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  • Amongst the flowers

    Thank you, what I meant be nearly first attempt is that I've changed backgrounds before but never attempted anything like this, merging four images together. I really appreciate you taking the time to give very valuable critique so thanks again
    • 4 May 2011 9:54AM
  • Lough Eske

    breathtaking image, beautifully composed
    • 1 May 2011 12:08PM
  • you win some, you lose some

    Good composition and dof, this is a really good image works well in mono and I have to say it I hate that game
    • 1 May 2011 8:10AM
  • First Go!!

    Aww such a sweetie, love the expressions on his face, very well captured with a good dof
    • 30 Apr 2011 7:55PM
  • Gone

    This is a really lovely image, love the work you have done to this. fantastic
    • 30 Apr 2011 7:22PM
  • Colonial Days

    I quite like this image the colours composition all work well, however I find the blurred section to the left a little distracting, I would crop it in slightly so you don't see this section.
    • 30 Apr 2011 8:33AM
  • Sophie

    Thank you, I set the white balance to Sunny, which gave the original image a very magenta tone I did shoot in raw and altered my white balance there but obviously went a bit too far with the cyan cast, I need to try to train my eye to the cast as that is something I often get wrong. Again thank you both for you comments and help
    • 29 Apr 2011 9:09AM
  • Eliza Reflection

    excellent composition I've had a go at a couple of mods for you in the first I cloned out the top right hand corner rather then cropped it, and in the second I did a black and white conversion and boosted the contrast using curves in CS3.

    • 21 Jul 2010 10:54AM
  • Try Again!

    Just a suggestion but I think this would look better as a night shot if you have the opportunity with darker sky, I have uploaded a quick mod where I have darkened the sky, but ideally it would be best taken at such a time as the post processing isn't brilliant, I've also cropped the image so you just see the V shape of the building.

    • 20 Jul 2010 2:52PM
  • Blurgh

    thanks Ade

    Quote: not too keen on the eyes being so bright - looks like some alien children from a 1970's horror film when they get too bright. You're on the borderline here, they're not that scary

    lol you haven't seen them when she doesn't get her own way (very, very scary). I think this is a result of my editing work, I used 2 layers to create the final image I put up here. In the first layer I sharpened the image and in the second I blurred the image a little and erased the eyes and mouth in blurred layer. I think the sharpening has made them extra bright will have to go back and tone them down a little and try your suggestions of different crops.

    • 7 Jul 2010 1:03PM
  • Sophie's own pose

    he he I love it thank you both.
    • 7 Jul 2010 9:45AM
  • A beautiful start

    I like this image the light coming through is fantastic and very well caught however I feel the image is a bit flat looking and lacking in contrast. I have done a couple of mods for you in the first I just increased contrast by using curves (photoshop CS3) then used the burn tool on foreground to darken it and the dodge tool on the top of the trees to bring the detail back into them. In the second mod I had a bit of fun with your image and added selective colour to it, I started off with my first mod then created a new layer set to soft light chose the paint brush tool and just coloured in the rays and the area's where the rays fell with the obvious colours. I also used a red on the car to obtain a focal point within the image, then I reduced the opacity of the new layer to 37%.

    • 6 Jul 2010 10:27AM
  • Static pose

    Thank you so much Willie, that was exactly what i was trying to achieve in this image but wasn't succeeding, and thanks for the photoshop technique you have just explained, its a new one to me and will definitely come in useful for future work. Photoshop does so much and with the help of this site and you I'm learning new techniques all the time.

    Thanks Catherine and Paul, your honest comments and views always mean a lot.

    Thanks Claire and Alan.
    • 6 Jul 2010 9:32AM
  • that bridge

    This is a really good image with great composition, for me the tonal range is a bit flat looking, so I have uploaded a mod where I first increased the contrast using curves, I then desaturated using hue and saturation after I had done this you could no longer see the river as the increase in contrast had blackened it out so I used the dodge tool to bring that back in with extra dodging in the reflection area to emphasise it.

    • 5 Jul 2010 8:16PM
  • Sofia

    Aww such a sweet image I had a go at a mod for you on this, what I did was using photoshop CS3 I created a new layer which I set to soft light, I then chose the paintbrush tool set the opacity to 30% and painted over Sofia's face in white which lightens it up, I then chose the black paintbrush opacity set the same and painted over the background to darken it slightly. I then selected flatten image and using curves increased the contrast as much as I could without loosing detail on Sofia's face. Hope this helps

    • 5 Jul 2010 5:15PM
  • Vegetable Seller

    This is an excellent image with a great range of colours I agree with the above comments about it being too contrasty but with Catherines mod it looks fantastic, and very well composed

    • 2 Jul 2010 9:13PM
  • Village

    these do look lke nice little village shops unfortunately having the tree right in the centre of them doesn't help the composition and the image looks titled slightly, I have done a quick mod for you in which I attempted to straighten up the image, added colour to the sky (just selected it and painted over the top) and cropped to put the tree on the thirds line. hope this helps

    • 2 Jul 2010 8:17PM
  • Glory

    A lovely sunset shot and nothing I can critique, although I have done a mod its just for a different perspective. I cropped the image down to concentrate more on sky and sun area and added some colour using colour balance to give it a more golden tone.

