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A quick view of ddiack's recent activity.

  • Lifesaver

    Thanks for the feedback, it's much appreciated
    • 21 Jul 2010 1:47PM
  • Airborne

    This is awesome, like a mini superman!
    • 15 Jul 2010 2:11PM
  • Flowers

    Put my camera on my mini tripod, set the timer and stuck into the middle of a vase of flowers and pointed up. Added a texture using photoshop to create a bit more interest as it was just a whole lot of my ceiling.

    Thanks for your comments!
    • 21 Jan 2010 9:23AM
  • Brooklyn Bridge

    I've been here and this is quite the daring shot! I would be too scared of dropping my camera!
    • 7 Jan 2010 11:06AM
  • Newhaven boat

    Hi all,

    Thanks for the feedback. I know the boat isn't placed traditionally but that's kinda what I like about it. In an ideal world where there are no other boats, rubbish, dirty seagulls I would have placed the image differently but hey, I make no claims to be an expert and do what I can with what I have.

    Thanks again all, I really appreciate it.

    • 5 Jan 2010 6:47PM

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