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Activity : Photo Comments


Welcome to my portfolio, Iam here to learn so all feedback is welcome
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  • Peek a Bo

    oo love the mod Smile
    • 3 May 2017 11:28AM
  • its a dogs life

    Thanks Joe
    • 2 May 2017 6:31PM
  • Ice cream man

    Thx for the inputs Ian. point taken on the exposure, iam still trying to figure out my new camera its a eos m2 which is quite a departure from the standard dslrs ive been using prior to this...which probably explains the 2/3rds compensation coz i didnt even realize it was set that ways until i had the shot on my pc and looked at the exif Smile.

    thanks for the mod as well looks much better now.
    • 11 Apr 2015 12:16PM
  • a cold road to nowhere

    i like the way this has been proccessed. It sets the mood right Smile, i would have preferred to go for a lower perspective though when taking this..but thats just me Smile
    • 27 Feb 2013 3:01PM
  • Did i Pick the wrong color today ?

    Quote:Nice street shot prabh. Colour is very much overdone. Ive offered a mod also, - desaturated to -20 to prevent red bleed. Cropped the van and some height. Did you increase colour sat in post processing, or is the camera set to some sort of vivid mode?



    No Willie it's set to the standard mode, this was actually much more saturated out of he camera I reduced the levels till I thought they looked right....apparently not enough though Smile.
    • 24 Feb 2013 6:18PM
  • Reflection

    thx Trev...i cant seem to see the cast....it looks ok on my screen.....are you referring to the color of the ocean ?? if yes then thats how it looks like at the Cape, it acquires a turquoise / bluish tinge due to the meeting of the Indian and Atlantic oceans..there....
    • 23 Feb 2013 7:57PM
  • Queuing for the Temple

    Yes we Indians are typically not too fussed about camera's pointing at us...Wink...I can imagine though that a place like Varanasi can be quite chaotic and at the same time be very colorful Smile

    I quite like this shot, i think it works pretty well just the way it is, these are 4 very interesting personalities but the way they are lined up gives the shot the impact and from my perspective it really doesnt matter if they are not all looking into the camera, on the other hand their expressions create curiosity for me in terms of what they are all looking at...on the image itself i think with a few minor tweaks this is definitely a keeper. The background doesnt bother me too i think the words LG in the backdrop of what are tribal natives creates quite a contrast

    1) I would clone out the guy in the background
    2) I would tone down the saturation a bit
    3) I think this would make for a very interesting mono as well Smile

    Have done two mods illustrating the above....hope this helps

    • 23 Feb 2013 4:18PM
  • A smile is a smile ....WOW!

    Beautifully captured
    • 23 Feb 2013 12:48PM
  • Beware of trains

    Ahhh lovely Smile
    • 23 Feb 2013 12:47PM
  • Morning in Pangandaran

    A very restfull scene Smile i like the way the boats are arranged in a line and the color in the sky overall just a few things i would correct:-

    1) The image looks very noisy....have tried to reduce it in the mod but the output is not very good largely due to the uploaded images lo res so the sky looks a lot softer than i would prefer
    2) As it stands right now i think the sky and boats compete for attention, in the mod i have cropped a bit from the top to bring balance.
    3) The image right now looks a little flat and could do with contrast especially to bring out the sky better, in the mod i have attempted this

    While i havent done this in the mod you may also want to try cloning out the boat in the middle to see if it improves the shot Smile

    Hope this helps, i i think if you try the above on the original image this would carry a lot of impact
    • 23 Feb 2013 9:53AM
  • Childhood

    iam a little unsure if this works com positionally for me....while it creates curiosity on what the kids are focusing on in that little group i feel the lack of any of their faces / expressions in the shot take away some of the impact, again this is purely subjective and others might see it differently Smile i would probably have worked to get a angle where i could capture the story of them playing in the sand box and also capture the expressions while they do it. lastly on the shot itself it has a soft feel to it overall not sure if thats due to an upload thingy or if the original was like that.....

    Cheers and hope this helps
    • 23 Feb 2013 9:15AM
  • The wreck

    Thank you for all the feedback guys, i like all the mods they present a variety of perspectives, though i think i like Willie's the best Smile thanks again....

    PS - I think i may have unliked some comments by mistake Blush apologies for that....
    • 23 Feb 2013 9:06AM
  • Happiness is relative....

    Thx Guys - appreciate the feedback....
    • 22 Feb 2013 5:03AM
  • Neon jelly fish

    I dont have an answer to your question but did google for it. Check out the you tube video below may give you some answers Smile http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=r1Sdyqcn8FI&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Dr1Sdyqcn8FI&gl=GB

    But I quite like this shot as well, iam on my iPad but it looks nice and sharp with the other two nicely blurred out in the background giving prominence to the one in front ....
    • 21 Feb 2013 4:31PM
  • Vintage Taj

    This is a lovely shot .....Smile
    • 21 Feb 2013 6:07AM
  • Hungry ??

