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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • The Red Pashmina

    Gorgeous portrait those eyes are enchanting, excellent work.
    • 31 Jul 2011 2:53PM
  • Still Waiting

    So a bit more work to be done on it yet Smile, thanks for pointing out these issues. I really appreciate it.
    • 31 Jul 2011 9:20AM
  • Max

    Lovely portrait of max, I remember him from when I first joined this site and had the privilage of being voter no 500
    • 31 Jul 2011 8:19AM
  • ..

    Excellent portrait, stunning work
    • 29 Jul 2011 9:05AM
  • Sophie

    kind of what I thought re composition thanks, It is just unusual for me to catch even a hint of a smile from her where her eyes are open as well, as she tends to squint when smiling.
    • 27 Jul 2011 3:28PM
  • ...

    Excellent portrait very well composed
    • 23 Jul 2011 11:06AM
  • ..

    lovely image
    • 23 Jul 2011 11:05AM
  • By the window light

    Excellent portrait, I like everything about it the clothing, the lighting all just seem to compliment each other and the overall image
    • 20 Jul 2011 9:57AM
  • One more from the workshop

    Excellent portrait, I would maybe clone out the top bit of the Fountain/statue? on the right hand side though as I find it a little distracting other then that fantastic
    • 18 Jul 2011 3:01PM
  • Levitation

    a great shot, and idea
    • 18 Jul 2011 2:54PM
  • Squares & Curves

    I Like this its quite atmospheric, well composed
    • 18 Jul 2011 2:50PM
  • Crummock & Mellbreak

    Stunning image
    • 18 Jul 2011 10:35AM
  • Beckham

    Excellent image well manipulated
    • 17 Jul 2011 9:36PM
  • Blue and Yellow

    The whole image is very delicate looking well seen
    • 17 Jul 2011 9:30PM
  • 2000...

    An image that makes you say wow, absolutely stunning
    • 17 Jul 2011 9:27PM
  • A Bit of Bling

    Fantastic eye catching images V1's my fave
    • 17 Jul 2011 12:02AM
  • After Midnight

    A shot worth being up at that time for
    • 16 Jul 2011 11:36PM
  • Sunset

    Absolutely stunning, I prefer v1 as I like the inclusion the darker clouds, I think it gives the image a bit of drama
    • 16 Jul 2011 10:24PM
  • Reading

    Thanks mick
    • 15 Jul 2011 9:56PM
  • Butterfly Book

    Thanks Ian, the shot itself was really a grab shot as my son was sat reading a story from an empty book, so unforunately I couldn't get him changed into different clothes for it, and I agree with your point about the shoe's, I did think about cropping them out, but when I tried I couldn't get the composition to look right, but I really appreciate your critique it's good to know where it can be improved and other people's view's on my images so thank you
    • 14 Jul 2011 6:40PM
  • Imagination book

    Thank you Guy Grin

    And thanks Willie the mod again is fantastic, I did actually try to do the same thing originally the title of my image was going to be "here are a few of my favourite things" and I was trying to fill the book with pictures of his favourite toys but I couldn't get it right, not sure if its because his toys looked too modern for the image or because the angles I photographed them from didn't fit right with the book, but I really love the mod, so much so that I'm going to have an attempt at recreating something similar for my wall.
    • 12 Jul 2011 1:48PM
  • Waxing Moon

    Wow amazing shot that has so much detail in it, i have tried this but didn't get any really good results.
    • 10 Jul 2011 7:51AM
  • My Beautiful Boy

    Thanks paul
    • 7 Jul 2011 10:22AM
  • There used to be so many

    Thank you everyone
    • 7 Jul 2011 10:15AM
  • Isabella

    lovely shot, you've caught her well
    • 5 Jul 2011 2:44PM
  • Legend

    Fantastic, a very captivating image
    • 4 Jul 2011 10:52PM
  • Iguana

    Excellent capture, very well timed. Love it Smile
    • 4 Jul 2011 10:47PM
  • Grace

    Lovely shot, and I don't think the sandals matter as the attention is all held on her face
    • 4 Jul 2011 10:39PM
  • The Rainbow Gambit.

    Only just seen this one, and love it theres something quite magical about it, very creative and it kind of adds to the image to know that it was taken with skill and patience, Its nice to know that the time spent making this image was on the photography side and not on the photoshop editing, as much as I love photoshop and probably couldn't manage without it now. when I did my first course in photography I did black and white photography using 35mm, medium and large format camera's and dark room processing. The image had to be set up exactly how you wanted it to turn out, you had to think more about the image and composition before taking the shot and I really enjoyed that and miss it to some extent although I do appreciate the ease of digital.
    • 4 Jul 2011 10:03AM
  • ABC

    Thanks again, I wasn't really sure about this one myself, I had the idea what I wanted to do with it and worked on it for ages but I just couldn't get it right, I thought it was the colour of his tshirt that made it look wrong and tried changing it but that just didn't work so I ended up just uploading it to see what feeback I'd get.

    Your Mod is excellent, and I can now see what was wrong with the image Smile, I did desaturate it quite a lot which I probably shouldn't have and the coloured ABC works really well so thank you again
    • 3 Jul 2011 9:03AM