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31/01/2011 - 6:53 PM

Jagged Edge

Jagged EdgeBeautiful composition Bill but I don't think I'd personally have pushed the white balance that far. It's a matter of taste of course but I leave mine on auto and don't touch it when processing 95% of the time. I like the warm tones but it's making the blue in the sky look unnatural for me. Just my opinion of course and you know how conservative I am! Smile
19/08/2010 - 5:01 PM

No Fate ...

No Fate ...
Quote: Funny, I'm going against the general conscientious of opinion here Paul I really like this! Very clever photography handled exceptionally well with a superb result!

I'm with my M on this and it's actually my favourite of the set. Shame that images have to be orange to do well on epz Sad Interestingly if I took this and one of the sunset images as prints to an art market I almost guarantee that this would get more attention than the later orange images. The general public would be able to associate themselves with these colours better as few people even notice sunset and would think the later shots looked unnatural... Not saying they are unnatural you understand, just that in my experience that would be the public's perception of them Smile
10/08/2010 - 10:01 AM

It's a black &white nab!!

It's a black &white nab!!Hi Jerry. From looking at a few other images that where uploaded last night I wouldn't worry too much about the number of votes, I think it was just very quiet. That said this is the sort of images that is let down by its thumbnail and to some extent I don't ever think subtle mono images work that well as a small image on a computer screen, they demand to be viewed as large prints. My feeling is that it could do with a very slight lift in contrast but I wouldn't over do it and I much prefer V1 to V2 which to me is too harsh.

This is the sort of image with which you just have to ignore the votes and not let them sway your opinion of the shot (one of the reasons I now upload as critique, to remove this complication) votes don't matter, if your wife likes it enough to want to hang it on the wall then it's job done isn't??? Smile
06/08/2010 - 11:47 AM


OronsayNot epz friendly but a cracking image none the less. When I first looked at it I found myself wanting more sky but the more I look at it the more I think the narrow strip of sky works as it kind of gives the images scale and draws you into the distance. It really holds your attention this and the more I look at it the more I love it Smile
06/08/2010 - 11:39 AM

I want candy

I want candyI'm not qualified to offer any sort of constructive critique on this sort of image but from a purely personal point of view I REALLY like it. The model is obviously stunning which helps but I do love the subtlety of the image and the way you're drawn to her very beautiful eye. For me at least it all hangs together perfectly.

If you want really honest constructive critiques try the Critique Gallery. I'm loving it in there as people seem much more comfortable giving honest feedback. I think a big part of it is that in the normal gallery you feel obliged to leave a vote if you comment so it can feel uncomfortable making negative comments. In the critique galley the complication of votes is removed so people feel more comfortable saying what they really think. Just a thought but it's working for me Smile
10/07/2010 - 7:03 PM

Sunset to remember

Sunset to rememberHi Jerry. The sky in this looks ace and to my eyes is perfectly exposed. I'm not sure if I should say this as I don't want to look like I'm always picking faults but I really like your works so here goes! The foreground reflections are too bright due to you using too dark a grad. As said above the sky is perfect but if it's a 3 stop hard grad I would have switched to a 2 stop and then reduced the exposure by 2 thirds or a full stop so the sky stays exactly the same or is a tiny bit brighter but the reflections are darker. Hope that makes sense and doesn't sound too critical again?
28/06/2010 - 7:23 PM

Solstice Fire

Solstice Fire
Quote: Superb image, and the second grab is a superb idea. I am not familiar with Capture One, I tend to use adobe camera raw, which comes as standard in CS4 etc. (I'm very sure you knew that) Do you feel capture one processes better

Hi Jerry. I don't want to sound like an advert for Capture One and the only reason I showed it in V2 is that it's what I use. Having said that I do prefer it to Lightroom or Adobe Camera RAW. The main reason is that you have proper levels & curves controls which are what I use to do 90% of my adjustments and it's nice to do these bigger (relatively speaking) adjustments at the RAW stage rather than later in Photoshop.

