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23/02/2013 - 9:53 AM

Morning in Pangandaran

Morning in PangandaranA very restfull scene Smile i like the way the boats are arranged in a line and the color in the sky overall just a few things i would correct:-

1) The image looks very noisy....have tried to reduce it in the mod but the output is not very good largely due to the uploaded images lo res so the sky looks a lot softer than i would prefer
2) As it stands right now i think the sky and boats compete for attention, in the mod i have cropped a bit from the top to bring balance.
3) The image right now looks a little flat and could do with contrast especially to bring out the sky better, in the mod i have attempted this

While i havent done this in the mod you may also want to try cloning out the boat in the middle to see if it improves the shot Smile

Hope this helps, i i think if you try the above on the original image this would carry a lot of impact
16/02/2013 - 5:48 AM

Old Beach Shot...

Old Beach Shot...Its a pretty decent shot : there's quite a sky in there in terms of the cloud formations etc which add impact, i would definitely play around with contrast and remove what looks like a bit of a color cast, sharpen a bit to bring out some detail on the hut....could also try for a B&W conversion given the sky and cloud formation. Have done two mods....quality isnt as good due to the lo-res image but hopefully it conveys the ideas...

12/02/2013 - 5:41 PM

a change of pace

a change of paceHi there, its a good idea, i think i see what you were trying to achieve here, but am not too sure if this comes through in the shot and there maybe a couple of reasons as to why this is, firstly when trying to contrast static and movement i think you need to give enough room / scale in the shot to achieve the effect which is missing here largely because the shot isnt wide enough to create the sense of scale of the statues compared to the people milling around it so in effect you needed a wider view or angle than is the case here. Secondly for this to work the framing specifically the edges need to be clear of all elements this also goes back to giving a sense of scale and room in the shot Smile....

Hope this helps Smile
10/02/2013 - 10:39 AM

Tower Bridge

Tower BridgeThis has been captured well...not much to critique, but i feel it could do with a bit of color cast removal and some contrast. Have uploaded a mod.
10/02/2013 - 10:27 AM

The Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatterpete - you dont want to be taking pictures of pictures Smile, though this particular one is extremely interesting but it would have better served you as a context to a larger story, or as one element in a shot...for example visualize a person staring up into the mad hatter pic with your shot taken from behind from a lower perspective....in a setting like that it would have worked well...if you get my drift Smile
20/01/2013 - 7:46 AM

The State of the world

The State of the worldThis is an interesting scene, and while it could do with some post processing work, i think this could have been composed a bit better, there are a couple of things that could have been considered, one is a lower perspective, that would have put more of the focus on the man and avoided some of the distractions like the rope etc, the other way to go this could have been a portrait format shot restricting the elements to the man and the wall behind him.

From a PP perspective ive loaded two mods, both mods have been adjusted for tonal contrast and little brightening, mod2 has also been cropped a bit from the right and from the bottom

Hope this helps

Primrose in Cornwall December 16th 2011!!!!Hi Cathrine, its a beautiful flower Smile, though i think this could have been done better. First of the composition, right now its a little two central i would have preferred a more closer approach basically fill up the frame with just the flower in it, this would allow for one more detail to show up in the flower and make it more prominent in the image, secondly i would go lower down to face the flower at eye level, this would also get rid of the stick (that runs in from the left hand side of the frame and disappears behind the flower) as a distraction from the central theme of your image . It also looks like the focus was on the leaves since they seem to be nice and sharp with more detail than the flower itself.


Whats going on inside the little box?Hi Victor,

Welcome to EPZ Smile and the critique gallery, and thanks for the description on your upload, it helps to understand what you were trying to achieve. Keeping in mind your desired intent, i feel the image doesnt convey the story as you would wish it and this is solely down to the way the shot has been composed. The house or box as you put it which is key to the message you were trying to convey needs to be more prominent than it is right now, basically the eye gets drawn to the sky which takes up a large part of your image with the power lines second and then finally the house. For this to work effectively try and visualize a composition which places emphasis on the house and the sky equally, and this can be achieved by changing the point of view, get closer to the house capturing it in its entirety with the sky looming up behind it, go for a lower perspective and try and place the house a little off center and avoiding the power lines.

Cheers and hope this helps

10/03/2012 - 2:02 PM

save the children

save the childrencaisii, i think this had all the potential of being a super shot, provided it was composed well Smile, as it stands right now the child is 1) too central to the image, 2) there are distractions on the side and in the background. Ideally i would suggest go down to the childs level from a point of view perspective, this would 1) allow you to capture the whole scene without cutting the kid off, 2) try and get her a bit off center 3) would allow more context to the shot by bringing in her surroundings in a more impactfull manner. I have done a mod in an attempt to improve the composition, basically by 1) cropping from the left to bring the child onto a third and creating a diagonal line of sight between her and the kid in the background 2) cloned off the two half cut off figures in the background. mod 2 is a mono conversion.

Cheers and i hope this helps

22/05/2011 - 11:43 AM

Searching livelyhood

Searching livelyhoodAnother potentially good image here Pradyoth, i do have a few pointers :-

1) Placement of the man within the frame is not really ideal, as of now he's too close to the edge, a little more towards the left would place him nicely on a thirds creating more impact
2) The image could do with a little brightening and some contrast adjustments @ 8.00 am in the morning there would be a little more light than what we are seeing here

Cheers and hope this helps

22/05/2011 - 7:43 AM

Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo IslandHi Glenn, the settings seem ok to me exposure looks good too. I would though consider:-

1) Cropping a bit from the RHS to get rid of the smoke stack
2) Brighten the image a bit
3) Add some contrast

have done a mod.

