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Welcome to my portfolio. I primarily photograph cars and upload photos onto ePHOTOzine to show my progress and get more advice on improving my photography.
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  • Why You Should Stop Using Internet Explorer 6

    I have an odd feeling that some of you might come away after reading this slightly offended by what I'm about to say, but it has to be said. Internet Explorer 6 (aka IE6) is my worst nightmare. Why? Because its probably one of the worst web browse...

    23 Oct 2008 2:07PM | Read


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  • Is Touchscreen the Future?

    I have always been a bit of a futurist I would think. I like the thought that maybe one day we would all be flying around in our little spaceships and what not. Personally, I would have to convert a Delorean to be my little spaceship. It can be p...

    15 Aug 2008 10:54AM | Read


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  • How to get your Blog Ranked in Google

    Yesterday, Pete pointed out to me that although this blog feature has been around for a week now, very few of the blog entries were being indexed by Google. This means Google was not seeing the pages. So I spent some time optimising the blog entry pa...

    19 Jun 2008 11:49AM | Read


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  • Birthday Response

    Well, today is my birthday and I'm a bit surprised about the response I have received because of it. Jas has uploaded a pic of me on my day off as well -

    18 Jun 2008 10:47AM | Read


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  • Creating Ground-breaking Websites

    In today's internet, websites come and go in a blink on the eye. What's hot today, may not be hot tomorrow (Or what's not hot today, may be hot tomorrow). The key to creating a website that sticks around is creating fresh new ideas and always staying...

    13 Jun 2008 11:07AM | Read


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  • A Blogger's Introduction

    Personally, I have never been into blogging. This is usually for various reasons, such as not having the time or not having something to talk about. So what do you talk about when you do have the time? I would assume that most members on ePHOTOzin...

    12 Jun 2008 10:17AM | Read


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