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Welcome I hope you enjoy my efforts to capture the world around us.

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Thank you for visiting my portfolio - I have been interested in photography ever since I first picked up a Kodak Box Brownie in the early 60's - this was followed by my venture into 35mm film with a Russian Fed4 - then the exciting Super 8 movie with a Minolta Movie camera - then came the first "instant" photography with the Polaroid system - however the introduction of Digital Photography was a major breakthrough for me as now I was able to experiment, taking as many photographs as i liked without pushing up the production costs of the finished product.

My main interest has always been the natural world, I have been fascinated by the world around us ever since I was very young, not just all the pretty things but the unusual as well and this is very evident from the following Portfolio.

The equipment used in practically all the photographs shown was just basic point and shoot cameras mainly from the Panasonic range which I love.

If anyone who visits this site gets even a small proportion of the pleasure I received in taking and producing the finished image then this Portfolio was worth the effort,


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