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A quick view of daviewat's recent activity.

  • Sortie End by Roymac

    That has the feel of not just end of flight , but end of career !
    • 23 Aug 2021 5:10PM
  • Look Up - Ely Cathedral by Roymac

    Love this image Roy , if you stare at it you become convinced it is going to fold in like a paper origami thing Smile
    • 3 Dec 2019 3:36PM
  • Blue Door by Roymac

    Just feel like opening it slightly to peek on the other side Smile
    • 26 May 2018 3:31PM
  • Abandoned. by Roymac

    Love the focusing, sharp low foreground and sharp details on buildings, and of course the black / grey and white is perfect for the scene.
    • 17 Jul 2016 2:07PM
  • Commemoration by kaybee

    Thought provoking indeed.
    • 7 Jul 2016 1:15PM
  • Last time on Harris by petra16

    Popping tones and colours for sure Smile
    • 18 May 2016 11:55AM
  • New Lens by kaybee

    Seems to work ?? Wink he he did you see my post today here ????? DUCKING Wink
    • 17 May 2016 6:52PM
  • Posted on: Are You An ePHOTOzine 2014 Prize Draw Winner?

    Another win Grin 3 years ago it was the top prize of a Pentax DSLR kit and now a years membership to E2 hopefully that will kick start the butt to back out there. Cheers EPZ and well done to other winners
    • 14 Jan 2015 9:23PM
  • Posted on: Nikon Coolpix S9300 Camera Winner Announced

    Love the image Smile curious as to why a relatively cheap, all be it nice to win, compact is given for an image so obviously taken with a higher end DSLR Smile
    • 12 Nov 2012 11:40AM
  • Posted on: Loch Lomond And Trossachs Competition Winner

    Quote:The Trossachs is a National Park taking in miles of hills, woodlands and lochs, Lomond is only one part of it even if it is referred to in the title Smile

    Yes and as such conjours up Loch images to me. And I lived in the park for 10 years. The wining image could be absolutely anywhere and to me would NOT make me think of Loch Lomond or indeed the Trossachs area any more than say a scene in the Lakes !!!! On promotion posters it again would not speak of Lomond nor the Trossachs in particular !!
    • 20 Oct 2012 12:21PM
  • Posted on: Loch Lomond And Trossachs Competition Winner

    I have to confess I would have expected the Loch to at least have a cameo appearance in the winning image !! Although this is a wonderful image it could be anywhere really?
    • 19 Oct 2012 12:14PM
  • Posted on: Pentax K-5 Digital SLR Review

    Well just having found out I have won the K-5 kit on the X-mass draw I look forward immensly to finding out how this camera performs, or I should say how I am able to use it< soon Smile
    • 26 Jan 2012 8:58AM
  • Posted on: Olympus PEN E-PL1 Micro Four Thirds Review

    I have massive bulky hands and previously bought an EP-1 and although i loved the camers, its quality etc i did find it small in my hands and a strange shape to grip confidentatly.

    Then along comes this little number and I have to say I am delighted, so bought one and it feels just right in my hands, larger where needed etc.

    I got the 14-42mm lens with it an d it gives excellent results. Also using an MMF-2 adaptor as the shop gave me one free with the camera, so i can use all 4/3rd lends for Olympus now and i am also going to get an MF2 adaptor so i can use any Olympus OM lens Smile
    • 25 May 2010 12:37PM
  • Posted on: The last Rowardennan meet

    Quote:Quote:the booby prize of the evening was the Pan Pipes version of Daniel O'Donnell tunes kindly donated by some Irish chap who was probably getting rid of his last unwanted Christmas presentit was a serious prize - should have auctioned it

    Nice one Jeanie and cheers Davie

    We could have raised a fortune, highest bidder gets to NOT take it Smile he he

    and Chris Pitlochry in 2009 ????
    • 5 Dec 2008 11:25AM
  • Posted on: The last Rowardennan meet

    Thanks guys Smile

    It has always been a real pleasure to heave you invade ma wee hoos by the water Smile stressful at times !!! noisy at others but always a blast Smile

    Angie it was fun persuading you get here Smile and you even dragged along another mad Mullian I recall Smile and then of course you and Dougie, good on you for taking the wee weegie under your wing and showing there is more to life than Glesga living Smile

    Over all it has been great, boy we got up to some hi jinks, for me though i have to say the impromptue March snow in was the bestest Smile just beaciuse it was never meant to happen and those 2 girls we dragged in from the frozen tundra and kidnapped to the studio set up before even letting them get there boots off Smile

    That and a lot of other memories will live forever, sitting on the bench with stevieb for ages just saying nothing looking at the loch supping a beer and then just getting up and saying, Aye well" Smile grand times.

