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  • Roger was a good friend to have. He did not take life too seriously but he did like his photography especially if it came with a good pint of ale and a Pub lunch.
    I remember him one day when he said that he was going to have chemotherapy. The only thing that worried him was that he might lose his mustache which he had become very attached to over the years that it had been adoring his top lip. When he had finished his first course of chemotherapy he had a smile on his face that stretch from ear to ear. He had not lost his beloved mustache.
    That's the way he faced life and in the end death. Take it as it comes.
    I will miss him but a good friend of mine said to me today, Remember the good things. That's true. Roger will always be with me even if I cannot see or speak to him.
    My condolences to his Wife Roger's sole mate.
  • Hi, I want to know from EPZ people what they think is the best for quality and ease of use flat bed scanner. I intend to buy one that is capable of scanning both 35mm and 120 7 X 8cm negs. Also will capture images from pictures. I know that it is possible to pay many thousands of pounds for them but I was hoping to pay around £150 to £180 for one. I have looked on different websites and at the moment I'm tending to go for a canon or epson. I'm not bothered if it is new or secondhand. It is for domestic use and not industrial use. So which one do you think is the best.

  • I suppose it could be far worse when you think of what could be in them! Sad Wink

  • I want to thank everyone who has left their condolences here fro Frank Newman.
    I have sent his Wife a copy of all those who have commented and offered their condolences.

    I have now decided to close this forum

  • I would like to thank everyone who has left their condolences to the family and friends of Frank (bagman) I will after the funeral on the 10 Jan pass on all your kind comments to his wife Karen.

    Thank you.

  • I cannot let you grieve for me,
    For those who love must let us go.
    In comfort, please believe Iím free,
    From all the pain life can bestow,
    As I begin my world anew,
    Consider not what used to be,
    I'm sending happy smiles to you while I enjoy eternity.
    Lord, bless the home
    From which I came,
    Yet brush each lonely hour away,
    With fond remembrance of my name,
    And a sunshine for a newer day.
    Look to the wind to find me there,
    Beside the hardest thing you do.
    I've left my love within this prayer
    I'm always watching over you.

  • I do not know if everyone knows but one of our USA members Frank Newman AKA bagman has passed away on the 4th January 2013.

    A lovely man who loved EPZ. If you look at his portfolio his last upload was of a bird of pray and the title is "hawk looking over its back." I can't help thinking that Frank is now looking back over his shoulder at all his friends on this site.

    R.I.P Frank. Now the pain is over.

    God bless Frank.

  • Missing your wonderful images please get well soon and come back to us. Grin

  • I wonder if any EPZ member can tell me where the member Cor has disappeared to ?
    I went to check their work and there is no sign of them! Sad
  • I think that we all go through bad patches I know I have and there has been times when I felt like giving up on EPZ. On the other hand though I have made some fantastic friends on the site Grin who I know will be friends for life. The site has helped me no end since I joined and I am now enjoying my photography more that I have done so for a long time.

    As for your uploads they are really very good and you say that you have only been serious for a couple of years, if this being the case the next couple will really see you take off in a big way. Its obvious that you have the skill and you do not do the tit for tat voting, that in its self is a good thing. But saying that I think that a lot of your images do deserve far more clicks than they attract.

    Wishing you well for the future

  • Grin

    Very different and good use of DOF.

    Someone once said to me that they thought that you liked stirring it but I did not know that you were an expert with a whisk? Linda you will not understand this as you are to innocent? Tongue

  • Hello EJ,

    Welcome to EPZ, you are very welcome. I'm just a beginner as well and I have found the people "TOGS" are very helpful. So please upload some of your images and let us all have a look. Please do not be bashful we all have to start somewhere. Grin Smile Wink

  • Thanks for all the reply's its been very interesting and helpful.

    I don't know what has happened but mine has now suddenly

    Running just fine. I's never gone so well Smile. I think that all the

    reply's I had must have frightened it and possible cleared it


    I come to the conclusion that it must be my servers fault!

    Once again thanks for all your help. Wink Smile

  • Please could someone tell me is it just me or is it normal that the ephotozine site is the slowest site on the net. Sometimes I get that fed up waiting for the page to change I go and make a cup of tea.
    I sometimes think that it is my PC or my IT provider that is the trouble, but when I check other sites everything is instantaneous. I have 4mg broadband but even so the instantaneousness is just not there.
    If I'm the only one well fair enough but if not we should club together to get EZP to do something about it, after all we pay for the service and to me, a person who is disabled and living on a very restrictive income the £30 a year (I have to enrol every two months that's the only way I can afford it) is not always easy to come by.
    So do any EPZ members out there have any idea's???

  • Hi,
    Could someone please tell me what HDR is. Is it the same as RAW files. If someone does answer could they please remember that are talking to a Digital novas so please keep it simple for my sake.

  • I've got the Sigma 10 - 20, had it about six months now, unfortunately I have only had a few chances to use it but when I have I have found it to be an absolutely first class lens. Sharp as a pin, no problems at all and would recommend it to anyone.

  • Hi,
    I learnt the hard way, I would photograph say a wedding hand over the proofs (7 X 5 prints) for them to chouse and that would be the last I would hear. May I say that is was not because the pic's were rubbish it was because the kept the proofs and put them in an album. I went to a friends house one night and they showed me a wedding album of what they said were lovely photos of someone they new, so I had a look and they were my proof prints! I was not amused I can tell you.
    So what I did then was to ask for a Non Returnable Deposit, say 50% and the balance one week before the shoot. Most people who were honest had no problems with this, though one or two would say what happens if we do not pay the balance? I would say that's simple "I will not be there on the day and you will lose your money" I know that this information is a bit late (a bit like shutting the stable door I know) but for the future you must take control of the situation, if you buy a new car the salesman tells you the deal how much deposit he wants and so forth. Do the same TAKE CONTROL and be professional. They will think more of you if you are more professional.
    But back to your problem, ask them for 75% and settle for say 60% of the total, if they are not willing to pay take them to the small claims court. It will cost you nothing and you do have a contract with them "A verbal Contract" witch in law is legal. Don't let them mess you about. I no longer do and I get a lot more respect for it.