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Activity : Photo Comments


Welcome to my portfolio. I primarily photograph cars and upload photos onto ePHOTOzine to show my progress and get more advice on improving my photography.
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  • strings

    I'm a sucker for these kind of photos.
    • 1 Feb 2013 9:09AM
  • On the Causeway

    I love the minimalist approach of this photo.
    • 31 Jan 2013 1:57PM
  • untitled

    Even though I don't follow you I always find myself strangely attracted to your photos. Added you to my connections now.
    • 22 Nov 2012 11:38AM
  • Just Jack

    not a bad collection Smile
    • 7 Nov 2012 9:36AM

    is it just me or does everyone's eyes appear to be closed (including the dogs)
    • 5 Oct 2012 9:40AM
  • Tuscan S

    Great photo of a great car. I love the urban style stuff.
    • 18 Sep 2012 3:11PM
  • Distortions

    The angle really adds to this photo.
    • 6 Aug 2012 9:05AM
  • Moody Gardens Pyramids Galveston Island Texas

    Being from Texas myself, I think i have been there.
    • 19 Jul 2012 12:51PM
  • God Car

    What a great shot for this car. Really exaggerates it's line.
    • 18 Jul 2012 12:50PM
  • Berlinetta

    The reflections in this one are much better.
    • 28 May 2012 9:06AM
  • Cavallino Rampante

    Told you I couldn't wait Wink. Older ones are always the best
    • 25 May 2012 11:15AM
  • going down

    Another test comment....
    • 24 May 2012 4:21PM
  • s2000

    Not that big of a car following yet, however the more of us that stick on here and upload, the bigger the group will grow Smile

    The car is quite low, have you photoshopped that slam?
    • 24 May 2012 4:04PM
  • / \

    reminds me of The Crow movie poster.
    • 25 Apr 2012 1:32PM
  • Breaking Dawn

    I love the reflection and colours of the sky.
    • 13 Apr 2012 9:04AM
  • shanghai

    Wow, now thats a cool photo. Love the processing on it.
    • 26 Mar 2012 4:08PM
  • CRX

    Not bad. My mate had a CRX and boy that thing could go.
    • 27 Feb 2012 9:23AM
  • Enjoy...

    one of my favs too, very good shot. Has that promotion/advertising look.
    • 15 Feb 2012 9:01AM
  • in the mix

    It's a good shot. I'm a big fan of DJ shots. Another good shot is one just in front of the strobe light (red light on the turntable) and position the camera towards the stylus. If you get your shutter speed just right you can stop one of lines of strobe dots on the turntable's platter.
    • 10 Feb 2012 2:08PM
  • The Frog and the Furious

    These aren't too bad. Very artsy
    • 31 Jan 2012 9:03AM
  • Timeless

    Not a bad photo setup and I think the background works for a urban feel.
    • 30 Jan 2012 9:43AM
  • The Tower

    very futuristic
    • 27 Jan 2012 9:42AM
  • Jump

    Not bad. I envision some photoshop brushing to add some neon waves and lines around here. If you know what i mean.
    • 26 Jan 2012 9:27AM
  • Ford GT40

    I ask for advice and I get loads! thanks. this should really help in the future.
    • 23 Jan 2012 9:25PM
  • BMW M of Yesterday

    Your right, this was done by my post-processing which gave everything a more washed out, aged feel. But, yes, the colours are pretty iconic.
    • 16 Jan 2012 10:19AM
  • Cadillac Grill

    Yea, unfortunatly, this is yet another rather small crop of a a photo. Therefore, blowing it up would be a bad idea.
    • 14 Jan 2012 8:55PM
  • Cadillac Summer

    wow, thanks for the comments. Glad you guys like it!
    • 16 Dec 2011 11:54AM
  • Grassy Sunset

    I'm not normally into landscape and plant photos. But, the colours are brilliant.
    • 13 Dec 2011 1:11PM
  • Vintage Caddy

    Quote:Very good, nicely framed! Pity for the blemishes.

    Yes, I suppose they look a little out of place, partially intentional from the grunge border.
    • 28 Nov 2011 9:41AM
  • Broken wheels?

    I'm really loving this stuff. In most cases, if you didn't say it was a game, I wouldn't have known
    • 17 Nov 2011 9:48AM