Greetings from an Englishman abroad, currently living in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Any feedback is much appreciated. Cheers.
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I am currently lucky enough to be living in Portland, in amazingly photogenic Oregon. The scenery i now get to photograph is a little different than the Isle of Wight, where i grew up.. but is just as beautiful.

I work in the film industry on tv commercials, music videos and movies, so every set, every location offers a new photo opportunity.

I learned most of what i know from my dad, who is a great photographer, and i have been now attempting to take this fairly seriously for about 10 years.

Currently I am using:

A Canon 5d mkii, A Canon G9, A Canon S95, My classic Canon AE1, and a couple of funky plastic lomographic cameras - the holga, fisheye and supersampler. And still.... i want more... Smile


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