    • 7 Aug 2006 9:22PM