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  • thanks
  • Photographic Print fixed on plate glass (7 letters)
    An anagram of the word is loan pie, the 4th letter is L.
    Can anyone help?
  • I am looking to find peoples opinions on the "Mami Twice" episodes of Only Fools And Horses that have been transfered to DVD, some of the reviews are shocking (not due to the content of course) , but the fact that annoying canned laughter aparently on the American Episode spoils it. Have any fans of the show bought the DVD on here and are they sorry they bought it.
  • Sorry to Digress, but Peter Shilton? Now thers a name. I bet your camera is in safe hands!Smile
  • What features? Multiple Exposures?
  • I don't understand why the 30D (8.2) is more expensive than the 400D as the 400D has more pixels (10.1)?
  • The ones I am refering to are used for lenses and the word Gelatine is refered to regarding filter size instead of a number in mm, what use are they, what advantages do they have over screw in type? and thanks for the science lesson everyoneSmile
  • What are Gelatine Filters?
  • On average how often do Canon make a new camera, the 350D is very impressive having seen my friends, then within months of bringing that out we seen the birth of the 400D. My friend is tempted to get the 400D, mainly because of the digital cleaning sensor. As we know you can not keep up with technology, but one with a cleaning process for the digital sensor is tempting, and would seem worth it, yet in 3 months there could be a 550D with multiple exposures available? What should we both do next?
  • The Wide angle - telephotozoom sounds a photographers dream.......... Capturing the moment at the zoo, a quick adjustment from 28mm to 200mm or 300mm, no need to change the lens and miss a thing. I have been warned heavily though there is a significant drop off in quality with these lenses because of the extreem focal lengths it is designed for, yet technology has mooved on since then. Is the lack in quality that obvious though with these lenses. On a scale of 1-10 how highly would you rate thier quality now with say a 28-80 or 70-300 lens ?
  • There is no mention of MRC on those links Andy, I presume I take it for granted that it will be at that price!
    Quote:IF you find one it will be a wasted purchase

    Why is this Kiethh, opinions do differ of course?
  • So then I am looking for a Gray Grad MRC coated screw in 52mm thread filter, were can I buy one?
  • What does MRC mean, it does dot mention this on the link?
  • Round screw in, how reliable are B+W?
    I presume these filters are made by Speed Graphic, as it does not state a specific company. What are Speed Graphic filters like in general?
  • I have been searching high & low for a grey grad filter pref canon 52mm thread, does any1 know where I can get one then?
  • I just pasted it direct in the end
  • Got the link thing wrong first time, now corrected it
  • I know the answer is probably glaring at me, but what is the thread size of the grey grad filter thread below?
  • I searched on the net, does anyone know were you can buy these?
  • Can anyone recommend any photographic dvd's

  • Quote:Does anyone else wince whenever Gary Lineker says "The FA Cup sponsored by Eon" ?

    I see your point, but he puts me off Wakers crisp
  • I was watching the Chelsea game last night, and the man with the mike said "You can tell it is a proper champions Lg game when Morientiez and Shevchenko score" Explain?
  • Gp's have now been given the lastest in technology with the use of an x-ray camera.
  • On the subject of this, is it all hype or really that good?
  • Thanks for the help. It could be as you say from the cable box, that is significant as it sounded like comic relief in the background over a DVD last night. Although I have turned it off via the remote I have not done this via the mains.
  • I keep getting other sounds out of my TV speakers, that sound like a
    muffeled radio, I notice these mainly when I switch to dvd, but have not put a disc in.
    It can be paticularly annoying if it is a silent scene in the middle of a
    desert and you can hear the sound of music playing. For the majority of the time you do not notice except for those quiet periods of the film.
    I have been told it is interference
    Is there a way of re-tuning the sound, so it does not pick these signals up?
    Can anyone explain this?
    It is still happening when I turn the cable TV box off.
  • Ken Dodd?
    Ricky Tomlinson?

  • Quote:Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher and Robbie Fowler...
    If that was the case all my notes would be kept in my back pocket Smile
  • Recently the debate over who should be on note has "come to light", who would you have and why? Is there any1 who you would strongly object to? Is there any1 who you may say "you might as well have Zippy, George & Bungle from Rainbow or sooty as have them on the back or even Morph from take heart"