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A quick view of DaveU's recent activity.

  • Hannah

    Love the crop and processing ..... I'd like to see more of her exposed right arm or none of it.
    • 20 Jul 2017 8:34AM
  • The Look

    Wonderful ............
    • 11 Jul 2017 5:47PM
  • midsummer dream #3

    Lol ..... great title.

    I have a soft spot for photogenic characters on benches.
    • 11 Jul 2017 5:45PM
  • Blue Shoes

    Needs more space on the left and less on the right ........... great looking character though.
    • 11 Jul 2017 5:43PM
  • Angels fear to tread

    Eviscera is on holiday so I'll stand in .........

    Super image Scaramang, feotal fatalism amid the spiral of life. We all got to do downstairs sometimes.

    Love the viewpoint and blue of the stairwell ......... that's me BTW not Mr E. I'm far more shallow and easily swayed by a pretty shade of blue.

    • 11 Jul 2017 5:40PM
  • Sleeping Hare

    Beautiful, truly.

    You know, I'd like this even more without the church but just a stylized moon and a sprinkling of stars ..................
    • 11 Jul 2017 5:37PM
  • clara

    les yeux ........................

    Your work is/was fabulous, why did you ever stop?
    • 11 Jul 2017 5:28PM
  • You know Di, I just don't seem to have the time to keep up-to-date with people's PF's these days. Just looking over all the pics of yours I've missed recently it seems to me that there's a thread of quality, artistry and sheer variety that so many people could learn a lot from.

    Keep it up Smile
  • lol at your PF pic ..... classic.
    • Posted on kitsch's profile
    • 16 Apr 2008 7:42AM
  • Ok 5, it goes without saying you've got a good imagination. I have too, but your ability to create images which convey your imagination to others is amazing. I've messed in Photoshop and can't come close, but you can bet your bottom dollar I'll keep on trying. One of the great PF's on EPZ. Don't stop.
    • Posted on Gray22's profile
    • 19 Apr 2006 3:57AM
  • Congrats on the EC. You have a very impressive portfolio with some truly wonderful images. I feel that many more EC's will come your way. Dave.
  • Hi Victor ... Just spent an enjoyable lunchtime looking through your PF. I use a variety of modelling and rendering tools in my dayjob in product engineering. To see these techniques used in your art is inspirational. Superb images. Thankyou for sharing them, Dave.
  • Just looked through your PF Paavo, and there is some trly stunning work on here. Congratulations, and keep them coming.
    • Posted on solkku's profile
    • 17 May 2006 5:34AM