If you use Lightroom or Adobe Camera RAW you can get an almost identical result by adding the 5% saturation and slight highlight recovery in these programs then either do the curves tweak in Photoshop afterwards or play with the contrast and vibrancy slides to get a similar result at the RAW stage.
14/06/2010 - 10:46 AM

Cosmic evening

Cosmic eveningHi Jerry. Great to see V2, It's not actually far off at all in my view. What I would have done at the point of capture is put a hard 0.6 grad right across the horizon then use a second soft 0.6 pulled down low to balance the reflected light with the darker area in the bottom right. One thing, are you shooting in manual? if not you need to as if you use AV the camera fights the grads and stops them working properly. If you had done this I think you would have had very little processing to do.

I'm no expert on post processing if I'm honest as all I normally do is use levels and curves to make the RAW file look like the image on the back of the camera but if it was me I would try the following;

1. Go back to the RAW file as we see it as V2 and decrease the exposure by maybe 2/3rds of a stop till the majority of the image looks correctly exposed. The bottom right will look too dark.
2. In Photoshop overlay this new darker image as a new layer on top of the original light image and use a very large & very soft erase tool set at say 25% to erase back to the lighter image below where it's too dark in the bottom right corner. Effectively simulating the effect of a soft grad.
3. Flatten the layers then tweak the levels and possibly apply a very gentle 'S' curve and that should be about it Smile
13/06/2010 - 6:54 PM

Cosmic evening

Cosmic eveningHi Jerry. Can I be a bit critical and offer some advice on this image? The sky is way over graded in general and the area around the setting sun on the left is way too dark and way too yellow. I can see what you were trying to achieve (both in camera & in post processing) but IMHO the effect is over the top. I think people get too hung up about not having blown out highlight (on epz in particular) when in my opinion the highlights should be blown around the sun. When on site I always ask myself the question, can I comfortably look at the sun myself and if I can't then it needs to be blown out. Having a bright area gives the image drama and life. The sky should also be brighter than the reflected light. What I would do is reprocess and not recover the highlights or at least not as extremely.

I must also say that I do really like the image and the reason I'm pulling it apart is that I think it deserves reprocessing as there's an even better image in there trying to get out.

I also realise how difficult it is shooting straight into the setting sun. What I do in these situations is use 2 or sometimes even 3 light grads rather than one strong one. This means you can stack them at different levels allowing you to balance the reflected light and the direct light at the same time and also avoiding the problem of having a sharp contrast at the point of transition on the filter.

You have left a lot of comments on my images in the past so I'm hoping my opinion helps and is constructive rather than over critical as I would hate to think that I have offended?
18/02/2010 - 6:27 PM

Mount's Bay

Mount's BayI really like the composition and crop, the contrast from cool on the left to warm on the right works really well too but for my admittedly very restrained tastes it still looks over saturated and dare I say it over processed. I hope that doesn't offend and it is of course a matter of personal taste and as I said mine are very conservative & restrained and I have to admit I don't even know what a luminosity mask or an L Channel are or what LAB mode does but with an images as nice as this I just wonder if it really needed so much processing??? Smile
02/09/2009 - 2:21 PM


GodafossWOW now this is a bit special Smile The colours look great and the whole images just seems brighter and more vibrant. Love the illuminated mist drifting off to the right too...

Top work
15/07/2009 - 12:08 PM

Master of puppets

Master of puppetsI have to disagree with the comments above. I think it's the light breaking through under the storm clouds that gives the image all of its drama and power. Without this strong band of light I worry that the image would look flat and lifeless.

Nice work that deserves to do well

24/04/2009 - 5:56 PM

And again...

And again...The light is stunning again in this but don't think it works as well as the last shot which was wonderful. I think it's the way the cliff is kind of centralised with almost equal gaps at each end and the dominant rock in the FG is also in the centre and bang on a 3rd. It's kind of too ordered if that makes sense? Hope that sounds constructive as it is still a nice image?

06/01/2009 - 4:44 PM

Surprise view

Surprise viewIt's a beautiful place where you took this shot, overlooking Derwent water if I'm correct and one that I've visited many times but also one that I have never managed to come away from with a decent photo. I just don't seem to be able to find a decent composition up there. I guess some places, no matter how beautiful are just not photogenic. In this case as Scotty suggest I think the composition is a bit unbalanced but having been up there and tried it myself I don't know how you could possibly have corrected it especially as its on a steep hillside. The shot also looks over polarized (I assume you where using a polarizer?) and it could be sharper.

Don't lose hart, it's not that it's a particularly bad shot it's just hasn't got that something special that gets the votes.