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Hey, my name is Donny, I live in Glasgow and my biggest interest is taking pictures of dogs. Any dog will do, but my own little loyal furry pal (a miniature schnauzer named Archie) tends to get the most attention.
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ok so i kind of floated in and out of my photography hobby for a good few years now. i just had so much going on in my life it was hard to find the time. 18 months ago after constantly hounding my wife she finally gave in and we got a family dog. that little ball of fluff has totally ignited my love for photography and what a cracking little subject he is.
Living in Scotland we get lots of rain, which is a bummer. On dry days I'll usually be out with Archie and my camera. Archie doesn't complain as he gets to go on long walks to different places and I don't complain as I get to practice. They do say don't work with kids or animals. I guess I enjoy the challenge. And knowing when you got that keeper just feels ace.
The thing about dog owners is most talk to each other and lately I've been asked by a few to take pics of their pooches. I have done a couple but I think my own confidence holds me back. I've checked out some of "Techniques" posts on this site and I already feel they have helped.
When I do create a portfolio on this site rest assured it won't be very diverse. Pretty much gonna be full of dogs Smile woof woof!!


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