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  • Posted on: Grainy, artistic nude

    You may or may not be arrogant Duncan - don't really know (sometimes it's quite a good thing Smile )- but what about this for pompous nonsense -

    Just use film and do it right from the start.

    I grant you he tried to soften it by saying things like 'watcha' and 'best'......

    What are you supposed to do junk your equipment and buy a film camera just to do grainy b&w - ??

    there are things to hang on to from the past - not at all sure film is one of them ??

    having said that I find all this hanging onto grainy shots a bit overdone - it's only trying to emulate stuff from the past - 'in my HUMBLE opinion'.. Wink


    • 7 Nov 2007 4:48PM

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Limited to latest 30 results.