    Thanks Willie, i always shoot RAW and this one isnt an exception, this was taken quite early in the morning at around 7.30ish but the African sun can be pretty harsh starting quite early in the day, though i think the issue is the contrast as you say.. rather than the light....i spent some time here in front of the Deli and i think i have shots where there;s just one person let me see if i can find em..
    • 20 Feb 2013 6:34PM
  • Universal Studio Singapore

    Its a nice idea, but i feel the composition is a little unbalanced from the point that the building becomes the primary element competing for attention against the model, which you only notice in the overall scheme of things later...like Paul says there is also the issue of overexposure on the top right which immediately draws the eye. Have done a mod where i have cropped down from the top to sort of balance the image and give the model a bit more prominence...i couldnt be sure but there also seems to be a greenish cast to the image, have tried to correct that in the mod. The model doesnt seem as sharp though as the rest of the building could be due to the lo-res image uploaded.

    Hope this helps.

    • 20 Feb 2013 5:10PM
  • Keep calm and get fitted.

    Nicely captured....
    • 20 Feb 2013 10:48AM
  • Snow and Mist

    Stunning.....Smile and very well composed....
    • 20 Feb 2013 10:46AM
  • On pointe

    Good one Richard, i really like this especially the lighting....(though i couldn't tell you why to save my life Wink ) it just feels right for some reason
    • 20 Feb 2013 10:43AM
  • The Evenings Cast

    i like the simplicity of the composition here....Smile

    well done....
    • 20 Feb 2013 10:24AM
  • Robin

    good one and sharp....nicely captured...
    • 20 Feb 2013 10:21AM
  • sun rise in the vaal(south africa)

    South African sunsets are some of the most beautiful ive ever seen, but iam afraid this doesnt do much justice to them Smile. And i think the prime reason for this is the camera used, the sheer range of a sunset i would imagine would be beyond that of a Nokia Asha cell phone's capabilities Smile
    • 18 Feb 2013 4:00PM
  • Yellow Maple Leaves All Over The Place

    Technically captured well..but the image lacks a focal point something to anchor down the interest, something which holds the eye when you look at the image ....
    • 18 Feb 2013 3:56PM
  • The Local....

    Cheers guys appreciate the feedback....Smile, like all the mods as well they present quite a varied perspective thanks again Smile
    • 18 Feb 2013 6:19AM
  • Rome- walking, not riding

    I love the perspective and composition on this one Andrea Smile pretty good you'v got the bike at the right place, taken with the right perspective, all in all a pretty good shot, there;s some barrel distortion but easily corrected in post Smile. I just have two minor observations here :-

    1) The sky towards the end is blown out since the camera exposed for the (in comparison) darker area between the buildings, usually when you have such two contrasting light conditions you want to try and expose for the brighter area, underexposed can always be fixed in post processing but overexposed highlights are difficult to correct Smile
    2) The color saturation is a bit heavy for me i would tone it down a bit.

    Have uploaded a mod with the saturation reduced a bit, and i have tried to bring out more detail on the pavement, i think this would also make a nice mono so have done one and uploaded as well. Smile

    Hope this helps

    • 18 Feb 2013 5:37AM
  • Pier fishing

    its a pleasant shot of a nice sunset....it took me a while to locate the fishermen though Smile ...the sky and the light tower catches the eye first and thats largely because they dominate over every other aspect of the shot........i think for this to work with the fishermen being the primary element you would have needed to be closer enabling them to be a bit more prominent in the shot. Having said that though this still works as a pleasant scene on its own Smile.

    I have attempted a mod where i have tried to make the fishermen more prominent, have cropped from the top, bottom and the left to sort of balance out the various elements. Have also tried to bring out the blue in the sky a bit more....hope this helps

    • 17 Feb 2013 3:25PM
  • Ducks on the Dee, Chester

    Yes its captured it well Smile...i like the detail in the ducks and the composition works, just think the color cast requires a tiny bit of correction, i have loaded a mod in terms of what i think this should look like ,,,have also played around a bit with the tonal contrast to see if more detail could be brought out....

    Also the second duck seems to be a bit softer when compared to the first one

    • 17 Feb 2013 7:01AM
  • Leeds & Liverpool Canal

    I would agree with Nick, the processing seems to overwhelm what looks like a pleasant scene....though i can understand the desire to do something different with a scene like this, but it needs to be done with a lighter touch, bringing out the detail in the shot, enhancing what looks like a interesting sky...different while yet retaining the feel of the original ....if you get my drift Smile
    • 17 Feb 2013 6:55AM
  • Cool Walking

    nothing wrong with the composition frame is neat perspective is good...i would just desaturated a tiny bit but apart from that i quite like this shot..
    • 16 Feb 2013 3:26PM