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Hi. My name is Dave and as the many other people who live in this area on the south coast of Kent in England will tell you - the telephone numbers in this area all start with 87 so thatís how I became Dave87 - Iím not that old yet!!

What do I like photographing best? They call them - people. You see them walking along the road - they live next door - and even at the bottom of your garden. Personally, I donít care if the people I photograph are young or old - male or female - pretty or not so pretty - I enjoy taking pictures of them all. Iíve been known to photograph other things with the same differing amounts of success.

Iíve been interested in photography and looking at all types of pictures (because I love all types of photography) for over twenty years and have enjoyed being a camera club member for nineteen years. I consider myself to be a lucky bloke because my wife is also a keen photographer.

Thanks for all clicks and comments they are always very welcomed and enjoyed by me.


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