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  • Haha unfortunately not beer just silly phone types in what it feels like lol Smile
  • Merry Christmas to you and all on here hops its a good one
  • I don't want to sound negative but am trying to give my honest view here, when I opened up your website and saw the images I wouldn't have looked futher had it not been that you had asked for feedback, the reason for this is the smaller images are quite badly distorted/blurred by the site and on opening I just thought good composition skills but bad technical skills until I opened them larger and realised they are actually really good, but for me its the initial impression (the home page) that makes me look further. On most of your other pages the thumbnails appear sharp but the home and heritage page they don't and this doesn't do your photography justice. Again sorry to sound negative just giving my view Smile
  • Thank you guys, couldn't get my brain into gear when they asked me to do the images. I will be taking up your suggestions and I really appreciate your advice Smile
  • In a bit of a Dilema, I have quite a few friends asking me to do some images for them after seeing some of my pics on facebook, now I don't want to establish myself as a cheap photographer, but I also don't really have the equipment/expertise to put myself out there as an established photographer. They obviously like my images which is why they are asking for them and they are willing to pay, but if I start out with cheap prices now that would become my reputation, but then how can I justify charging top prices for my images?
    Also I was thinking about doing these images to raise the money for better equipment but then for tax purposes I would be classed as earning, or would this be offset as the money earned would be going to fund equipment needed to earn.
    Really in a dilema as I would love to be a professional photographer one day, just don't feel I'm ready, yet friends and people I don't know that well, really want me to take images for them, personally I was hoping to spend a couple more years at least building up my confidence, knowledge and equipment before even thinking about taking the leap, but then should I turn down work? any help guidence would be gratefully appreciated.
  • An excellent book if you do decide to get a DSLR is Michael Langfords Basic Photography, I picked up a second hand copy from a charity shop whilst at college and it turned out to be my bible of photography, its quite easy to follow and has eveything you need to know about photography, camera settings etc.
  • I cannot praise the critique team and a couple of other members who regularly contribute to the gallery enough, as I have already said to them they have helped me so much. I nearly always upload to this gallery and can't thank the team enough for there hard work and dedication in helping others. I don't recieve loads of comments but the ones I do are invaluable, and I always get at least one comment per image. I think if you want to receive lots of comments on this site you have to put the time in to make friends on here which I personally shy away from, as I did this on another site and tended to just get nice image comments from all my friends. I find that one comment from the critique team is worth loads more to me.
  • Thanks everyone, I saved my last upload as sRGB as suggested and it does seemed to have helped a lot so thank you, I also looked at the website chris mentioned and the screen did seem off by a lot but I found a little calibration tool in windows itself and used that to try and correct it and although its not perfect it does also seem to have helped a little. So thanks again Smile
  • I don't know, but I don't think so I thought you needed a docking station to be able to do that?
  • Thanks will give it a go with next upload, but I really think its more of a calibration issue as I never had the problem before. I used to use CS3 on partners PC, if you look in my portfolio images including and before one called laugh out loud where done using PC, but I got a laptop for Christmas with CS5 already installed on it so started using that instead, he's since formatted his computer so its not on there at the moment, and I don't have a disk with CS5 on as it was already on laptop so can't transfer it across. All images posted after laugh out loud until now are done on the laptop and most have colour issues.
  • No in previous uploads I haven't I just saved as jpeg and uploaded but on my laptop images using windows picture viewer look totally different in colour to images viewed on PC using windows picture viewer
  • I have been using RGB
  • Is there anyway to try to calibrate it without having to buy anything?

