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I want a Replacement, not a Repair


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I want a Replacement, not a Repair

28 Jan 2009 12:44PM   Views : 918 Unique : 688

We bought a new fridge freezer back in April from a well known high-street store. The make of the fridge is a good brand and for a few months it worked a breeze. Then around July we started getting problems with it not staying cool. We tried everything we could and in the end I called up the makers to see if I could get a replacement.

Anyone who has ever tried this knows what happened next. Due to law the manufacturer must provide a service of repair or replacement. However, this is at their choice, not the customers. I wanted a replacement, but they insisted on sending someone out to repair it. Meanwhile, my 'big shop' was rotting away. Luckily I was able to transfer some of the food to my inlaw's fridge. It took around 2 weeks before a repairman could come out. He then said he had to order a part which would take another week. In the end, it got repaired. But the repairman stated that he wasn't sure if it was the problem, but seemed to have fixed it at the time (oh great).

Well, yesterday it happened again. So this morning I have phoned up the maker again. Again, they insist on a repair. I told them, that I have already had a repairman out and its broke. I know what will happen. They will always repair until warrentee runs out, then....they will tell me it needs replacing at my expence.

Well, the fight continues tonight by calling up the retail store to arrange a replacement as apparently the maker doesn't arrange replacements, only repairs.

I ask you one question, what ever happened to customer service? Surely it should be the customers choice for a repair or replacement, not the company. Why are they always isist on repair over replace? Don't they know that if i ever need another fridge i won't buy one from them ever again because of this experience? While If i had received a replacement that worked, I would consider buying one from them again.

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Hazelmouse 14 379 United Kingdom
28 Jan 2009 2:10PM
David, your mistake is going to the manufacturer. It is ALWAYS the retailers job to sort such problems out. Suggest you contact Consumer Direct ( used to to be Trading Standards/ local CAB )

davidburleson 14 3.0k 3 United Kingdom
28 Jan 2009 2:13PM
Well as you know, you get passed pillar to post. Maybe ill have more luck tonight wit hthe retailer. If I don't get any luck, I just might have a go with Consumer Direct.
conrad 16 10.9k 116
29 Jan 2009 6:29PM
Helen is right, but I do know what you mean. The trend over the past years has been for companies to let customers suffer the consequences of the manufacturers' mistakes and poor quality control. Whatever happened to the idea that he who paid for the goods should have a say in what happens when something goes wrong?!
LisaRose 14 172 4 United States
29 Jan 2009 6:49PM
You are right David. It seems to me the companies that are the most successful, and keep growing are the ones that know how to treat their customers and employees with respect. Part of that is dealing with situations such as yours quickly, and to customers satisfaction.

Good luck.
davidburleson 14 3.0k 3 United Kingdom
30 Jan 2009 9:11AM
Well, over the weekend I will be speaking with Consumer Direct about my rights to see what I can do. Knowledge is Power.

Meanwhile, I will also be having a repair man out next friday.
User_Removed 16 4.3k 2 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2009 2:56PM
Is it in the garage?

I had a problem with a fridge freezer that was in the garage.
I did a google search and this is what I found
The fridge part controls the thermostat so if the room temperature is below 10 degrees C then the compressor won't kick in and everything in the freezer compartment will defrost.

"The fridge part controls the thermostat so if the room temperature is below 10 degrees C then the compressor won't kick in and everything in the freezer compartment will defrost.

Freezers themselves are generally OK to install in a cold environment, but you are asking for trouble with a fridge freezer. It won't be classed as a fault with it neither as they aren't designed to be operational below that temperature."

The fridge freezer worked perfectly once it was in a house (not mine alas as I didn't have room for it)
davidburleson 14 3.0k 3 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2009 3:05PM
nope, in my kitchen.

I called consumer direct and they told me it was unreasonable to expect a replacement after only 1 repair......unreasonable? Whatever happened to Quality Control?

Apparently though you can fight for repairs/replacmenets for up to 6 years with the retailer. Warranty means nothing.

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