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  • I would say it's most important to get on with them - they can make or break your big day. Make sure the person you book has a) taken the photos you are looking at and b) is the person who will turn up on the day. Have a look here - for people in your area.
    Finally, don't forget that you need to be inspired when you see their portfolio - I aim to make my brides laugh and cry when they see their photos Wink)
  • Hi Trudy,

    I'm at a wedding in York in June. My Bride sent me the following:

    "I just thought Id let you know that I have permission from the Dean and Chapter of York Minster to have photos taken in Deans Park (the gardens surrounding the Minster) if we wish."

    I'm not sure just where the Registry Office is in regard to Dean's Park, but if it's nearby, it may be worth contacting The Dean?

    Also - I bet wedding photos in The Shambles would be awesome!

    I can let you know more after June if you like!!

  • Just off to bed now, ready for an early start tomorrow!! See you there!!
  • Look here .

  • I'll be there on Monday!! Gareth's not coming though so I might be trawling the stands spending money!!
  • Throwing my dummy in the Rayburn fire in the kitchen on my 2nd birthday. Mum and Grandma telling me 'Come on, you're a big girl now' Oh, those last few sucks Wink)
  • Thanks to all of you for taking the time to read the lengthy tome and add your thoughts. It does all help.

    We are novices when it comes to DIY and there was no mention of angle-grinding causing dust...we'd no idea. If we'd been warned, we'd have happily moved all the stuff into a safe placeSmile)
  • We've had some people in for a complete refit of our bathroom. It's been a
    botched job from start to finish, and I'm trying to evaluate my options.

    One of those options is to sack then outright, so I need to check my legal
    standing with regard to payment.

    Half the tiles are damaged from three botched attempts to lay them, and
    because they used the wrong tool to cut them. They used an angle grinder,
    which means that the garage (where I store a lot of my equipment) has a
    thick layer of tile dust. So far, I've had a projector filter clogged to the
    extent that it needs a replacement lamp, and a laminator fail, but I expect
    to be feeling the effects of this dust in other equipment for some time to
    come (my laser printer is making an odd noise, but still prints OK).

    The bathroom suite is damaged because they installed it and then had to
    re-lay the tiles twice. They've also had the damaged tiles soaking in a bath full of cold water which I've learned isn't good for tiles.

    The quality of workmanship with the tiling is amateur - I'm not suggesting I
    could do it better, but I would have been able to do the same sort of job
    myself. The whole point of getting them in was because we wanted

    We've had to have the drain cleared because they flushed building debris
    down the toilet (it didn't occur to them to put the toilet seat down -
    typical men, eh?). There's a point of argument there because the drain had a
    tree root in it which they say is the cause of the blockage, but when Dyno
    Rod went in, it was building debris stacked up against the root.

    We've had a leak through a downstairs ceiling which they dispute is their
    fault - saying it's a coincidence that an old lead pipe failed while they
    were working on the plumbing.

    We've had another leak through a downstairs ceiling which they disputed was
    their fault, until we pointed out it was from a pipe they had installed.
    This has discoloured freshly painted kitchen ceiling, and damaged the
    cornice and ceiling plaster.

    We've had a radiator leak black fluid onto the carpet. It's a naff old
    thing, and needs replacing at some point, but the leak means we need to do
    it now, not at our leisure.

    There's been a whole load of other stuff too - like having the front garden
    full of dead bathroom - but that doesn't really affect the money side of
    things. There are some unquantifiables too, such as the potential business
    lost from not having a suitable bathroom when clients need to use it.

    They've been given several opportunities to rectify the work, but each time
    they try, it gets worse, not better. They are at the point where they are
    wanting to pencil in ragged edges on tiles, because it would cost them a
    grand to pull the tiles down and start again, replacing the ragged tiles
    with new.

    Our own outlay so far has been for the tiles (about a grand) and 150 quid -
    twice - to repair a plasterboard wall that's been damaged from tile removal.
    We were lucky in that the insurance covered the drain clearing.

    Their outlay has been for the bathroom suite and wages, plus "consumables".
    I'd estimate their material costs at 600 to 800 quid, because I think they
    quoted the bathroom at cost rather than adding their own markup.

    These people aren't cowboy traders - they appeared to come in with every
    intention of doing a good job, and they have assured us that they want us to
    be 100% happy. It seems that a couple of rushed aspects of the job, and one
    preoccupied employee and one incompetent one (both since sacked) have turned
    this into a nightmare for all concerned.

    There has been some good-quality work (from one of their lads in particular)
    so I don't think I'll get away with calling it quits. Having said that, he
    did a bit of angle grinding of tiles in the garage himself, _after_ it was
    made clear to them that the tile dust is going to screw up the equipment in

    My anticipated costs are 800 quid for the projector service and lamp (it
    would be far cheaper to replace it with a new one), the laser printer cost
    550 when new (again, they are much cheaper now - but then I'd have a stock
    of useless toner), the laminator is about 30. There is dust in two
    monitors, but until I get the space to test them, I can't quantify any more

    What do I have to pay him, and can I deduct for damage to tiles, bathroom
    suite, decor and equipment etc? Their quote was two thousand, not including
    tiles, but including a floor which we've not allowed them to lay, yet. He's
    paid for the flooring - not sure how much that cost him.