    Also I haven't been saving for web (which could have been some of the problem) so will do that with future images thanks
  • Thanks I don't have any editing software on the PC but on my laptop they look fine on adobe as well as on the internet so i think its more of a calibration problem, but after I uploaded the latest photo and then going on the PC to view ephotozine, I noticed the colours where really off again so I saved the image from my laptop on a memory stick and viewed it using windows picture viewer on PC and could see just using that, that the colours where way off.
  • Hi does anyone know how to calibrate a laptop screen, I do all of my editing on my laptop, but when I view them on the partners pc or the internet they are always miles differen't, for example I have just posted an image up today which i did from my laptop and first of all it had a really yellow hue to it (same as one I posted a couple of days ago), so I deleted it altered my colour balance and uploaded again but now I think it looks to blue, but on my laptop they always look ok. Any help would be appreciated Smile
  • I used this When my partner formatted the wrong hardrive and it brought everything back, and by everything I mean everything including viruses cookies, etc that had all been previously deleted from the hardrive, but I was so chuffed as it was the only free one that brought all of my raw files back, it did however take all day and we ended up with hundreds of thousands of files to go through in order to find the ones we wanted.
  • Thanks Tomcat didn't know about Hull broadband, don't think we can stretch to 45 a month and 150 installation for it though, so were stuck with KC for the time being. These companies do pop up every now and then but because of KC's line rental they have to charge double sometimes treble the amount other braodband suppliers charge and they generally don't last long. Although there is talk about fibre optic companies coming into Hull who won't need to use KC's lines. Hopefully that'll happen sooner rather then later.
  • your all lucky you get to choose your isp Smile where I live we have kingston communications and no other companies are able to operate in the city because KC charge them to much in line rental and with internet speeds like this its so frustrating. Sad

  • seems like I got missed last time due to posting at exactly the same time as another member Grin so I'll jump in with this one

    love the serene peaceful look of this image
  • feel like I'm hijacking this as my photography is no where near the standards of everyones here, but thought it was an interesting thread i'd like to join in on.


    Love the atmosphere in this one and the movement in the water

    Sorry also can't post other people's pics just get the photo protector when I try to copy/save them

  • another of the swings

  • swings
  • sorry I think I just posted the wrong link, that is to reset ink cartridges or something, but if you do a goole search for waste ink counter reset you may be able to find it not sure now as it was a few years back when I did it and the second time my printer went i just bought a new one cause it really is messy
  • I paid for one of these a few years back and its some software that resets the data on the printer telling it that its empty again you have to take the sponges out and wash them make sure all the ink has gone out of them and replace them in the printer then use the software to reset the printer, it was very messy as the sponges get soaked in ink so make sure you wear gloves if you plan to do it. the software I found out afterwards was freeware and they shouldn't really be selling it anyway, just done a quick google search and found it with instructions here
  • No definitely not got membership only bought a month's worth last time and that was nearly a year ago before my camera got poorly
  • Thanks and I agree e2 membership is quite low for the full year especially compared to what the cost of magazines are these days and I get a lot more out of ephotozine then any magazine, its just that I was able to upload 2 in 2 consecutive days and the option to upload to the critique gallery is still there and at the moment I am a non e2 member.
  • those who know me on this site know I like to upload my images to the critique gallery, I find I get the most out of the site here and really appreciate all the constructive comments I receive (excellent learning curve), now I don't know if its a fault with the site but I didn't want to seem like I was taking advantage, in the past I paid for e2 membership so I could upload regularly to this gallery but them my camera got poorly so I stopped. I have just come back to ephotozine after a while am not an e2 member but seem to be allowed to upload everyday to the critique gallery I did so twice in a row but the last image I have just put in the general gallery as I said I didn't want to seem like I was taking advantage, is this allowed now or is it still one per week for non e2 members? I did look at the terms and conditions and according to this its still one per week, just wondered if its changed and the t&C's haven't been updated. I am looking to get e2 membership again but this month JLS tickets have had to take priority (much to my disgust, daughters birthday and I have to take her).
  • Lol just reading the local news today and came across this one could be kind of scary for the people involved but I couldn't help but laugh Smile

  • My Daughter (unfortunately she spotted me) and her step sister (who had a totally different reaction to the camera)