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Welcome to my portfolio, Iam here to learn so all feedback is welcome
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A quick view of devlin's recent activity.

  • Peek a Bo

    oo love the mod Smile
    • 3 May 2017 11:28AM
  • its a dogs life

    Thanks Joe
    • 2 May 2017 6:31PM
  • Ice cream man

    Thx for the inputs Ian. point taken on the exposure, iam still trying to figure out my new camera its a eos m2 which is quite a departure from the standard dslrs ive been using prior to this...which probably explains the 2/3rds compensation coz i didnt even realize it was set that ways until i had the shot on my pc and looked at the exif Smile.

    thanks for the mod as well looks much better now.
    • 11 Apr 2015 12:16PM
  • a cold road to nowhere

    i like the way this has been proccessed. It sets the mood right Smile, i would have preferred to go for a lower perspective though when taking this..but thats just me Smile
    • 27 Feb 2013 3:01PM
  • Did i Pick the wrong color today ?

    Quote:Nice street shot prabh. Colour is very much overdone. Ive offered a mod also, - desaturated to -20 to prevent red bleed. Cropped the van and some height. Did you increase colour sat in post processing, or is the camera set to some sort of vivid mode?



    No Willie it's set to the standard mode, this was actually much more saturated out of he camera I reduced the levels till I thought they looked right....apparently not enough though Smile.
    • 24 Feb 2013 6:18PM
  • Reflection

    thx Trev...i cant seem to see the looks ok on my screen.....are you referring to the color of the ocean ?? if yes then thats how it looks like at the Cape, it acquires a turquoise / bluish tinge due to the meeting of the Indian and Atlantic oceans..there....
    • 23 Feb 2013 7:57PM
  • Queuing for the Temple

    Yes we Indians are typically not too fussed about camera's pointing at us...Wink...I can imagine though that a place like Varanasi can be quite chaotic and at the same time be very colorful Smile

    I quite like this shot, i think it works pretty well just the way it is, these are 4 very interesting personalities but the way they are lined up gives the shot the impact and from my perspective it really doesnt matter if they are not all looking into the camera, on the other hand their expressions create curiosity for me in terms of what they are all looking at...on the image itself i think with a few minor tweaks this is definitely a keeper. The background doesnt bother me too i think the words LG in the backdrop of what are tribal natives creates quite a contrast

    1) I would clone out the guy in the background
    2) I would tone down the saturation a bit
    3) I think this would make for a very interesting mono as well Smile

    Have done two mods illustrating the above....hope this helps

    • 23 Feb 2013 4:18PM
  • Beautifull work in there Loren Smile
    • Posted on Leilani's profile
    • 6 Mar 2012 3:40PM
  • You have a wonderful portfolio, i really enjoyed going through it...


  • And here i have been all over the place looking for inspiration..Smile i really enjoyed browsing through the PF...i think i will return again for a more thorough browse.

    Thanks Willie for all your help and support it has really helped me a lot..