    Thanks for getting this far, and even more thanks if you can help...
  • Got the email and suspected it so I asked The Guardian what they thought. Here's their reply:

    Thank you for your email.

    This is a spam message. All our email addresses, including our website, end We have received several complaints
    about this, but can assure you that it is nothing to do with Guardian
    Newspapers Limited.

    Thank you for your interest in the Guardian range of websites.


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    Guardian Unlimited
    119 Farringdon Road
    London EC1R 3ER
  • Marketing, marketing, marketing!

    I did a marketing course last year and although my work is still the same as ever my bookings are going through the roof. I am not of the best bits of advice I got was from Bambi Cantrell - "Don't charge what YOU could afford to pay - charge what you are worth"

    I have albums in local bridal shops and with wedding co-ordinators and hotels. My local friendly videographer (yes, there are some Wink)has my gift vouchers for portrait sittings which he gives as a thankyou when people book him. I submit my weddings to the bridal magazines and know all the editors names now!

    Keep going if it's a job you love. Consider joining the SWPP I have had a wealth of information from them.

    Good luck,


  • Quote:Would you prefer the pro from the local paper (who are both known and answerable for their actions) taking pictures of your children or some person in the audience that you don't know?

    I would have preferred it that having been banned from taking photos of my own child that the local press were not then allowed to publish "And here are the lovely children from S********e School in their Nativity"

    As I said, the school have seen me on a daily basis since 1992. As an aside, I actually have the highest level CRB clearance as a school nurse in sole care of profoundly disabled children. The head actually said I could go and photograph the play as I had objected, but I didn't feel it was fair for me to be the only parent in the school with photos of the play, so declined.
  • I nearly fell out with my six year old's school when they imposed a ban on taking photos at the nativity this year. I argued with the head teacher that I'd had children at the school since 1992 and taken their photos every nativity since, but although he sympathised he was adamant that the ban was enforced.

    The jaw dropping moment came the following Friday when I opened the local paper to see 'Nativity Play Round-Up' and there were all the infants and juniors in our school along with photos of all the other schools in the area. Beyond belief really.
  • Not a joke, exactly.
    I was in a cafe once and a Liverpool lad with a strong accent came in for bacon butties. The girl behind the counter waved the bottle of brown sauce at him and said "HP"?
    "No thanks love, I'll pay for it all now"

    Happy engagement Wink)
  • Fully agree with Richard. You've to remember to send in the form every month too, otherwise you end up with the Editor's choice which you may not want.
    I did this just b4 Christmas...the book had pages 17-32 missing!!
    They sent a courier to collect it tho and a credit for a free book!!
  • As mentioned before, have a look at the SWPP website - there are links to members websites so you can check them out and then make your own decisions. Personally I think it's really important to get on with your photographer...they can make or break your day. Also, make sure that the person you're talking to will be taking the photos and isn't just a good salesman! Good Luck - Debbie.
  • ROFL...
  • For 20, you get to bury your head in Gareth's chest Smile)
  • I've just been to the SWPP convention over the weekend and met some fine photographers from all over, South Wales included. I will email you with a couple of names, but check out the SWPP site anyway. Good Luck in your search and also with your wedding! Regards, Debbie.
  • 1.50 extra though if you want to do that....
  • I'd like to be the first to congratulate Mike French for winning UK Nature/Environment Photographer of the Year at the SWPP convention tonight!!

    It's been a great convention and the competition was tough, but his tree frog stood out! (At least, I think it's a tree frog - not too clued up on anything other than cats and dogs Wink)

    Anyway, back to the party for me!

    Congrats again to Mike!
  • Slightly off topic, but a very sore point for me. Its my 6 year old's Nativity today and he's Caspar one of the Kings.

    I've had children at the school since 1993 and have taken photos of them at every Nativity since then.

    This year the Head who is a great man has sadly announced 'No Photos'. Apparantly f just one parent objected to having a photographer there - professional or parent then the school and the photographer could be in trouble, so just double check!

    Most parents of course are just sad they can't record this important event in their child's life.
  • Near to you Pav - Great Harwood.
  • I love the work of Michael Campbell, chrish4, and allsus. I love childrens portraiture and prefer to get them as natural as poss!! Plenty of kiddies in my pf - all with parental permission Smile
  • LOL!! I remember being given a framed photo of my Mum and Dad-in-Law for my 30th birthday, by the said pair.

    They told me that as it was a special birthday I deserved something special.....
  • LOL @ Ceri!!

    I'd love to go, but have a wedding that day!
  • Hope you've not spent up Wink)
  • Mine are the lovely Mavis, Tull, Effexor Vinny, Maddie, Jeanie, KBan, Headskiesfly no particular order and all very good in their own special way.
  • There's a thread here with details of the song and singer
    HTH Debbie.
  • Olny wehn Iv'e dha a gslass fo Chetauenife du Papppe ro esevin Wink)