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david deveson

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A quick view of david deveson's recent activity.

  • Milva

    Hello Dave, I would love to show the shots that follows but for reasons of personal privacy I am unable to help you!
    • 9 Nov 2019 3:04PM
  • Ebrima from Gambia

    Hi John and thank you for your comment with which I agree 100%.
    I've always felt that borders are the root of the problem... they give the feeling that you have something to defend.
    What really needs defending is humanity... a lot of it.
    • 15 Jun 2019 9:11AM
  • Professional Smoker

    ...and a great weekend for you too, Ollie.
    • 14 Jun 2019 9:09AM
  • Home to Roost

    Oliver, at my age, it's difficult!
    • 31 May 2019 5:21PM
  • The Greens Have It.

    I suspect you mean the wall switch looks great; I doubt it works well at all!
    I too love it, for me it makes the picture.
    • 27 May 2019 10:47AM
  • Learning Curve

    Thank you Francis. David
    • 26 May 2019 4:37PM
  • Eyes Down

    No lampposts in that quarter of Havana, Moira!
    • 25 May 2019 9:22AM
  • Just discovered your portfolio and apart from your photographic skills which speak for themselves what I enjoyed most of all was finally a portfolio which reflects the character of the creator.... hilarious and a lot of fun.
    Good indeed.
    • Posted on Fishnet's profile
    • 14 Jul 2009 9:52AM
  • Andre, thank you for your comments on my portfolio which, having just discovered yours, I reiterate for yours.
    Beautiful work and just my cup of tea.
  • Amateur photographer, my ****... great portfolio, strength in every image.
  • Just found your portfolio and it's up there with the bst of them.
  • Simply superb.
    Very many congratulations.