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Hello and Welcome to my portfolio. I have been an amateur/enthusiast photographer , on and off , since 2005. I have shoot a wide range of subjects from landscapes and weddings to fashion and glamour.

So please take a few minutes to view my images.
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  • Everyone,

    I recently arranged an all-day studio shoot with three models. I sent out a casting and approached several models directly.

    I agreed content, length of shoot , modelling fees and travel costs with three models of my choice.

    The first two models agreed prices and we then discussed more detailed information with regards to clothes and individual image sequences for the shoot.

    But, within a few days of agreeing the shoot, the third model just kept asking for more and more money.

    At this point I made one good move and one error. The good move was that I had actually agreed with a fourth model as well and informed this fourth model that she was the "first choice reserve" in the event of a model dropping out.

    So I cancelled the third model (the one who kept asking for more money) and arranged for the fourth model to be the replacement.

    The bad move was that, when the third model sent me a massive series of messages which went from begging, to abuse and finally accusations of sexual harassment, I stupidly got into a messaging conversation with her.

    Anyway, has anyone else had experiences of this ? If so , how did you deal with the situation ?
  • One suggestion for an improvement would be to allow more than one image per day to be uploaded. Many other sites such as Purpleport, Purestorm etc.. allow this.

    In order to cover this change you could say charge a slightly higher membership fee to anyone who wants to do this.

    Or alternatively you could keep the membership fee the same, but change the upload limit to say 40 per month. But allowing users to upload as many images as they wanted at one time up to the 40 limit.
  • Like many newish members of a website, I have to say that I don't spend time reading boring things like rules.

    I just see Ephotozine as a way of showing off my images and viewing the images of other photographers. In this, Ephotozone is a good website. But it has a few flaws.

    I see the "only one pictured per day can be posted" rule as restrictive. (I am not the only one who thinks this).

    So I see the "Versions/Variations" facility as a way of getting around the above mentioned "Only one picture per day" rule.

    As for possible solutions to the above, well Ephotozine could offer different levels of membership. A higher level (costing a little more) could allow unlimited image posts.

    Or alternatively , instead of 1 picture per day, how about say 30 per month. We could then post say 15 in one go. But then not post anything for days, weeks or months.

    See what everyone thinks ?
  • OK If the top image cannot be edited or changed via Manage Versions, is there any other way of doing this please ?
  • Hello Ephotozine Members,

    In June of 2014 I had my most recent shoot with four models and one other photographer.

    One the top row of the first page of my portfolio, the first seven images from the left (all have multiple versions) are all from this shoot.

    I am not sure if this is the right place to promote/advertise my images, but see what you think ?

    Many thanks

    freedriv082000 (Adam)
  • Hello Ephotozine Members,

    I have a particular image which has four versions. I plan to add possibly up to a total of ten images/versions :-

    I would like to (every so often) change the actual front or first image in this version.

    I have tried to do this via "Manage Versions" but I am only able to change the order of the second, third and fourth images.

    Does anyone know a way around this please ?

    Many thanks

    freedriv082000 (Adam)
  • I am trying to find out the rules for how to win an award for an image on ePhotozine please ?

    I am sure that I read that if an image received 30 votes from other members, the image would receive an award.

    I joined this site a few weeks ago and one of my images reached 30 votes earlier today. I am wondering if I will receive some sort of message ?
    Or if a marker will appear next to the image ?

    Many thanks

  • Stuart,

    Many thanks for your comment.

    As for freedriv082000 , well many moons ago I joined a website (don't ask me which one, I can't remember).

    The thing was, this website used a random generator to create user IDs. The ID chosen for myself was freedriv082000.

    It sort of stuck from there.

    Many thanks

  • Hello ePhotozine members,

    I have just joined this site, but I am on several other sites under the username freedriv082000.

    I hope to enjoy my time on ePhotozine , gain a few online friends and acquaintances , gain further photography knowledge and to display my images.

    Please see what you think as I upload more pictures.
  • Hello follow ePHOTOzine members,

    Just a quick point, I joined this website a few minutes ago and uploaded my first image. I paid a members fee to join for site for 3 months.

    I then went to upload a second image and got a message saying that I could only upload one image per day.

    This seems a little limiting to say the least. Sites such as Flickr allow unlimited uploads for paying members.

    If we paying members are not allowed unlimited uploads, we should at least be allowed say ten a day ?

    What does everyone else think ?

    Many thanks