Cheers and hope this helps

PS: - As a record shot this works well, but maybe a good idea to give a description of what we are looking at Smile

20/05/2011 - 5:40 AM

The lady faces the waves.

The lady faces the waves.Hi Pradyoth, the image is nicely composed, though i think you need to watch the exposure here,the whites in the wave seem to be overexposed a bit, though i think the comp is ok, it can be further improved if you had placed the lady a bit away from the edge of the frame maybe you can experiment with some crops to see what works best for you.


27/04/2011 - 8:23 AM

The early morning market.

The early morning market.Pradhyoth, this has been very well captured, the composition is good and it conveys the early morning calm before the storm which we are all so familiar with in India very nicely, Mono suits this image, iam not too sure though whether or not this has been overexposed though it does look a tad bright, always a good idea to post the original image up as a version when posting in the Critique Gallery it gives an idea as to where an image has been derived from Smile, anyways i have attempted a mod on this and tried to go for an alternative mood to the image.

Cheers and hope this helps

25/04/2011 - 1:31 PM

Generation gap???

Generation gap???Hi Pradyoth, this is well executed concept with the generational contrast coming through nicely. Technically though this could have been better like Frank says above a little fill in flash would have helped here a bit, personally i dont mind the pan over the kids head its an essential part of the image. I have uploaded two mods the first one is been lightened by adding some fill in light to lighten the old ladies face and bring forth some detail, i have also cloned out some distractions from the RHS side of the frame. Mod 2 is a mono conversion as an alternative treatment, though it looks quite good in color too.

Cheers and hope this helps

24/04/2011 - 6:49 AM

Baby sitter.

Baby sitter.Good one, i like the way eye contact has been made it lends to the overall impact of the shot, would just have preferred the subjects towards the RHS of the frame to avoid the negative space ...Smile

20/04/2011 - 8:12 PM

Harbour Lights

Harbour LightsHi Phil, a pleasing set of images, though i think V2 is much better than V1 as i feel that the yacht and the background sort of compete in V1. I think the exposure seems to be ok, but i would probably have underexposed this one slightly or metered for exposing the RHS of the image which due to the concentration of the lights on that side seems a little too bright Smile which sort of gives the impression of one big source of light rather than a chain of light stars, i typically go for manual mode for night shots, to get the exposure right, in this case probably a lower f value of around f/13-16 would have allowed you to take a shorter exposure. I would also try and crop this a bit from the top since the shoreline is a bit distance a letter box crop might bring the subject into more prominance. I have done a rough mod where i tried to lower the temp a bit cloned out the light source (iam assuming its coming from a building) in the top middle of the image and then cropped a bit from the left and the top. Of course these are just my suggestions from my little experience in shooting in the night Smile V2 as it stands looks good too Smile

PS : - Looks like i uploaded the wrong mod, please ignore it # 2 is the correct one.


21/03/2011 - 6:45 PM

Out Of The Shadow

Out Of The ShadowI think it works, i feel the shadows lead in very nicely to the building...forming a nice centering point with the branches on the two sides on the top. Its also been nicely exposed and composed Smile. I feel though a mono look could also work, have uploaded a mod with some toning to give it a dramatic look. I hope you like it Smile


09/12/2010 - 8:32 AM

finnich glen

finnich glenJust adding on to Dave above if you get the chance to take this again, i would suggest getting a lower point of view this will unlock the potential of the image from an impact standpoint, for this one i think the mod works best Smile


04/12/2010 - 5:27 PM

Chapmans Peak

Chapmans PeakHi Dorian, welcome to the C&G gallery firstly i would recommend you read the guidlines for uploading here Smile in a nutshell provide as much info as you can on the camera settings in terms of aperture, shutter speed, focal lenght used etc Smile

Moving onto the image the colors are definitely improved by the mod already uploaded so thats been addressed, i like the way you have managed to get the exposure right in terms of the whites and the detail in the sky i feel though that this can be improved further compositionally as of now your image is split down the middle in terms of the peaks and the coast line with no one element of interest standing out or in other words the focal point of the image which draws the eyes to the image. If you get the chance to take this again try different angles try focusing on something which provides some interest to the shot overall you could also try stepping back a bit and capture the peaks in their entirety with the coast line providing additonal interest etc...

Cheers and hope this helps
28/10/2010 - 8:19 PM

What did I do wrong?

What did I do wrong?Hi Mozzy, iam not too sure how one goes about photographing train models but to me i dont see much wrong with this image at all, it seems to be well exposed, the lighting seems just about right for what you were trying to achieve..though the misty effect doesnt come through very clearly, from a composition perspective traditionally you would want to see the subject entering the frame rather than going out of it though iam not too sure if this would apply to this. Have done a mod to try and see if it could be made better, by cropping it a bit from the bottom avoiding the cut off grass at the bottom gave it a contrast and a red boost increase to bring out the color of the train.

Thanks for posting this up though cause it generated enough interest for me to research this subject and i came across this site which spoke about techniques specific to train models, if you dont know about this already i hope it helps to further your efforts

Train Models Photography

Cheers and hope this helps

PS: - I also wouldnt worry too much about the votes, with so many images being uploaded its easy to get inundated Smile