    • 2 Jul 2010 2:49PM

    I like these and the bright colours work well for these images, in version 1 I think the colours are great version 2 and 3 I think they lack in contrast slightly so I've uploaded a couple of mods in which all I did was alter the contrast using a curves adjustment I think this makes them stand out a little bit better, and you can see the man on top of first boat better.

    • 2 Jul 2010 1:25PM
  • Rolling stone

    This is a great action shot, but I dont think the contrast is quite there , I've uploaded a mod for you where I have selected the background and increased the saturation slightly, then inverted the selcetion and increased the contrast of the man by giving it a little curves adjustment. I also cropped the image to make the man and jet ski more prominent in the image although I'm not sure whether the crop works or not.

    • 2 Jul 2010 1:13PM
  • Puma @ WHF

    I like this image a lot, but as you've already mentioned the contrast isn't what you had wanted, I've uploaded a mod in which I selected the cat and added a bit of colour by creating a new layer, using soft light with opacity at 50% and painted over it ( I've probably not got the best colour for the puma as it was just a quick mod), I then flattened the image and used a curves adiustment to get a good balance.

    • 2 Jul 2010 11:43AM
  • Bus

    Thanks Jayhawk, I felt something wasn't quite right in this image, I was pleased with the depth of field I'd achieved but not with the overall image, I went for this angle to create a diaonal in the frame but this is one example where that just hasn't worked lol
    • 30 Jun 2010 12:53PM
  • Bee-autiful

    While i'm on a mission in the critique gallery I have uploaded a mod for you in which I sharpened the bee and flower, cropped and added contrast to bring out the subject more from the background.

    • 30 Jun 2010 12:29PM
  • Island Fling

    I like this image, but as already said the rocks in the background stop your daughter standing out of the image, I have had a go at a mod using photoshop cs3 in which I cloned out most of the rocks from the sea and created a new layer using soft light at 50% opacity and carefully added a slight bit of colour to the sea.

    • 30 Jun 2010 11:11AM
  • A Giant Watching Over Us

    I like this image a lot, the composition is excellent but I would like to see the bottom of the chair, I've had a go at a mod but it totally gives the image a new look brighter and maybe not what you was aiming for. I used the dodge tool to bring the bottom of the chair back into the image and the curves tool a little to brighten the image up, although Iooking at it now I think I prefer the colour in your original shot as it has lots of atmosphere to it.
    • 29 Jun 2010 12:58PM
  • Siloswing

    Thanks you Anne, I agree with your points and will change the image accordingly
    • 29 Jun 2010 11:25AM
  • Gone Fishing

    I had a go at doing a mod on this image for you, I've replaced the sky as already said it is lacking in contrast, I did this by pasting some sky from an image over the top of this image, created a copy of the background layer which I positioned above my sky layer and erased the section of sky you had, I then altered the contrast of the image using curves, and used the burn tool on the foreground to make it slightly darker and give the image more contrast. I then finally cropped the image to get rid of the space behind the heron and put the heron on the the heron on the thirds line.

    • 29 Jun 2010 11:07AM
  • Bag It

    I thought the subject to the right was curtains? I like the idea of this image, and think the composition is really good, but I feel it would work better as a more high key image I have added a mod in which I brightened up the image extended the white thing, (so if its not curtains it now looks like curtains in my mod) and took away the shadow. I extended the white object by copying and pasting the visible area and moved it down the page to where I wanted it to end and simply cloned the rest of it in above using a selection again of the visible bit, I then cloned out any shadow left on the wall and brightened the image using curves. hope this helps
    • 28 Jun 2010 6:47PM
  • Summer Leap

    Thank you again, I have reworked on this image in a couple of ways following the suggestions of both Willie and Pamela, but have also changed them a bit. Unfortuately I can't get an image like this including my daughters hands and feet as there is only a really small gap in the netting of the trampoline which not matter how hard we try always covers her hands and feet and I definately dont have the skills to be able to remove the netting.
    • 10 Jun 2010 1:58PM
  • Changing backgrounds

    Thank you, I left the background colour as grey as there is a slight reflection in the bottom of the trampoline which I thought may add to it being more realistic looking but your both probably right it isn't the most flattering background colour.
    • 10 Jun 2010 1:31PM