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Welcome to my EPZ portfolio, please feel free to have a browse and send me a message if you have any questions.
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A quick view of Davesumner's recent activity.

  • Little biker

    This is a great image with a different perspective, taking the shot from down below has really worked well. The exposure etc. don't seem too bad and the colours work well. But you have to address the elephant in the photograph and that is that the boys head looks like it is perched onto the headlight. I would take Paul's advice:

    Quote:I might have offset the head to the right of the lamp and tilted the whole thing a bit toad even more strength but that would be a very different image.

    You could have even gotten him to hang off a little making it look like he was cornering, I think that this would have made the image much stronger. A great effort though and well done with the concept.
    • 25 Aug 2016 12:09PM


    You've only received basic feedback for this image and I would suspect that people don't want to be forthcoming with their lesser nice comments. The image is never going to be a competition winner but as far as a record of that particular aircraft it is absolutely fine.

    There several issues with the image outside of it being a record shot and the main one is the blue of the sky. I live in the country of the blue sky and it is never this blue, it could have been caused by a polarising filter or just oversaturation in post processing I guess. The other issue is that the aircraft looks quite static in the air and could have been photo shopped in.

    The best way to shoot aircraft especially if they are propeller driven is to capture them with a slightly slower shutter speed and allow the propellers to blur. This gives a feeling that the plane is flying and makes the shot dynamic especially if viewed coming towards you.

    Hope this helps

    • 23 Nov 2014 2:26AM
  • Fly Fishing for sea trout in the Falkland Islands

    I can relate to this image because I have visited the Falklands 5 times and when I fished at Estancia I couldn't get past the Mullet.

    The image is tilted to the left and as said above, once noticed it is annoying. One thing about reflections, a bit like the other rules in photography, it really is only a guideline and that is that reflections really shouldn't be as strong as the thing they are reflecting. I would just reduce the saturation in the water a little.

    Otherwise a great shot and brings back memories for me.

    • 23 Nov 2014 2:12AM
  • Storm over Digley


    I think that the whole image is tilted not lens distortion or just the shed. The reason I think this is because even the rays of light look as if they are titled also. The horizon may not be dead level but you rarely see this much landscape at an angle like this. I would suggest that you try just tweaking it to the right a couple of degrees. The MOD by Dingus addresses it nicely.

    With regards to the shed, it doesn't need to be entirely in the shot if it was there would be a bright sliver of landscape down its left and it would be a distraction. Whether the grass and the building should be brighter is entirely the choice of you, the creator of the image. Personally I think it allows the viewer to move on to the rays of light and the landscape which is what the image is about. If the shed and grass were brighter we might not get past them to the rest of the image.

    Hope this helps

    • 23 Nov 2014 2:04AM
  • Young French Bulldog

    Quote:Some of you have said you have made modifications but I don't know how I go about viewing these.

    Top of this page in the modifications tab right above your original description Grin

    • 23 Nov 2014 1:47AM
  • Cosmos and forget-me-knot flowers

    Whilst I like your image quite a lot, given it is for a competition, I think you might need to reshoot this. Your focus is good and the parts of the flower that need to be sharp are sharp and I like the 1, 2 & 3 of the flowers which is also good. However, the light is too harsh, the angle that you shot this at needs to be adjusted and the flowers are too central which shows too much of the other plants and makes the image very busy.

    If it were me, I would use a diffuser to soften the light or take the shot in much more even light (cloud covering the sun) which will stop the highlights and the shadows. I would take this shot in portrait mode which suits the flow of the flowers better and get in a little closer and have them offset on the right thirds line.

    Also, you need to ensure there are no other stem, stalks, flowers etc. closer to the lens like the one in this shot to the right of the flowers. Perhaps a little step top the left and the flowers would be better presented. You can always just hold the other things out of the way if there are any because you'll have a spare hand because you are using a tripod, you are using a tripod and remote shutter release aren't you? If not just tie them out of the way or get a friend to help.

    With regards to camera settings I would set the camera to 'A' aperture priority and use something around f/5.6 depending how close you are so that you can blur out the background a little more. Use a single point of focus and set it to somewhere around the centre of the middle flower to ensure that the depth of field extends far enough forward as well as backward.

    Hope this helps
    • 23 Nov 2014 1:31AM
  • Remember!

    Ah the good old 'Out of Bounds' technique but perhaps not quite the right image to test it on. There is a very good tutorial on this very technique by Gavin Hoey somewhere here on EPZ.

    Here you go: https://www.ephotozine.com/photography-videos/video/out-of-bounds-effect-in-photoshop-1955

    My attempt is HERE HERE anks

    • 17 Jul 2013 5:58AM
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  • Marie,

    i like this
    lol yeah
    and the

    With reference to your photo description, is this a serious attempt to get critique?