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Celebration of Camel Festival in Thar desert ,BIKANER


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Celebration of Camel Festival in Thar desert ,BIKANER The grace and charm of the brilliantly ornamented camels leave the onlookers mesmerized. After the end of the procession, the festival carries on with a number of other activities like tug-of-war contest, camel dance and acrobatics, etc. In the camel dance, you will see camels dancing perfectly to the command of their trainers, flaunting an incredible footwork. With their bridles, ornamented necks and jingling anklets, the camels form amazing shadows on the ground and leave the audience spellbound. On the second day, the fleetest camels of the region take part in the camel races. The competition is fierce as the best camels vie for the honours. Thousands of excited tourists and locals cheer the favourites.