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Hi There! Welcome to my portfolio. Please enjoy and criticise in an encouraging way! I hope you like my work.
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  • McCullin Film Evening in Northampton

    Being sent notice that the new ‘McCullin’ film was being shown at the local flicks in Northampton with the additional intrigue of the directors, Jacqui and David Morris taking questions afterwards, I was obliged to trundle along for what was an engag...


    7 Mar 2013 3:01PM | Read


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  • My Doggy Don't Wear Glasses....

    ....so they're lying when they say, a dog looks like its owner, aren't they'- as proclaimed by the last great British poet of the 20th Century,John Hegley. Having good vision is perhaps one of the main requirements to be a good photographer. Looking...

    19 Feb 2013 8:49PM | Read


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  • Digital Images and/or Slides

    Friday night club night and a competition! This saw the first digital image and slide competition of this year. Our club divides its members into three groups, beginners, intermediate and advanced for digital (and print) but due to the numbers of ent...

    10 Feb 2013 5:38PM | Read


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  • Through The Years

    Last night at club night there was a rare opportunity for one of the members to present-called 'Photographer to Snapper' with good reason. This particular gentleman offered images, all printed from the darkroom of the 1960s, several being portraits o...

    26 Jan 2013 5:34PM | Read


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  • Club Night

    A new season of club night's sounds entirely different aged 50 then it did in my teenage years-nonetheless, the passing of time has made the latter far more pleasurable. The club I belong to this evening commenced its annual programme with a superb a...

    4 Jan 2013 11:13PM | Read


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  • New Year Resolution

    I guess like many other photographers we all begin the year with newly decided targets,however amongst photographers I can imagine the majority of resolutions are shared between us- being to improve our work overall, or visit that location we've alwa...

    1 Jan 2013 9:24PM | Read


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