    Take care and of course I `ll see you all at Pitlochry.

    • 5 Dec 2008 9:57AM
  • Posted on: Mamiya introduce first 22Mp digital camera for $10,000

    They are on pre order in vancouver for canadian $12.325.99 Just under 6k UK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!seemingly, so a mate tells me Smile
    • 9 Jun 2007 11:18PM
  • Posted on: Camera Armor - protection for your camera

    Then the wee dear wifw would be no wiser Smile)))))))))))
    • 20 Nov 2006 6:19PM
  • Posted on: Camera Armor - protection for your camera

    Hey I could get me a 5D and this and pass it off for a cheap camera Smile)))

    happy days
    • 20 Nov 2006 6:18PM
  • Posted on: Daniel Lezano launches Digital SLR Photography magazine

    One to look forward I reckon.

    Dan has proved his worth in the publishing world so really good to see him back in the saddle Smile)

    • 19 Oct 2006 6:02PM
  • Posted on: Jessops buy out 20 new stores in Scotland and Northern Ireland

    Glasgow :-(((( bad news as the only comp was photo factory, now there is the chance of 3 jessops on suchihall street, grim. However as the old photo factory and the big jessops were only a matter of yards apart I guess one will go.

    The other glasgow stores will probably stay but will now give jessops 6 stores in the city :-(((

    • 4 Oct 2006 5:08PM
  • Posted on: 'Greedy' Robbie Williams caught in photo rights-grab backlash

    That may make the ones I have of him a couple of years ago here at Rowardennan worth a few bob >Wink)

    It was when he did glasgow and stayed at the posh hotel over the loch from us but landed his big big big boat at out jetty to use the loo, seems on board one was goosed.

    Got a few of him swigging BEER, teetotal huh !!! on the deck of the boat.
    • 20 Sep 2006 4:16PM
  • Posted on: Phase One Capture One LE now bundled with Sandisk Extreme III CompactFlash cards

    Any Joy Mike ??????????
    • 3 Sep 2006 12:05PM
  • Posted on: Northscape offer 40 pound discount to ePHOTOzine members

    A Scottish one is needed Smile))

    From the images of those who have attented the workshops it seems to have paid off well.

    A clearer understanding of the landscape is a vital part of the photography process and to receive instruction from 2 well quallified guys can only be a boost.
    • 24 Mar 2006 4:40AM
  • Posted on: Disposable single use digital cameras could be reality sooner than you think

    I`ve had a disposable digital camera allready !!!!!

    Gave my c5060 to the wife and she disposed of it in the Sea Smile))

    • 21 Mar 2006 8:38AM
  • Posted on: ePHOTOzine in the news!

    As a ps I for one know my interest in photography would have wained long time ago if it were not for EPZ.
    • 17 Feb 2006 7:42AM
  • Posted on: ePHOTOzine in the news!

    Where is Worksop ???? Smile)) he he

    Seriously very well done 5 years is a lifetime in on-line web sites and heres to the next decade.

    • 17 Feb 2006 7:41AM
  • Posted on: StorVision PSC-100 launched

    • 8 Nov 2005 4:25AM
  • Posted on: Samsung embark on a nationwide imaging roadshow

    Nationwide ????? I think not, as usual we in Scotland miss out again. Any good brickies out there??? A wall needs repairing fast Smile))

    • 4 Nov 2005 1:29PM
  • Posted on: Sigma 800mm f/5.6 APO EX DG/HSM announced

    Hopefully it will come with 2 tri pods for support or a lifetime contract with "Bob The Builder" for crane manovers Smile

    • 6 Jul 2005 10:07AM
  • Posted on: Nikon D70s improves on the D70

    • 20 Apr 2005 2:22AM
  • Posted on: Nikon D50 Digital SLR is announced

    • 20 Apr 2005 2:21AM
  • Posted on: Nikon D70s improves on the D70

    Glad they have not gone the same way as canon and changed everything, those of us with the D70 can still not feel that we must have the new D70S, or maybay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 20 Apr 2005 2:13AM

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  • Posted on mcgoo's profile

    Great seeing you both again the other week, Looking forward to meeting again soon.

