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I'm always keen to have comments from anyone passing through so please feel free to leave one, and if you like any of my photos enough to give it a vote, I'll be particularly happy, thank you!
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A quick view of deemac's recent activity.

  • Smoke On

    That's certainly making the best use of available conditions! Don't you just love it when unpromising weather actually ends up giving you something memorable, and quite different from the norm? Cracking shot!
    • 26 Jan 2015 6:31PM
  • Cortinarius Mushrooms

    Beautifully handled lighting which works really well against the dark background. I have no idea what these are but I do know I'd rather photograph them than eat them!

    • 24 Oct 2014 10:45PM
  • Planet Rainbow

    Thanks for the comments, and I'm particularly pleased that I inspired Pamela to try it for herself - with cracking results I have to say! Looks like we've got Saturn and Jupiter cracked between us with banehawi's help! Wink

    After I tried it I thought exactly as a couple of you did - better without the land at the bottom edge. I'd hoped (before I tried it) that it might come out like a polar region but nope, it didn't. Lesson learnt!

    Pamela, you've come close to the technique which I'm sure is much the same in any photo manipulation program. First you need crop to a square and then increase the canvas size by about 50%, making the new surroundiing area black. Then you apply the spherize tool / filter at least twice. The first application makes it a sort of rounded square but the second should get you close to a circle. From there you could apply spherize again or use a circular marquee/selection tool and turn everything outside the selection black. (Or, in Photoshop, inverse the selection and use the paint bucket to fill the selected area with black.)

    To create more of a 3D effect - so making it look spherical rather than just circular - I used a levels Adjustment layer to darken the image considerably (drag the middle levels pointer to the right) and then simply dragged the gradient tool across the layer mask so the mask went from white to black. You might need to try this a few times till you get it looking as you want. That makes the image fade from lighter on e side to darker on the other, as if in shade. You can do this at the end or just before the spherize step if you want more of a crescent effect.

    I'll upload another "mod" which is a rock from Talisker Bay with this treatment - the first time I tried it!

    Okay, if this wind and rain keeps up I can see moving up from making planets to making solar systems! Thank you all for your input and I hope it provided a bit of light relief Grin

    • 24 Oct 2014 10:28PM
  • Jetty Ruins

    What a great choice for your first use of the 10 stopper. I like your choice of low angle and symmetry in the composition, and of course the monochrome treatment and long exposure wipe out a lot of what would otherwise be distracting detail. Lovely.
    • 24 Oct 2014 2:26PM
  • Sunrise in Penzance

    Unusual to see the sun's rays going upwards - you must have been out early! You did absolutely the right thing to expose for the sky and allow the land to be silhouetted. The sky is where the real interest and mood lies.
    • 24 Oct 2014 2:21PM
  • Bamburgh Dawn

    Lovely colours. I've seen many photos from that location, each one different, and never one giving any idea of there being other photographers fighting over spots to place their tripods - it always looks deserted!!!
    • 24 Oct 2014 2:13PM
  • Sligachan light

    Be happy you're not here this week! I think the aftermath of Hurricane Gonzalo is still sending rain squalls and gusts in our direction! You caught some interesting patches of morning light. You've caught our autumnal weather beautifully.

    • 23 Oct 2014 7:12PM
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