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Hi, I'm Danny, youre welcome have a look through my pics
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A quick view of DCox's recent activity.

  • Hypholoma fasciculare/sulphur tuft

    nice detail, these aren't the biggest of mushrooms
    • 14 Oct 2020 7:55PM
  • Autumn colours the Tree

    the leaves in the foreground really add depth to the image, nice one
    • 11 Oct 2020 12:23PM
  • It Rained 10 Minutes Later

    i can almost smell the rain, good capture
    • 20 Jun 2020 7:13PM
  • Reflection

    a nice composition and light in the distance
    well taken
    • 20 Jun 2020 7:09PM
  • dragonfly

    good spot, nice image
    • 17 May 2020 3:58PM
  • High Dune

    i like how you captured the movement of the grasses with the long exposure.
    well done
    • 28 Mar 2020 10:16AM
  • Fungi

    sometimes not clearing the leaves etc around the subject does not cause a distraction but compliments the scene as it does in your image.
    • 9 Nov 2019 9:17AM
  • just had a look through your pf, you have some impressive landscape shots in there. keep it up
  • a nice natural history selection with some good photographs.