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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • I'm not moving

    Thank you everyone Smile
    • 28 Jun 2011 10:23PM
  • Waiting

    Thank you everyone for the comments and mods, and especially to Willie, who I can't seem to say thank you enough to, as always I really appreciate your help.
    • 28 Jun 2011 10:17PM
  • Urban Daniel take 2

    Thank you Smile
    • 24 Jun 2011 12:24PM
  • Poor Old Feet

    Love this, really creative, I didn't realise it was a doll from the thumbnail Smile
    • 24 Jun 2011 12:22PM
  • Lavender Sprig

    lovely colours and composition
    • 23 Jun 2011 5:10PM
  • Big bear

    Wow love these and what an experience this must have been, he definitely performed well for the camera Smile
    • 23 Jun 2011 2:48PM
  • Daydreamer

    Thanks all Smile

    I was debating with myself about the speck in his eyes whether or not I should leave it in as it is something permanent that he has had since he was born, I think it's a birthmark (although doctors haven't confirmed this they just brushed it off when I mentioned it and said its nothing) that is the reason I left it in as it is part of him, something distinguishable about him.
    • 21 Jun 2011 5:30PM
  • Jagged Edge

    this is a spectacular image, very well taken
    • 21 Jun 2011 8:17AM
  • Concentration

    thank you again, I do agree with the comments about the dragan effect probably not for child portraits, having looked at his site I noticed he has used this on child images but I found them very disturbing and really don't want to view them again. however his photos of older gentlemen are very good and powerful images, so although I didn't like the results of this process on Daniel, the techniques did help me to produce this portrait and I believe the conversion is stronger then other black and white images I have produced. Thank you all again for your time and critique
    • 21 Jun 2011 7:50AM
  • Eye spy

    Thanks everyone Smile
    • 20 Jun 2011 12:09PM
  • Hint of a Smile

    Its really difficult to choose between them, I like them both paige is a fantastic little model I don't always comment but have always viewed your images of paige and feel like I have seen her grow up, your images of her are inspirational and I only hope that with practice I can start to get images like this of my own two, it must be so difficult deciding which one's to display on your walls
    • 14 Jun 2011 10:38AM
  • Broad BodidedChaser ....

    stunning capture!
    • 9 Jun 2011 1:48PM
  • Portwrinkle

    Gorgeous shot very well taken
    • 9 Jun 2011 12:30PM
  • Babra

    Excellent portrait well exposed
    • 8 Jun 2011 3:32PM
  • Below the falls

    Lovely image, well composed
    • 8 Jun 2011 3:24PM
  • Going underground

    Excellent image, with great eye contact.
    • 8 Jun 2011 3:22PM
  • Wrinkle-toes!

    Lol he's been in the water a long time, fun image
    • 8 Jun 2011 3:20PM
  • At the last Minute II

    I think I like v2 but have to say they are both equally very good so its a difficult choice
    • 8 Jun 2011 2:47PM
  • Sophie

    Thank you, have just tried your suggestion and it does make the image stonger, comments like this are why I love this site, I have a BTEC National Diploma in photography and the first year of a degree and a simple compositional rule like this was never mentioned or taught to us, obviously we did learn some things about composition rule of 3rds etc but I learn so much more from people here. Grin
    • 8 Jun 2011 10:03AM
  • All Alone

    Thank you all again for you time and input, I think the exposure being under is my processing, i shoot everything in raw and in processing the image i took the exposure down a bit to what i thought would give it a more dark look, for the feel of the image i wanted. I re-processed it after your comments as i agree it does look too under exposed and have uploaded the new version into my portfolio, again thank you for your comments and critique
    • 6 Jun 2011 11:44AM
  • Washed out

    Hi this is a nice setting and a good pose for a portrait, I think that since she is looking to the right I would have placed her further to the left of the image to give her extra space to look into and also you have taken the image in quite harsh sunlight so her hands are almost completely burned out moving the subject out of direct sun or waiting until a later time in the day would have provided a more evenly lit portrait.

    Just another thing, thats really helped me on this site, I nearly always post my images to the critique gallery the guys there who give critique are absolutely fantastic they've helped me come on leaps and bounds pointing out where I've gone wrong and where I can improve whether its with settings, pose background etc, you will get more valuable advice there.

    hope this helps
    • 4 Jun 2011 9:05AM
  • Even more water

    Thank you, Phil and Chinga

    And Thank you Paul and Pamela, I really do appreciate all the comments, time and honesty that you have both given me, your critique is invaluable, so again thank you so much.
    • 3 Jun 2011 8:44AM
  • Scarlet Solitude

    This is a stunning shot and I agree with the need for the flower stem because of the angle it was taken from and the dof.
    • 27 May 2011 8:55AM
  • Hebridean Light

    Stunning capture, very well composed
    • 26 May 2011 10:19AM
  • Crystal Radio?

    brilliant, very authentic looking, you've done a fantastic job on the pose, composition and editing
    • 26 May 2011 10:13AM
  • Peaches & Cream

    Fantastic shot definitely has the wow factor to it, very well composed, and so atmospheric
    • 26 May 2011 10:08AM

    I agree with Jimmy about him having a sinister edge to his expression and being very thought provoking, by the look on his face I imagine he has created a very evil crime and you want to know more behind his story. So a very well executed image that tells a story but also leaves some mystery that can be filled in by the viewers imagination.
    • 26 May 2011 10:06AM
  • Dandelion

    Very creative and well lit shot, you see so many shots of dandelions that they don't seem to leap out of the page when browsing through the thumbs, but this one did so well done, you've created something different
    • 26 May 2011 9:52AM
  • Artistic Damselfly

    Wow fantastic capture, perfect dof. A really stunning capture well done
    • 26 May 2011 9:49AM
  • Set in stone

    Hi Pamela thank you so much for your input I really appreciate it, the only real connection between the face on the rock is that it is also my daughter but photographically I have to agree (looking at it again after your input) it is dominating and doesn't really fit in with the image. and my daughters stance is a little awkward looking. I think this is because the original image was my daughter and the rocks she is holding herself up with her back and feet in the middle of them so probably not the best place to get a natural looking pose. Again thank you so much for your time and critique and I will keep trying, have just had a quick glance at Paree's portfolio and there are some wonderful images in there, will definitely have to go back and have a proper look later when I have more time.
    • 5 May 2011 2:58PM