    By then Joanna should be acheiving results to match your good self sir Smile))))))))

    Cheers Dave and family.
    • 16 Nov 2006 6:33PM
  • Posted on SuziBlue's profile

    Not only can you take a wonderful photo Suzi but you have a laid back attitude to life that has to be envied, even though you had to strive hard for it.

    • 24 Mar 2006 4:00PM
  • Posted on solkku's profile

    Stunning portfolio and a master with the camera.

    • 24 Mar 2006 3:31PM
  • Posted on croberts's profile

    A first class portfolio Chris and a pleasure to call you a mate Smile))

    • 8 Jan 2006 12:56AM
  • Posted on colin's profile

    Hi Colin it is a joy to see your portfolio improve all the time Smile)))

    Cheers for now

    • 8 Jan 2006 12:26AM
  • Posted on Bexphoto's profile

    A PF that is consistantly improving Smile)
    Cheers the noooooo

    • 24 Mar 2006 2:22PM
  • Posted on ewanrayment's profile

    Hi Ewan a pleasure to see a new style of photography coming from you.

    Hoping you get a chance to pop up here again soon, perhaps the november meet ????

    Cheers and all the best

    • 10 Jan 2006 12:12AM
  • Posted on TeresaH's profile

    Looking forward to your up-loads for 2006 and see where your direction goes Smile))
    Take care and hopefully meet again sometime. November 2006 ???????

    • 5 Jan 2006 12:38AM
  • Posted on andytvcams's profile

    Hi Andy a pleasure and joy to view your images.

    Both yourself and Jas are welcome here anytime with little notice Smile)

    • 10 Jan 2006 12:30PM
  • Posted on jeanie's profile

    Jeannie your portfolio is more like a Scottish storybook these days Smile)). Wonderful must be where your heart lays.

    • 19 Mar 2006 11:44PM
  • Posted on AngieLatham's profile

    Hi Angie must comment on your skills and wonderful perception of life that is portrayed through your images. From your work in PS to create such amazing images to the talent you have in seeing a wonderful landscape. A very enviable skill to possess.

    Take care and do keep pleasuring our eyes and imaginations with your inspiring work.

    All the very best.

    • 10 Jan 2006 3:13PM
  • Posted on Gavin's profile

    Great improvement Gavin keep it up.

    Safe and happy flying.

    • 3 Jan 2006 3:32AM
  • Posted on RoddBC's profile

    Megan my 4 year old will flip when she hears Daddy has spoken to Spencer, her fav as she is a whiz with the paintbrush Smile) any sighnrd photos ??? for Megan Smile)

    All that said your talents extend far beyond prancing about in overalls !!!! oops and a wonderful eye for photography is possesed by your goodself.


    • 15 Jun 2006 11:43PM
  • Posted on GillyB's profile

    A Graville Island Hotel vetran Smile))) wonderful hotel, my fav in the world. We always get a junior suite and have fun watching the 2 huge tellies at once Smile) and the view over the creek is awsome. A friend of ours is a deputy manger there so cheap rates. !!!!

    Love your portfolio.

    • 15 Jan 2006 6:22AM
  • Posted on keithh's profile

    Better stick a praise comment here before the poor server runs out of space.

    Masterfull images but always a pure joy to follow your forum comments so informative and well explained.

    Hopefully see you in 2006 Smile)

    • 22 Jan 2006 7:29AM
  • Posted on DouglasLatham's profile

    Love that header picture mate Smile)

    • 6 Apr 2006 11:42AM
  • Posted on Scottishlandscapes's profile

    Stunning portfolio Dougie.

    You really must venture over to the East shores one day for a blether and a wee cuppa Smile))

    • 6 Jan 2006 2:26AM
  • Posted on digicammad's profile

    What a stunning portfolio header image, now wonder where that is ?????? Smile))) he he

    oh aye its ma wee garden

    see you in Nov Smile)
    • 13 Jan 2006 1:21PM
  • Posted on old timer's profile

    Always a joy to view your images. But a privelage to know you.

    • 26 Dec 2005 12:48AM
  • Posted on KathyW's profile

    Wonderful talent and fully deserved with the write up in AP. Well done.

    • 24 Mar 2006 5:31AM

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