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  • L1 by michaelbowes

    Wow! Skin looks soft, beautiful detail, Hot model, doesn't get much better!
    • 20 Feb 2007 8:30PM
  • Wishful Thinking by Teat

    Like the border and mood captured here. Also the lighting is great on the face, just enough!
    • 20 Feb 2007 8:15PM
  • Misty Fields by PaulY

    Beautiful Scene! I havn't been on a hot air balloon (yet) but I have been skydiving and the perspective is a very different angle. I don't know if i could hold my camera steady enough falling through the sky, but a hot air balloon ride sounds perfect for some dramatic angles Smile Cheers!
    • 19 Feb 2007 6:29PM
  • The Art of Winemaking by PaulY

    Very cool use of shadows, good capture and eye for the shot! Love It!
    • 19 Feb 2007 6:26PM
  • The Loch ! by DouglasLatham

    Love the fence line dissapearing into the water, almost seems like someone is going to walk up out of the water. Great!
    • 18 Feb 2007 10:44PM
  • White Waters by VOBEROI

    Beautiful location!! I would have liked a vertical shot to see where the water ends up further down the fall, but very beautiful without a doubt!
    • 12 Feb 2007 4:49PM
  • The eye by munk

    Great shot and observation!
    • 12 Feb 2007 1:36AM
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  • Posted on ITPSnapper's profile

    I just wanted to say thank's for taking the time to comment on my photo... Keep shooting I love your work!
    • 13 Jan 2007 8:17PM
  • Posted on culturedcanvas's profile

    I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to comment on my photo and your comments will not go ignored... Thank's again!
    • 12 Jan 2007 4:24PM

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