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Hi Welcome to my PF I hope you like what you see any questions please PM me and I will be glad to helpSmile

Best regards Charlotte
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A quick view of deavilin's recent activity.

  • dragonfly by ruurd

    The early bird catches the worm or dragon fly in this case and what a catch love it it's perfect Smile

    • 4 Aug 2022 9:27AM
  • White on Geranium by frogs123

    Lovely shot Debs I see the cam is still on top well worth my UA I bet it’s not the last one you get on here 😁😁
    Have a lovely day Charlotte xxx
    • 15 Jun 2022 7:13AM
  • Pink Ballerinas by deavilin

    Thank you all for your interest in my little flowers they are one of my favs in the garden Smile

    Charlotte xxx
    • 14 Jun 2022 7:06AM
  • Something to brighten the day by deavilin

    Ah thanks Debs xxx
    • 23 May 2022 12:20PM
  • Axmouth Harbour by deavilin

    Thanks Debs Smile. thank you all for your votes on my pic Smile

    Charlotte Smile
    • 23 May 2022 10:19AM
  • Little Coot by frogs123

    Lovely colours on this little thing, I agree about seeing new life toooo Smile
    • 20 May 2022 11:01AM
  • Pink Daisy by deavilin

    Thank you for all your votes and comments all re very much welcome Smile

    • 20 May 2022 10:53AM
  • Posted on: Sony Alpha 7 Full Review

    Having changed from Nikon to Sony over a year ago they never seise to amaze me, my A77 & Nex7 are fantastic and this looks even better ! I don't know why the other so called 'top companies' can't do so well, very soon the paying just for the name and not getting the top cam will dawn on some more photographers and they will join the ranks of the enlightened.
    Keep up the good work SONY I am with you all the way Smile

    A very happy bunny Smile
    • 24 Oct 2013 2:26PM

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  • Posted on Mike_Young's profile

    I hope your photographs do not just sit on your hard drive they are outstanding and should be seen, excellent work looking forward to seeing more xxx
    • 17 Feb 2021 10:19PM
  • Posted on youmightlikethis's profile

    Love your work some very inspiring pics here thanks for sharing Smile

    • 9 Sep 2016 5:58PM
  • Posted on Myathebirdwatcher999's profile

    Wow you are so so good for someone so young I hope you keep it up you have the eye, best of luck for the future Smile

    • 11 Aug 2013 8:24PM
  • Posted on pronabk's profile

    What a fantastic PF just love what you do, these portrait could grace any ehibition they are fantastic you have a way of showing the real person if you know what I mean that is not something many photographers can do, you have it Smile

    Regards Charlotte
    • 2 Jul 2011 7:08AM
  • Posted on JouŠo's profile

    You have a wonderful eye for a shot just love your landscapes Smile

    Regards Charlotte
    • 24 Jul 2010 5:49PM
  • Posted on casson's profile

    Hi John

    Thank you so much for your comment on my PF you have an PF equally as good as mine I love your bird shots Smile

    • 27 Mar 2009 5:48PM
  • Posted on tomcat's profile

    Thank you for your kind comment on my PF your's far exceeds mine, your wildlife shots are fantastic I wish I was nearer to the BWC I don't think I would be able to leave, the shots you have from there are lovelySmile
    Hope you have a really happy 2009 and I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful photographySmile

    Best regards Charlotte
    • 31 Dec 2008 11:58AM
  • Posted on blacky's profile

    I Dave thank you for your kind coment on my PF yours is brilliant your birds are really lovely I wish I was this good Smile

    • 9 Dec 2008 7:08AM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    It is great to see you back, your photography has so so improved it is wonderful, you have captured some lovely light in your shotsSmile

    • 31 May 2007 10:18AM
  • Posted on skewey's profile

    You have some cracking bird shot here love themSmile

    • 21 Apr 2007 3:45PM
  • Posted on Herbert_Catania's profile

    Hi Herbert you have the makings of a great PF I look forward to seeing how it developesSmile

    Best regards Charlotte
    • 25 Oct 2006 6:04PM
  • Posted on gordon.m's profile

    Hi Gordon thanks for your comment earlier today on the fountain, it was wonderful perhaps if you go to this link you can get a better idea of the scale of it,

    I have looked at your PF it is amazing I so wish I could do such wonderful landscapesSmile

    • 22 Jan 2006 3:19AM
  • Posted on JohnDyer's profile

    Hi John, Thank you for all your kind comments on my pics. You have some stunning landscapes in you PF I wish I could do them as well as you doSmile

    Best regards Charlotte
    • 26 Aug 2006 5:15PM
  • Posted on AngelaR's profile

    Hi Angela, I have watched your work over the last year and it just gets better and better.
    Thanks for your support and commentsSmile
    Hope you have a great 2006 I shall be popping in from time to timeSmile
    TFS Charlotte
    • 8 Jan 2006 1:13PM
  • Posted on timiano's profile

    Hi Timiano, thank you for taking time to comment on the snake today, yes the file was smaller than I could have made it but, having heard of a friends pics getting stolen from the net I deceided not to put up high sized files I am not renewing my EPZ membership this week for that reasonSmile

    Happy new year to you hope it is a good oneSmile

    • 2 Jan 2006 2:24AM
  • Posted on Rachy1821's profile

    Love your flower they are wonderfulSmile

    • 10 Apr 2007 9:12PM
  • Posted on Maddie's profile

    You have progressed so well with your photography since you first came to this site it has been a pleasure to watchSmile

    • 10 Apr 2007 9:13PM
  • Posted on foggytwo's profile

    Hi Pete your poems are the best and the PS work you do is amazing I just love it please keep it coming love it to bits:::Smile))

    Lv Charlotte XXXX
    • 22 Aug 2006 8:05PM
  • Posted on dalecath's profile

    Wow Dale your shots are fantastic, my sister (nip'n'tuck) and I have spent some time here wowing over your PF you are now on my watch list, I am looking forward to seeing more of your fantastic workSmile
    Best regards Charlotte
    • 25 Jan 2007 4:39PM
  • Posted on pmscr's profile

    Thanks for that Peter, I just wonderedSmile
    Happy New Year to youSmile
    Regards Charlotte

    PS I do like the pics you take and will keep looking as I am sure I can learn from youSmile
    • 1 Jan 2006 11:46AM
  • Posted on KingArthur's profile

    Hi Joe, Thank you so much for all your encourging remarks of late I really do appreciate them.
    You to have a wonderful set of photos in you PF I don't spend a lot of time on EPZ, but, I can assure you I will be spending time looking at what you put on in the future, in fact I am looking forward to seeing what you show usSmile
    Have a wonderful weekend, take careSmile
    Best regards Charlotte
    • 18 Nov 2006 1:00PM
  • Posted on cattyal's profile

    Love your PF you have some stunning images, such clarity keep up the good workSmile
    • 28 Jan 2006 4:52AM

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