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Activity : Photo Comments


Would like to thank everyone in advance for taking their time to look at my PF and for your votes and comments.

Thank you
Dawn Michelle
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  • Legless in the rain

    Couldn't see me doing this now... but we had them growing up and FYI on a mountain side that was steep is not the best place to try them out LOL Grin Terrific capture
    • 13 Apr 2017 9:57AM
  • colourful clanger

    outstanding shot
    • 12 Apr 2017 1:09PM
  • 1880's fashions.

    terrific shot... always loved the clothing style. both versions are great
    • 12 Apr 2017 1:07PM
  • Tawny owl in flight

    magnificent timing and capture
    • 12 Apr 2017 1:04PM
  • Dunnock

    lovely capture...
    • 12 Apr 2017 1:03PM
  • The Alpher Male

    fantastic shot !
    • 31 Mar 2017 1:48PM
  • Me and My Shadow

    terrific shot
    • 31 Mar 2017 1:47PM
  • Orchids

    • 31 Mar 2017 1:46PM
  • ** TULIP C/U **

    lovely capture
    • 31 Mar 2017 1:46PM
  • Long Eared Owls.

    fantastic capture ~~ I agree the GSD is amazing Smile Smile Smile ...
    • 31 Mar 2017 1:43PM
  • The Clock is Ticking

    I didn't know you took my pic Wink lol Terrific find
    • 29 Mar 2017 3:32PM
  • Harbour view

    lovely capture.. love the pov
    • 24 Feb 2017 1:18AM
  • Red Angel

    Excellent capture/work.. very well done
    • 23 Feb 2017 6:14PM
  • Misty Morning

    I love your idea here, and your woofer looks a delightful one too Smile

    Quote:A couple of small thoughts for next time you do something like this ...

    Once you've done the cut-out of the dog, think about feathering the edges by one or two pixels - that will help the selection blend in more with your background (which is quite soft in itself, due to the mist).

    The other thing is to think objectively about the differences in colour and light (direction, intensity etc) between your base scene and what you're adding into it - here, they don't quite match so the dog stands out much more than she really should. I obviously don't know what software you use, but if you're able to do cut-out selections then you should be well able to alter the colour / vibrancy / saturation of the dog herself to integrate her into the scene more.

    Thank you TanyaH , I appreciate you letting me know how to do this. I understand what you are saying and it is great advice that I will work on learning how to do this. Smile

    • 18 Jan 2017 2:32PM
  • Litter Logged !

    The one on the far left looks like my newest pup Justice.... Your pup is stunning.. they all are
    • 16 Jan 2017 4:48PM
  • And the moon shined on

    Love both shots
    • 16 Jan 2017 4:44PM
  • Library reflections.

    fantastic shot
    • 16 Jan 2017 4:41PM
  • smiler

    outstanding shot... the detail is great
    • 16 Jan 2017 4:40PM
  • Sweet Dreams

    Love this, made me smile looking at him/her smiling during her sweet dreams... Smile
    • 12 Jan 2017 1:15PM
  • ** Christ **

    Thankful for the blood of Jesus who died for all of us.
    • 11 Jan 2017 3:10PM
  • On a Foggy Morning

    Stunning capture... I have 4 GSD's and they are my world..
    • 24 Dec 2016 2:41PM
  • Sleeping man

    Hope you are feeling well soon ...
    • 7 Dec 2016 4:56PM
  • Abandoned

    Quote:Oh dear Dawn..... what a shame to see this wonderful old house falling in to ruin. I imagine it was a very grand place one time.

    It was known as the Clark house. It sits right beside the main road but I am sure in its day it was grand indeed. I would love to own it. I have wanted it for years .. Haven't been by in the couple of years so I am sure more damage has been done. Would love to see the inside.
    • 21 Oct 2016 12:38AM
  • rainy day

    captured it perfect.. love pics after the rain or dew has fallen
    • 20 Oct 2016 1:57PM
  • Brotherly Love?

    outstanding shot
    • 20 Oct 2016 1:54PM
  • Red Sky over Penmarc'h

    beautiful capture
    • 20 Oct 2016 1:53PM
  • Face to Face

    brilliant shot
    • 20 Oct 2016 1:52PM
  • A Slither of Light

    great capture
    • 20 Oct 2016 1:51PM
  • lilac-breasted roller

    • 20 Oct 2016 1:49PM
  • I'm watching you

    stunning !
    • 17 Oct 2016 4:38PM