How to get your Blog Ranked in Google


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How to get your Blog Ranked in Google

19 Jun 2008 11:49AM   Views : 593 Unique : 493

Yesterday, Pete pointed out to me that although this blog feature has been around for a week now, very few of the blog entries were being indexed by Google. This means Google was not seeing the pages. So I spent some time optimising the blog entry page to help them get indexed, and sure enough, Google started indexing the pages.

Now this is a great first step, but the rest is up to you, the blog user. Obviously, when you write a blog entry, you want people to read it (why else would you write it online?). And, seeing how you are reading this, you want it to get ranked in search engines. So here are some tips to help your blog entries get indexed by Google and hopefully, get higher up on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

1. Content is King

Google and other search engines love textual content. When you write an entry, make it worth it. Search engines aren't going to be bothered about blog entries that are 2 or 3 sentances long. Write a couple of paragraphs.

2. Pick Your Keywords and Use Them

Think about what you would search in Google to find your blog entry. If you are writing about 'Digital Art', make sure your blog entry is about Digital Art throughout. Make sure you scatter your selected keywords throughout your blog entry so Google knows that the entire blog entry is about those keywords. Make sure not to pic keywords that are too generic as they are much harder to get ranked for (ie: photography, photos, photographer). Use more specific keywords like (ie: night photography tutorials, night photos, night photographers).

3. Pick a Good Title

Your title is one of the first things Google and other search engines see. So if you pick the keywords 'Digital Art', make sure its in your title. Obviously, this title also has to appeal to humans as well, so make it interesting.

4. Your First few Sentences are the Most Important

The first 255 characters of your blog entry are placed as a description of the blog. This will also be seen on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). So make sure it has your keywords in it and is interesting enough to make someone want to read more.

5. Search Tags = Keywords

Tagging is so important. Make sure that the keywords you pick are put in your Search Tags when you write up your blog entry. This not only helps the search engines better understand what keywords you are targetting but also makes it searchable on ePHOTOzine. Yes, we use the tags you enter for the blog search. No tags = no search result.


I cannot stress this enough, dont spam your keyword. Here is an example of keyword spamming:

Quote:Digital Art is great. I like Digital Art so much. I went to a Digital Art museum to have a look at Digital Art and saw hundreds of Digital Art prints.

Just like you overlook spam emails, search engines will overlook keyword spammers. It's a balance between keywords and other content. There are alot of tools out there to help you out (just do a google search for 'Free SEO Tools').

7. Link to Your Other Blog Entries

If a blog entry relates slightly to another entry you wrote in the past, link them. Use our bbcode 'Insert Link' button to add a link. Also, make sure the the text that you link has some relevant keywords in it. "My old post entitled 'How Digital Art is Created'". In that example I would link 'How Digital art is Created'.

BONUS: Get Feedback

Here is a simple way to get people to comment on your blog entries. Ask questions/opinions/comments at the end of your blog entry. This will get people coming back to the entry and adding comments.

So with all that in mind and a bit of thinking, you can make blog entries that get ranked pretty well of search results. Let me know what you guys think. Also welcome to hear what you have to say. Also, feel free to add.

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KarenFB Plus
14 5.5k 178 England
19 Jun 2008 12:01PM
I've just read your 'blog' and now I feel perhaps blogging isn't for me! I thought it would be just for my EPZ 'family', now I find out it's available to all and sundry, world wide!!! (Mind you, who'd want to read about some gran, who lives in the UK). It's kind of scarey thinking I could be googled! Wink

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redjoker 12 981 4 England
19 Jun 2008 12:11PM
hmm i just seared on google and my blog came up, im not sure if i like it you know!
davidburleson 13 3.0k 3 United Kingdom
19 Jun 2008 12:21PM
There is nothing wrong with writing blogs about anything and everything under the sun. In fact, these kind of blogs can be much more interesting. Im not saying the everyone should use the blogs in the way I have mentioned above. Different people use blogs for different things. I use blogs to try to state important articles (like this one) to the masses. While others, use them as journals/diaries. There are also blogs out there that are purely for advertising/sales purposes. It doesn't matter what you use your blog for, but for those, like myself, who want to use blogs to get a point across to as many people, using the techniques above can help spread the information to a wider audience.

In the end, use your blog, as you wish. Have fun with it.
Pete Plus
19 18.8k 97 England
19 Jun 2008 12:27PM
The main aim of a blog is for you to get noticed.
We could add an option to turn off Google indexing, so you can keep it to the EPZ family
webjam 15 292 11 Netherlands
20 Jun 2008 8:37PM
Can't imagine getting famous for my blog! But thank you for the information. Will try to find my blog in Google...


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