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A quick view of Debbiee's recent activity.

  • b

    Excellent portrait really like the colour and mood of it
    • 22 Jan 2012 8:38PM
  • S M I L E!

    he he what a fab expression, fantastic capture and love the treatment you have given this.
    • 24 Nov 2011 9:09PM
  • Lake at night

    This is a stunning shot Willie, and some excellent manipulation, its got a lot of atmosphere and has a nice mood to it.
    • 24 Nov 2011 9:05PM
  • Persian

    Fantastic pet portrait, have been trying to get a good cat image for my neighbour but as soon as it sees me it likes to wrap itself round my feet. I find pet portraiture harder then working with children.
    • 24 Nov 2011 9:00PM
  • The invisible yo-yo

    thank you
    • 21 Nov 2011 1:43PM
  • Just resting

    Wow thank you all so much, I was a bit unsure whether I had got it right with this image but your positive feedback means I must be heading in the right direction. I do struggle with colour balance a bit due to editing on my laptop which never shows the right colours, however I do try to go back and forth from the laptop to the PC to view them, the only problem is I don't have photoshop on the PC so can only view them on there using windows picture viewer once they are converted to jpegs, so I still often get it wrong. I have tried using a technique which Willie provided a link to to get the correct colour balance, this worked excellently with the first image I tried it on but now seems to turn all my images very blue.
    • 26 Sep 2011 9:48AM
  • Daniel's eyes

    Thank you all Smile
    • 20 Sep 2011 4:35PM
  • I just wanted to pop by and say thank you for all your help, you have a great portfolio with some stunning and inspirational work, I really want to comment on some of your images, and may still do so, but I find it hard to say anything other then beautiful capture, great work etc. I feel I should be giving more input to any of the images I view, so I'm going to think about it before I do so and try to say why I like your images other then just the great work comment. As much as its nice to recieve these type of comments I think its better to get thoughtful feedback. Once again thank you so much for the time you've taken in helping me out with my work.
  • Just wanted to say thanks for pointing me in the direction of the local events and you forgot to add your own portfolio as inspirational photographers on here you have some fantasic work on dispaly a really great portfolio
    • Posted on stevenb's profile
    • 23 Feb 2010 11:22AM