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A quick view of Dennis_Bromage's recent activity.

  • Gordale Entrance ...

    Love this Paul. It would sell really well as a print. I might even have to get the bus up there myself at some point Wink
    • 4 Apr 2012 2:03PM
  • Malham

    I made it up the road from Malham the following afternoon in my little 4x4 but it was more than a bit dodgy! Then I got parked, looked west and there was a wall of black heading my way so I bottled it and limped back down to Malham. Good job I did too as it was wet snow on and off all afternoon after that. Walked over from the top of the cove on Sat but then it was very bright light and hazy blue skies so still no pictures :-(

    Shame to see that big bow hanging of the old tree too. It makes you wonder how much longer the whole thing will be standing...
    • 2 Feb 2012 10:27AM
  • Boardwalk Empire ...

    Hi Paul. Haven't been on here for a long time but couldn't resist a quick peak tonight Smile

    I don't know if you know but the west pier is back open. They've built a temporary scaffold bridge which sits on top of the original structure. It's not ideal but it's open and that's the main thing, especially for people like me that take clients down there on a fairly regular basis...
    • 16 Jan 2012 7:47PM
  • Cul Mor

    My kind of shot Paul. Simply stunning Grin
    • 9 Jun 2011 7:43PM
  • Frosty Bluebells II

    Thanks guys. Jerry, don't think I'll be renewing my membership this time. I've enjoyed my time on epz and learned a lot in the early days but as I've evolved and matured as a photographer my style has moved away from the bold colourful sunrises and sunsets that are the main stay of sites like this and with which many photographers are obsessed. It's always nice get a pat on the back or some recognition from other togs but my focus now is making images that the public like rather than making them for other photographer and the images that look good hanging on a wall aren't the ones that do well as thumbnails on sites like this. I'll still be popping in to have look at what people are up to but I don't expect to be posting much, if at all in the future Smile

    Geoff / Ron I love the clear blue sky in this one. The fore & mid grounds are so busy that I think you need a simple sky to offset the scene. It also makes it feel like a beautiful still, sunny spring morning which it exactly what it was Smile

    Thanks to everybody for the support over the years...
    • 3 Jun 2011 10:07AM
  • Bluebells and Roseberry Topping

    Great composition Phil, that arc of cloud balances the sky perfectly Smile

    This is a remarkably difficult location to shoot well and you've done a great job
    • 17 May 2011 9:19AM
  • Twilight

    It's ridiculous that this only has 8 votes. It's very similar to an image of mine and that has 58, for me this deserves just as many Sad
    • 13 Apr 2011 10:31AM
  • Stunning images Ian. Your works seems to have taken a stratospheric leap forward this summer Smile
  • The images from your recent travels are absolutely stunning. I don't have time to go through and comment and vote on each one of them so please accept this as a collective vote for the entire set Smile
  • Your work deserves a lot more attention than it is currently getting on this site especially your images of Iceland which are quite special.

    Added to my favourites so I can keep an eye on your inspirational and very varied work

    • Posted on tumienis's profile
    • 31 Aug 2009 11:22AM
  • Awesome collection of images Richard. Your work is amongst the very best on EPZ at the moment. Inspirational stuff...
  • Just spent a very enjoyable 20 mins looking through your portfolio. Some beautiful and inspirational photos especially of the Northumberland coast

  • Your Portfolio is a joy to look at Dan. You have a very special way of capturing some magical light. The shots of New Zealand brought back memories of my own wonderful trip there and your shots of Guernsey make me want to visit as soon as possible

    Keep up the great work
  • Awesome portfolio. I'm very jealous of both your travels and your very creative images
  • Some stunning shots in your portfolio. Your work deserves a lot more attention and votes
  • You have some stunning landscapes in your portfolio. Iceland looks like a wonderful place to live, Iím very envious