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The first camera was a traditional box browie, from then on it's been downhill all the way.
Membership of the Brentwood and District Photographic club. then Press Photography to pay for all that lovely film. paper and smelly stuff.
Still at it in my dotage. Only now the film neg gets scanned into the dreaded Photoshop for a little fiddle and an inkjet printout.
Cameras, are a collection of a Film based 6x6 Yashica Mat, 35 mil Nikon F75. a 6x4 Bronica and a baby One and half mil Digital. Oh yes and I've also got a thing you can stick on the front of a nikon lens that let's you see around a corner. One day, I'll find a use for it.
As for the future, well if I could afford it a nice Digital. But we can dream can't we.


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