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Thank you so much for posting your coments, at the moment I am trying to get familiar with concepts and techniques so please feel free to instruct me since I love getting advise and I learn very fast so I hope we can learn together!!!

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A quick view of davidsaenzchan's recent activity.

  • Fallen

    Excelent shot!!! Gorgeous
    • 21 Oct 2009 5:05PM
  • Ebb & Flow

    Fantastic cracking shot!!!
    • 16 Oct 2009 7:16PM
  • Godrevy Explosion ...

    Fantastic a cracker!!
    • 16 Oct 2009 6:38PM
  • Llanes - Port

    Thank you guys, havenīt been here for a while but itīs nice being back Wink
    • 16 Oct 2009 6:36PM
  • beehive hut

    Nice understanding of lightning!!
    • 16 Oct 2009 6:28PM
  • Night at VIK Beach

    Great job mate
    • 15 Oct 2009 5:23PM
  • Childhood

    • 1 Jun 2009 7:52PM
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  • No topics found.
  • Excellent portfolio, one of the best and most varied ones Iīve seen lately!!! some really "proffesional like" quality over here!!! I hope to get half as good as you are!!
    • Posted on Wooly's profile
    • 30 Dec 2008 9:09AM
  • Some really good pictures here mate!!! keep up the varied portfolio...excellent work!
  • Buenisimo portafolio!!!! Me ha lo mejorcito!!!
  • Great shots mate...I love the bird series...keep the good work coming!
  • What an amazing portfolio!!! You are an inspiration for me. I don't know how long I'll stay in Australia but I am planning a long road trip and i'd love to take pictures as amazing as yours!!!!!!!!
  • What an amazing portfolio!!!so much variety
    • Posted on wamp's profile
    • 27 Feb 2008 9:53PM
  • I am glad to be the first one commenting on such a great portfolio. You've got an amazing consistency and quality throughout your portfolio!! I love your compostions and the way you present your work...well done!!!
  • I love your portfolio, there are some amazing pictures in there...I really hope you continue in the critique team for many years...what a legend!!!
  • Ey mate!!! Beautiful portfolio!!!!! I really like it!!! Thank you so much for your last vote...I owe you my first reader's choice award!!!!